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CHOW's Intense Brownies

certifiedhumane - 8x8 has an area of 64 inches. 17x12 has an area of 204 inches. 204/64 = 3.1875. You need to at least triple the ingredients (except the salt - use less than triple salt).

Jul 06, 2012
TerryS in Recipes

Dim Sum in Rosslyn

I've found that if you don't see what you want at Mark's, you flag down your server and ask for it.

My dad always wants Lo Bak Go (turnip pudding) and sometimes the only way you can get it is to tell the server you want it. Same thing with greens. Order the baby bok choy or the snow pea shoots (this one is pricey).

I've found that Mark's is very uneven, but it is better than most places I've been to in NoVa in recent years. And most other places are uneven in quality as well.


If you're in Fairfax, I highly recommend Vinnie's (

Not as expensive as Prime Rib, nor as fancy, Vinnie's has been in Fairfax for a few years now but feels like it has been there forever.

I always get the prime rib, although the other dishes look wonderful. It is wonderfully juicy. But it is rivaled by a great baked potato -- how often have you felt like it was a decision to choose between prime rib or potato?

My carnivore husband and teenage son adore the Calimari -- the dinner size is huge -- they can rarely finish it!

The bread rolls are delicious too, served with real butter.

More Authentic Chinese in Northern Virginia?

If you don't mind Rte. 1 in Virginia, try Peking Duck restaurant in the Hybla Valley area.

It has been there for decades now.

Not much to look at, it is an offshoot of Duck Chang's, once the only place to get Peking Duck in NoVa. Their duck IS delicious.

My family has been going there for many years, and if you ask they will recommend dishes not on the menu. Ask what vegetables are good that day.

Good for a quick weeknight dinner, or for a fancier banquet celebration.

More Authentic Chinese in Northern Virginia?

The banquet was great. A Chinese banquet is different from American banquets. The banquet doesn't necessarily mean a formal dress-up meal, although my Mom would typically dress up in a long satin brocade cheomsam, and my Dad in a suit.

Chinese restaurants that hold banquets have a set menu with courses that you adjust: appetizer course (often squab), soup course (most traditionally served at the end so it doesn't fill you up before the meal really starts), fish course, etc. And a good restaurant will serve the banquet in courses, waiting until one course is nearly consumed before bringing the next course. To order a banquet, you need 10-12 people, and if you have more people, you need to get another table for 10-12.

The banquet was OK. This was just after the change to new management, and I think this was their first banquet under new management, so the staff wasn't quite trained in the timing of the courses -- they came too quickly.

During a banquet, your attention is on the food and the other guests, and the rest of the restaurant recedes to the background.

A fancier restaurant, like Peking Gourmet Inn, would have been nicer for a banquet, but my pocket book could not have supported the cost. Mark's was like home for us.

Dim Sum in Rosslyn

Mark's is our pick -- we'll be there for Father's Day!
Fortune across the street is our 2nd choice when the line at Mark's is too long.

We've been eating dim sum in this area since the '60s with my Cantonese mother, so we've seen many dim sum places come and go. From the great lamentably-gone Tung Bor and China Garden in Chinatown (it was really good a few decades ago).

In Wheaton, Good Fortune is pretty good as is Hollywood East.


Ray''s Hell Burger wins hands down, if you've got the time to wait, or exceptional timing.

Good Restaurants in Vienna, Virginia

Amphora is a Greek dinner, so you find Greek food and dinner food. We go there whenever we want diner food. I always enjoy the prime rib, spanakopita, and the lox and bagel. My husband enjoys the steak and cheese subs. And we all enjoy the milkshakes.

More Authentic Chinese in Northern Virginia?

Mark's Duck House still has some of the best Dim Sum in NV in my book.

The restaurant got a new owner in late summer of 2007, I found as I went to book a birthday banquet celebration with the owners. The banquet was as good as any we'd had there in the past, and the owners were very eager to work with us in negotiating the menu. I think we were their first banquet request.

My family and I have returned several times for Dim Sum, and I must say that the food has been extremely good this past fall -- but you have to go early on the weekends. The crowds and wait are too long at 10:30-11:00 a.m.. This restaurant is eager to get specials on their customer's tables, sometimes they bypass the teacarts to offer just-cooked items on hand-carried trays.

One thing I miss there -- in years past they had a wonderful batter-fried skinny fish (we called silver fish) -- even my carnivore hubby loved it.

We've gone to Lucky Three (too fatty and less authentic all the time), Fortune (quality is spotty -- some is fantastic, some less so, sometimes food is cold), Hunan #1 in Clarendon lamentedly gone.

More Authentic Chinese in Northern Virginia?

My mom hailed from HK. We used to go Duck Changs decades ago for special occasions, but it was greatly diminished the last time we went.

I can highly recommend the homey restaurant owned and run by Duck Chang's son in the Hybla Valley section of Rte. 1 in Alexandria -- name of Peking Duck.

We go there for family celebrations and banquets several times a year. Not that we wouldn't go for ordinary dinners, but we're traveling from the western part of the county now!

Braciole help

What cut of pork do you use?

Jan 21, 2008
TerryS in Home Cooking