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Where to go for amazing high end food?


We are big SF foodies who have one night in Chicago. We wanted to do Alinea or Schwa but of course (devastatingly) we can't get a reservation on the Saturday night we are in town. One of us just went to Trotters last month so she wants something different. What is the next best restaurant if you can't go to those three? I realize that Chicago has an amazing array of totally different restaurants in all price ranges but we want something in the Alinea/Schwa/Trotters class of special.

I'm leaning toward Tru but would love to hear from the local experts.

Sep 18, 2009
bompi in Chicago Area

Need Restaurant Recommendation

Thank you for the great recommendations. Church and State sounds just right. We are looking forward to it.

Jul 03, 2009
bompi in Los Angeles Area

Need Restaurant Recommendation


My husband and I are coming to LA from SF to see his best friends on his birthday. We're just coming for one night and I want to pick a great restaurant. Although I would like to try Providence, I'm not sure it's in the budget for some of his friends. I would like somewhere with a cool ambiance (less romantic and more lively). We are big foodies and loved Hatfields and Lucques on our last visit and would like something with that quality food and ambiance (we liked the bustle of Osteriz Mozza but were underwhelmed foodwise). These are the places I am thinking about and would love some feedback:

--Tower Bar

I've seen a lot of reviews for AOC and it seems like a solid choice. Is Bazaar too out there for those in the group who are not big time foodies? Is Tower Bar overrated and too sedate?



Jul 02, 2009
bompi in Los Angeles Area

South Food & Wine or Local Kitchen & Wine Merchant?

hi all,

we have a group of friends coming into town for a big dinner. this group likes wine and food and a lively, hip atmoshere. being selfish, i wanted to try somewhere new rather than the foodie standbys. Local looks interesting from a design standpoint and the wine looks promising but i've heard the food is not so great. it is very new though so maybe that is being ironded out? i went to lunch at south recently and found the food and atmosphere decent. any of you been to either and have some opinions? basically i want to try local but if the food is terrible my friends will not be happy and my credibility will take a hit. would love your thoughts.

Jan 22, 2008
bompi in San Francisco Bay Area