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Best Downtown Steakhouse?

Hi Everone,

Yearly boys trip, hitting LV this year but have decided to avoid the strip altogether.

Where do you recomend for the best steak downtown?

Vic & Anthony's and Oscars seem to be the top candidates but open to any and all recomendations.


Jul 26, 2013
TheWheel in Las Vegas

Lively dinner for 4

Thanks, will look at Clancy's. People seem to feel Antoine's has lost a step from what I've been reading both here and on other boards, is that the case? Just to clarify I don't think we'll be obnoxiously loud (at least not to the point of requiring flogging) but we will be four men turned loose in one of America's great cities with any semblance of responsibility thousands of miles away. It's more that we don't want to be in a place so quiet that our maybe louder than avg table will ruin a potentially special occasion dinner for those next to us. A return trip to Galatoire's may not be a bad idea either, it was the perfect restaurant for our group last time, I think we were hoping to try something different but someimes when it's right it's right.

Jul 24, 2012
TheWheel in New Orleans

Lively dinner for 4

Hi Everyone,

Firstly ,thanks as this board has been a great resource in he past and am hoping for a little help on the following question.

Four mid to late thirties guys have a yearly trip away from families and land in an American city for a music festival, eating and drinking. Did New Orleans last year and had such a great time we've decided to return in October for Voodoo / Halloween weekend.

Question - of the great New Orleans restaurants which would be more appropriate for a lively, well lubricated group of gentlemen to have a great meal without being too much of a bother to surrounding dinners? Now we are all adults so not suggesting it's an appearance of a group of falling over frat boys but we are also unlikely to be looked upon fondly in a room filled with couples having a quiet romantic dinner either.

Last year we did Galatoire's for dinner and August for lunch, both of which we really enjoyed. We've already booked CP for lunch this year and are trying to determine our Thursday night big dinner. As we are all from cities with strong and varied dining options we only want to eat somewhere that the menu is if not quintisential New Orleans is at least heavily influenced by New Orleans or Louisiana traditions (crole/cajun).

Price is not a concern nor is dress code as we will have suits in tow if needed.

Any advice is much appreciated

Jul 24, 2012
TheWheel in New Orleans

United Bakeries

Well I wouldn't consider it ungueesable but you cannot get meat there as it is a dairy Kosher restaurant, if you were hoping for Bacon you are SOL. The two best items on the menu IMHO are the Pea Soup and the Spinach Salad, nothing fancy about either just simple and tasty.

Fuzz Box: East Coast donair in Toronto

While tasty there are some differences from a traditional Halifax Donair.

The meat itself is a little more peppery which I quite enjoyed
It appeared to me that perhaps the meat was not cooked on the traditional vertical spit but perharps by a meatloaf style technique (purely an assumption based on personal homemade attempts) as they meat has a more crumbly texture rather than the long thin slices you would typically recieve out east.
Pita is thinker than what you would normally recieve.
Less sauce than the ladels that they drop on you at K.O.D. - a plus from my perspective
Size wise the super is considerably smaller than even a large at KOD, they are a decent size for the average person but for someone used to the Halifax Donair they are smaller.
Looking forward to giving the donair Pizza and Subs a go as I think the meat texture may work better there than the traditional pita wrap.

All in all a very welcome addition to the east end.

Galatories Halloween Weekend - What time to arrive to get seated downstairs?

Hi Everyone,

I have searched both this board and the internet and can't find an answer for anything other than Friday Lunch so hoping someone may be able to help. We are a group of 4 planning to eat dinner here on the Thursday before Halloween weekend. From what I understand this can be quite the busy weekend in N.O. so wondering if someone could give me some insight into what time we would likely need to arrive in order to be able to eat downstairs.

Thanks in advance for any insight

Sep 26, 2011
TheWheel in New Orleans

ISO - Frozen shredded hashbrowns

I usually find them at Loblaws, for some reason they keep them in the area near the deli and prepared foods not with the other frozen potatoe items

Boys Night Out

private room upstairs at Barbarians would probably work, great steaks and no worries about how loud you are.

Starbucks, corner of Gerrard and Jones - wow

Semi's are often selling for $500k ish in the neighbourhood. I think once you hit that pricepoint people can afford $5 coffees.

Any new choices for private dining?

Hey All,

Looked at some of the previous threads and wondering if anyone knows of a new or still exciting option for private room or group dining for 25. Not overly ethnic (Sushi, Indian etc.) as have to appeal to the lowest common denominator for a work function. Looking for $40 or under excluding Tax, Tip, Drinks for a 3 course set menu. Somewhere central (downtown or uptown) but would prefer to stay out of financial district or other areas with excessive parking fees.

