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Spice Markets in Westchester/Tri State Area

Thanks, but Norwalk and Nyack are just too far for me to travel (from lower Westchester) for a $3 jar of spices. I was hoping for a spice house in the New Rochelle/Scarsdale/White Plains area, but I guess I'll just have to do bulk shopping online at Penzey's. The problem with ordering Penzey's online is that it takes too long - 7-10 business days - and I sometimes realize too late that I'm nearly out of something and need it quick. The Grand Central location was ideal, since my husband commutes into the city and I could tell him to pick up something on his way home.

And to "i eat a lot of ice cream": while Fairway has many other wonderful goodies, I find their spices (especially their vanilla) lacking - the cinnamon just doesn't have the oompf I want in my baked goods, so I guess I'll have to be more diligent and order in advance.

Spice Markets in Westchester/Tri State Area

Now that Penzey's in GC has closed, suggestions on where to go? I could order from them online, but I hate to spend the money on shipping and truth be told, what do I do if I need something ASAP?

Moderne Barn or North in Armonk?

Weird - I swear it didn't say that when I booked it last week. Guess that simplifies my dilemma then...Moderne it is.

Moderne Barn or North in Armonk?

I can't get a babysitter for the two days - we have a toddler and a newborn, and my MIL said she could do either day, but not both.

Moderne Barn or North in Armonk?

I made reservations at both of these restaurants for Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, but I don't know enough about either place to know which one I should keep. Has anyone been there for RW? Moderne is for Sunday brunch/lunch, and North is for dinner on Saturday.


Yvonne's Southern Cuisine has closed [Pelham]

I passed by the restaurant last week, and there's a sign that says they'll be reopening in mid-November with new owners. So all's not lost...and hopefully the fried chicken will still rock the house.

Soul Food-Westchester and Fairfield Counties?

Yvonne's is wonderful! I've been there twice and the staff is very friendly and will never steer you wrong with food selections. Being a northern girl, I really felt like I was in the South.

Kosher butcher in Lower Westchester

Anyone know of a decent kosher butcher in the Larchmont/Mamaroneck/New Rochelle/Scarsdale area? I'm not happy with the selection of meats in my local megamarts, and I haven't been able to locate a superior butcher anywhere.


Jan 22, 2008
jsolomon07 in Kosher