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Young palate and wallet / formal Prom Night on the Waterfront

Who would best accommodate the varied palates and wallets of a Prom Group. The actual prom is at Bell Harbor Convention Center on the waterfront. There is a concern not everyone eats fish so many of the heavy seafood restaurants our out. Italian, American dining seem most universal. HELP

Apr 29, 2014
foodfamily1 in Greater Seattle

Help! Visiting Seattle with a picky eater

The Copper Leaf restaurant at the CedarBrook Lodge in Seatac is great. The bar has decadent burgers and chicken sandwiches, along with finer fare for you, you can order off the bar menu in the main dining room so you can both get a great meal that you enjoy. Thirteen coins in Seatac is decent for breakfast and has nice bar seating looking over the kitchen, and they are open 24 hours so you can stop in for a late late night/early morning breakfast. For pizza and beer you can't beat Bison Creek the OLD OLD pizzeria in Burien, a not pretty hole in the wall but they have great pizza and a full bar with great beer selections.

Oct 10, 2011
foodfamily1 in Greater Seattle

Maki Zushi, near the convention center or somewhere else

I read old reviews 2008-2010 on the board about Maki Zushi and wanted to be sure they were still in for good reviews and open.

We are coming to Disneyland and want really good sushi for our Sunday night dinner. Should Maki Zushi be our destination or are there other suggestions. We are able to head to Huntington Beach or Laguna or anywhere with in a 30 minute drive from the Happiest place on earth.


Maki Zushi
1641 Edinger Ave # 101, Tustin, CA

Mar 23, 2011
foodfamily1 in Los Angeles Area

Copperleaf Restaurant - A Welcome Addition to South King County

We too just tried this restaurant last week and had a very very good time. The waiter walked us through the gardens and explained they were working on sustainability and hoped to grow some of their own herbs etc in the future. The food was top notch with chef Roy Breiman bringing a real flair to the south end. We are in the DesMoines area and have grown tired of the Anthony's/Salty's run of the mill overpriced food and found Copperleaf to be a breath of fresh food for us.

Aug 12, 2010
foodfamily1 in Greater Seattle

Ballard Farmers Market and Lunch

We will be going to the Ballard Farmers Market Sunday... Any must not miss vendors there?

Then we would like to go out to lunch in the area.. recommendations for fresh local food with good beer options

May 28, 2010
foodfamily1 in Greater Seattle

Late breakfast/early Lunch around the cruise ship pier

This sounds great. Are there any brewerys or bars with lots of local beer on tap nearby? We are coming in from Seattle so a good cold beer in the sun is high on our list.

Feb 10, 2010
foodfamily1 in San Diego

Late breakfast/early Lunch around the cruise ship pier

We will be in town around 10-11am with luggage and will take a taxi from the airport to the pier, but would like to stop for something to eat AND to pick up some wine. Any suggestions that are close by or that would be easy travel by taxi.

Feb 10, 2010
foodfamily1 in San Diego

SEA and NW Wash: Restaurants with Specials (other than Happy Hour) to bring people in during slow times?

Spring Hill in West Seattle has a Monday Early bird special

Jan 27, 2010
foodfamily1 in Greater Seattle

Just Dessert

We will be seeing a 7:30 performance at the Paramount and don't have time for dinner before hand, but would like to go out after for dessert. Any recommendations for getting a table for just dessert and coffee on a Saturday night. I would expect around 9:30PM or so, there is an under 21 in the group so no bars :(

Apr 30, 2009
foodfamily1 in Pacific Northwest

Tacoma "moderate $$" student group recs?

I like Indochine and it has a cool atmoshphere. There is a great corner table for a group, have him request the round table. The prices are good and they can order family style and get lots of different dishes to try. Rice goes a long way with boys.

Mar 25, 2009
foodfamily1 in Pacific Northwest

Franks Oyster House

We did go to Franks on Saturday and really enjoyed our dinner. The Ahi Tuna Capaccio was the best. We had oysters with Gin and Lillet which was very good. My husband likes his oysters plain and found them to be very fresh. We had one glitch in that they served our oysters to the wrong table, and didn't notice for a while and by then they only had two of the Willamett oysters left, so he got to try a couple of different kinds and it worked out OK. The manager also made sure we were appropriately compensated when the bill came. Overall a very good dinner and we will be going back soon.

Mar 16, 2009
foodfamily1 in Pacific Northwest

Franks Oyster House

Has anyone eaten at this new Restaurant. It got good reviews in the paper, but I wanted to get a few more opinions.

Mar 13, 2009
foodfamily1 in Pacific Northwest

Dinner within 10 min drive of the Tacoma Dome

We like Indochine at 19th and Pacific. Also on the same block is the Harmon Brewery

Mar 13, 2009
foodfamily1 in Pacific Northwest

Breakfast near SeaTac

Wild Wheat Bakery and Cafe in downtown Kent is a great breakfast choice. They have smoked salmon omlettes, and fresh baked muffins and scones. It can get busy but worth the wait.

Jul 24, 2008
foodfamily1 in Pacific Northwest

Prom night in Georgetown

Any recommendations for a nice dinner around Georgetown. Prom is at the Seattle Design center on 6th on May 31st. There is a big soccer game at Qwest that night so nothing around Pioneer Square.

May 14, 2008
foodfamily1 in Pacific Northwest

Portland...College priced food

We are sending our daughter to school at Portland State University and will be visiting over the next few months.

Any good cheap eats in the downtown area near the University that should become a favorite for a college student

Apr 14, 2008
foodfamily1 in Metro Portland

Vigilucci's for Valentines

We will be in San Diego on Valentines and our hotel recommended Vigilucci's in La Jolla for dinner. Anyone have any experience/comments with this new restaurant

Jan 22, 2008
foodfamily1 in California