Best bets on the Danforth

Pizza at Casa Di Giorgio is some if the best "Toronto style" pizza in the city> Not as good as most of the top rated places on chowhound but a step above your average cheese and peperonni joint.

Casa Di Giorgio
, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

Eglinton West, Pearson, Etobicoke along the 427 for Business Lunch

Hi Everyone, have searched and most of the suggestions are from 3 years ago or older. Anyone have a good suggestion for a business lunch out this way that requires some finanacial restraint?

Via Allegro has been suggested as a reasonable Lunch (as opposed to their more pricey dinner) but without having a menu online don't want to have to crawl back to my bosses with a big bill in hand.

Anything new?

As I'm not sure of client's taste I want to stay away from anything too ethnic etc just in cases they have a less refined western palate.

Looking for something under $40 with tax and tip per person without booze

Via Allegro
1750 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M9C5H5, CA

Bumpkins Restaurant and Lounge?

Has anyone ate here before? I'm looking for a good private room for a customer Christmas dinner and their facilities look like they would work for me. Any insight on the food or recomandations for other private room dining options would be greatly appreciated.

Please help - out of towner this weekend

Sorry, realized I should have been more clear.

Anywhere in Manhatten is fine but we are staying closer to the Financial District. Welcome to all food types but would like an experience difficult to find outside of NYC.

Under $200 for 2
Casual yet Romantic Atmosphere
Unique NYC experience
Available on short notice

I have been looking on opentable but when you are not familiar with most of the restaurants on there it is very timely to navigate and I fear that it will take a few days going that route which will further reduce the amount of availability.

I'm usually not the "do everything for me guy" just pressed for time.

Thanks again for any help.

Aug 05, 2008
TheWheel in Manhattan

Please help - out of towner this weekend

Hi Everyone,

Due to the short time frame I don't have too much time to really go through a large amount of the theads here.

Coming in from Toronto this Friday for the weekend (just decided today) and am looking for the best experience I can where I may still find a table on Friday or Saturday evening. Would like to keep dinner for 2 under $200 including tip and will be celebrating a special occasion so something a little romantic would be nice. Would much prefer someplace where no jacket is required as I'm hoping to travel light.

Any suggestions?

Also a great on the go lunch recomendation in Manhatten would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance to any and all assistance

Aug 05, 2008
TheWheel in Manhattan

Best Casual "Must Have" In Portland

Hi Everyone,

Coming from the east coast for a music festival and will have one afternoon / evening to buzz around in Portland. What is the one food that I have to try? Will be with a group of thirtysomething men and looking for something casual and fast - even take out based on our limited time. What's that place where the locals go that is never found in a tour book?

Will be there on a Tuesday


May 12, 2008
TheWheel in Pacific Northwest

Scottish Food in Toronto?

The Scottish Bakery on Weston was a John Baird as the one in Eglinton Square was. The Weston is now closed but there is a scottish butcher named Allan's in the same plaza where you can get Scottish bread, sausage and the like

Help! Terroni-like vibe (Queen St.) with reservations?

Veni Vedi Vivi on College. Good food, great service and they have a great private room if available that you can all sit at one eye shaped table.

British Style Curry in Toronto?

There is a place out on The Quensway called The Queens Arms near Kipling that is probably as close as you will get to the British Style Curry House in Toronto

Last minute eating - where can I go tonight w/o reservations

Visiting L.A. - staying in Hollywood and going to a concert in Silver Lake area.

Where is the most likely place to get a good meal between the two in the $50 range without a reservation tonight?

Good with all kinds of cuisine

Feb 22, 2008
TheWheel in Los Angeles Area

4 Days to enjoy L.A. food - Help!

Hi Everyone,

I'll be making my first journey to L.A. in a couple of weeks and would love to hear where the locals would take me if I knew anyone there. Will be with my GF and are looking for the following type places for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We will have a car and be moving all around hitting the touristy spots so all areas are appreciated. We are not picky, enjoy ethnic foods and are also not afraid of those sketchy from the outside places as long as the food is good.

Where would you go?

1 or 2 nice (under $100 a person w/o alcohol) restaurants for Dinner - Good steak with other good options preferable

The great breakfast places that never make the guide books that all the locals know about.

Great lunch spot with quality people watching


Anything else that will put a smile on this foodie's face

Thanks in advance for all replys

Feb 07, 2008
TheWheel in Los Angeles Area

Great Middle Eastern Food in Toronto

I can't believe no one has mentioned Shawarma Empire on Lawrence E of Vic Park Soth side. I have tried most of the above plus countless other Shawarmas and none come close. Plus 2 sandwiches for $5.99 means the price is right. Their Homemade hot sauce is the key