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Good ol' time at Franklin Square

that's the one

Good ol' time at Franklin Square

My friend and I stopped in last week to try the place out. We sat at the bar and my first impression was a lack of warmth and style in the room. Our server was friendly and attentive throughout and aided us in some lovely pairings. We had a butter lettuce salad that was light and basic. Seared foie gras on parsnip puree - very tasty and nice flavors - I thought the foie was slightly over seared however. Cannelini beans with spinach, and wild mushrooms - was earthy, brothy, and divine. Boudin blanc with lentils - really pretty much perfect. Lentils were rich in flavor and I suspected had veal demi in them. Dessert we had a chevre cheesecake with fleur de sal caramel - super tasty and not at all cloying like cheesecake can be. It's a good after work place - hang with your friends place.

Texas Queso Dip

Hell yeah littlepiggy! I'm having a superbowl party and that's just what I intend to make - some velveeta goodness! I don't want some sort of fondue called texmex - I want trash! And I want it with those tostitos scoops for maximum dippage.

Jan 21, 2008
leftcoaster in Recipes