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Anyone familiar with Hong Kong Harbour?

Not as good as I remember in days gone by, but a solid place made all the more lovable for being open at such late hours. I heart their fried rice and their old skool decor. Ditto other reviewers comments re their potstickers. And re the salt and pepper squid.

Hong Kong Harbour Restaurant
2184 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

Jun 16, 2010
dewdropper in Atlanta

Sultan Restaurant, Atlanta GA

I am mystified why this lovely restaurant with really warm, good service is not filled to the brim every time I go. If you like very good Lebanese/Middle Eastern food, this is THE PLACE. Located on Roswell Road in the shopping center with a Chicago's Restaurant and a Tuesday Morning--just south of where Hammond Drive crosses Roswell Road, it is a true gem. I put them to the test by ordering kibbe naye (sp?) early on a Saturday for a Saturday dinner. Let's say it puts all other raw kibbes I've had to shame. Baba ghanouj? Two paws up. Kebabs? Two very enthusiastic paws up. The chicken kebab with the garlic sauce makes me enthusiastic about chicken again.

Oh, and order the new hot weather solution to drink: part lemonade, part water and part rose water, it acts like a tonic for whatever ails you. They also have fresh squeezed orange juice, for me better than any dessert.

I'd love to hear from others who have tried Sultan and see what they think. If you have not gone, by all means give it a try.

Paris-Chez Maitre Paul

Is this restaurant still in business? I ate there many years ago, it's in the bottom of the Hotel de L'Odeon. Any thought or memories appreciated.

Oct 24, 2006
dewdropper in France

Atlanta, Marietta, Tasty China. Full Report

My boyfriend and I ate at Tasty China last night and it was a revelation. Kudos to Steve for such an excellent recommendation! Roasted fish with green onion and the Green beans with ground olives and pork were insanely good!!!

China Delight, Dim Sum, Atlanta

Anyone been to BBQ Corner 2? It's a small dim sum place on Buford Hwy, friends have mentioned it but I have not tried it. It's in a shopping center that is wildly packed with cars and people and it's a scene. We were leery and shied away, but I've been wondering ever since if it's any good.

Any brave hounds willing to venture to BBQ Corner 2?

5150 Buford Hwy NE # C100, Doraville, GA 30340 (770) 451-2888

China Delight, Dim Sum, Atlanta

Very happy to hear about the reincarnation of Oriental Pearl. I have very fond memories of it from years ago. And yes, I'll make the trek out to Gwinnett and check out East Pearl as well. Thanks so much for the recommendations!

My first dim sum experience happened by accident in Chicago over 20 years ago. On a weekend trip, my friend and I stumbled upon a mini Chinatown in Chicago. Somehow we found ourselves in a large dining hall, a building that in years gone by was likely a union hall or an American Legion post.

No one spoke English, and the carts started coming and we scarcely knew what to pick. I do remember it being very good food and that moment was likely the birth of dewdropper as a chowhound.

Thanks, Liz!

China Delight, Dim Sum, Atlanta

Good, solid dim sum. That rice soup concoction that comes via the metal cart, topped with crunchy bits and green onions, was the best I have ever had, any time, any where. And that include Yank Sing in San Francisco.

Other standouts: shark fin dumplings, meat-filled egg rolls, lovely jasmine tea, the almond dessert with pastel colored diced coconut-at least I think that's what it was, and the stand out was freshly baked egg custard tartlets. To. die. for.

There was lots more we saw that looked different from the standards at places like Happy Valley, which we will try on a subsequent visit.

A few non-food, atmosphere contrasts with Happy Valley. Better service. Definitely cleaner. Nicer decor. We arrived late, around 1pm, and while still busy, the noise level was manageable... I find while I love the dim sum at Happy Valley, it's not a relaxing meal. Too many small squealing units and a lot of pressure to check out one cart after another, at too fast a rate of speed for my taste.

I found myself, at China Delight, eating dim sum as it was meant. I ate slowly and thoroughly tasted my food and lingered long, drinking tea, until the pot was empty. My sidekick, who views all dim sum with suspicion and who requires loads of cajoling to even go to dim sum suprised me by saying this was one dim sum place to which he would return.

Going north on Buford Highway, there is a large billboard on the left side of the street that tells you how to get there, turning left I think on Chamblee-Tucker Road. Easy to find.

Baklava at the Shatila Bakery, Dearborn MI

Atlanta hound wanting to give a shout out for this wonderful place.

Long story short, worked with an Armenian guy who shared my love for Middle Eastern food. Started talking about baklava. They ship all over the US, alhamdulillah, and I had a tin of assorted baklava sent to me. Ah, worth every penny.

To begin, it's beyond fresh. Forget the tired, worn out pieces of it you have ordered in restaurants. The ingredients are prime and it is in league with the boxes of baklava and other delights my Lebanese ex-husband's friends would bring back from Lebanon on the plane.

I am not particularly gifted as a writer, all I can tell you is, if you love baklava and indeed, all other Middle Eastern desserts, please give this place a try. It makes me want to move to Dearborn right now!

Emeril's Atlanta

A very lovely friend took her daughter and I to lunch at Emeril's. Last year we went there as well.

This year, not so good.

The good parts: the food was quite good and the service at the bar was consummately professional. I wish I had names to post, but that gentleman and our back waiter were on point and did a wonderful job.

However, the lady at the desk in the lobby was confused and made us feel, shall we say, less than welcome. My friend had taken the time to make a reservation, but that seemed only more confusing to this lady.

After we finished our drinks, we did a sort of cha cha cha, not knowing if any of three different people wanted us to follow them to a table.

Finally, someone in a suit appeared. I gave him my Fear Me expression and pointedly advised him that we would be seating ourselves at a nice cozy rounded booth. He looked surprised, and said something to the effect that it was a very nice table. I looked him dead in the eye and said, that is exactly why we'll be sitting there.

Not a good start.

A very sullen woman appeared and was apparently our waitress. She managed to interrupt me in mid-sentence every time she approached the table. She sent in an incorrect order of soup, so instead of the chicken/corn/tortilla soup, a pot of gumbo was poured into my bowl.

But wait, it gets better. I see her taking the back waiter aside through the glassed in wine storage thingie. If you've been there, you'll know what I mean. The huge, tiered rounded thing that the wines are stored in. She was clearly busting his a-- and giving him a hard time. He managed to continue serving us with a smile and a gracious manner, so much so that my friend's daughter made a point of walking up to him, in front of our waitress, and giving him a tip.

I had explained the whole front/back waiter scenario, as best I recall, and that he was dependent on her to tip him out at the end of her shift. We could tell by her interaction with him that he was bound to be shorted.

At no point in time did the manager ever ask how things were going. He had a rather worn out look that said hangover and he appeared to be largely ineffectual.

For a lunch that cost upwards of $150 for three, I expect that we shold be wowed. The service should be flawless and at a bare minimum, delivered politely and with an occasional smile.

Aside from thoroughly enjoying my friends and our conversation, and the food, which was good, it was shocking how poorly they run the front of the house.

And with the competition in that neck of the woods, they really need to step up or we'll be seeing their furniture and table top for sale in used restaurant equipment stores.