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Buffet Maharaja: Can Indian food be bland?

If you want fantastic Indian food and are willing to make a little excursion out to the West Island, there is the best Indian restaurant in Montreal called Bombay Chupatti at the corner of Sources Boulevard and Gouin Boulevard. It is small and fairly tacky inside but the owner/server is like the Indian mother you never had and the butter dosa masala (a thin, crispy lentil flour crepe stuffed with a vegetarian mix of curried potato and peas served with lentil dipping sauce, as well as the usual coriander/mint yogurt sauce) is honestly a taste of Indian heaven. The samosas are delicate triangles unlike the monstrous deep fried ones most Indian restaurants have and the curries are never bland. Do yourself a favor and make the trek because it is well worth it.

Montreal Social Top Restaurant Series?

Tell me, does this photo look like its a real group of random people that came together online to enjoy in epicurean pleasures? Or does it look like an add for lavalife? I would proceed with serious caution to make sure you're not the expense of someone making a buck.

Best pizza in MTL

Hey, went to Bottega last night to see for myself and have this to report: clearly this is one of the most happening restaurants in Montreal right about now. The place was packed which makes for good dining out on a weekend. The decor is nice, simple, contemporary and subdued. We went only for the pizza and ordered a bottle of wine- decent selection of affordable wines. Ok. So the pizza. I agree with the general consensus here on this board that the crust is a work of art. It is on the soft side but I found that to be one of its charms. The flavor was so complex for a pizza dough I wanted to cry. My guess is they use a starter and keep it going in the tradition of really fine breads. Almost got sourdough undertones. Beautifully slightly charred fluffy crusts. We ordered the margherita and the sausage and rapini. Now while I found them to be delicious I too was disappointed when it came with not three but just one leaf of basil in the center. I pointed this out to the waiter and he said that its sort of just for garnish but he would gladly get us more basil which he did. Actually he brought us way too much basil on the side. I would definitely agree with blork that the tomato sauce is too wet and as a result the pizza is soggy in the center, which is your first bite. They also are using a fresh motzerella di bufalo which tends to have a high water content so the end result is the combination of their tomato sauce and cheese is too wet. Once we got a few bites in the crust balanced out and it was perfect. The rapini and house sausage pizza was also fantastic and the service was very attentive. We shared a bottle of cheap white which was still good and had too pizzas just under 70$, taxes and tip included. This is a must in montreal, and I think I'm going to dream about the crust until I eat it again.

best noodle shop in Concordia ghetto?

I completely disagree with you about the Fauberg being better. Once upon a time it was fantastic but its slipping. Its not as flavorful and its much smaller than it once was. However, I am happy to say that the sit down resto Bangkok is leagues better and I suggest the BBQ duck pad thai. It was a work of art.

Trinity - Downtown Greek

I would like to bring it to the attention of all potential Trinity diners that the grill is gas, not charcoal. A charcoal grill is sacrosanct, and this is the true art of grilling. I was very unimpressed with the food- it was nothing special with exorbitant prices. The eggplant dip was bitter and oily and under-seasoned. It is clear that the eggplants were not fresh and were not properly degorged. There was nothing special about the greek salad, the fish was not as good as Ferrera and almost double the price,and all the desserts tasted the same- which was far from great, just mediocre. While the restaurant is beautiful, the food is almost a joke at the prices they are charging. I have a friend who worked there and they told me that there are "traditional" Greek women that make everything in the morning and it all goes into trays and stays all day in alto-shams (ovens that keep things at the right temperature). That means we are eating food that was prepared up to twelve hours earlier and kept warm. This is a far cry from fine dining.

New bakery/pastry shop

I've only had bad experiences at cho cola. The cupcakes are as bad as everyone else has described. Dry, tasteless, crumbly instead of moist texture, a ridiculous icing to cupcake ratio, terrible granular and chalky icing that I do not believe is made with butter because of how poor it tastes, etc... Every time I've gone in it tends to be around closing time and there is an entire shop full of cakes and cupcakes and other desserts. It is clear that freshness is not a concern for the owner who informed me that if I wanted a fresh cake I just needed to call in advance. Am I wrong in assuming that it should go without saying that any cake from an overpriced bakery should be fresh? This past summer I saw a customer return a cake that was next to stale. The owner did not even argue because she knew it was old and had another one ready to cut. I have always been a huge fan of Cocoa Locale- comparing Reima's cupcakes with Cho cola is like comparing pom bread at a grocery store with a fresh baguette from Premiere Moisson. It is a joke to put them in the same category. Not to mention that apart from taste, Coco Locale's cupcakes are considerably bigger so they have quantity and quality. There is no regret on three dollars spent there, and only regret after tasting cho'cola's poor excuse for a gourmet cupcake. My favorite at Cocoa Locale is the lemon coconut cupcake but do yourself a favor and try the cakes- the red velvet or the key lime or spicy chocolate...basically all of them are perfect, beautifully packaged and the icing on top is Reima who is the only employee/owner- as sweet and beautiful as her confections. I gave Cho cola three chances because I am aware that sometimes even the best restaurant or bakery can have a bad day, but each time I was even more put off. I will never return to Cho cola. More than totally put off.