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Great cocktails in Dallas?

The Bar at The Stoneleigh puts out some wickedly good drinks and the crowd is always interesting. Very cool place.

Best Burger In Dallas/Fort Worth

Has anyone tried "Maple & Motor Burgers and Beer"? I've heard some good buzz, but have not had a chance to try them yet.

Best soup in Dallas

I crave The Grape's mushroom soup during cool weather.

DFW - Recommendation for Authentic Chinese at a Japanese Restaurant

Who serves big fat eggrolls stuffed with more meat and bean sprouts than cabbage?

One meal in Dallas? Must be near-ish to Love Field. . .

Eden Cafe on Lovers Lane across from Celebration is a great rec as well. I'm a big fan and it certainly falls under the parameters of "easy-going, quiet enough to be heard, and a place where they won't shoo us away after an hour." With that rec, I would suggest stopping by Pogo in Inwood Village for a bottle or two of wine as it is BYOB. Someone in the group needs to try the Sage Burger.

One meal in Dallas? Must be near-ish to Love Field. . .

Rise No.1 in Inwood village

Park (the restaurant, not an actual park) on Henderson (DFW)

Are they open for lunch and has anyone tried it if so?

Restaurants near Ritz (Dallas)

Cremona's has good prices and decent Italian food....and I like their new location near the Quadrangle after fire destroyed the original.

Bizarre foods in Dallas?

Dunston's on Lovers Lane also serves "calf fries".

Dallas Wedding Emergency! HELP!

Try the Crescent never know,

WHAT??? do you want to eat in this heat?

Cobb Salad or a nice Shrimp Salad. Stuffed avocado with chicken or tuna salad on a bed of greens with tomatoes and cucumber. Republic of Tea Ginger Peach Black tea.

Jul 11, 2009
BluffViewChound in Texas

El Pollo Regio

According to El Pollo Regio's Facebook page, they are suing El Pollo Rico for using that they are definitely not connected. There are many El Pollo Regio's around the metroplex.

Jul 03, 2009
BluffViewChound in Austin

10 best things to eat in Dallas

"Bruschetta sampler at Bolsa"

Gets my thumbs up!

[DFW] Best Soups?!

Mushroom soup at The Grape.

Anybody know what to expect from the soon to open "Split Peas Soup Cafe" on Mckinney and Routh?

Breakfast in Dallas

Buzzbrews is great and I really like the new (much larger) location on Lemmon. Just had the steak and eggs there a couple of weeks ago.

The Porch in Dallas

3rd the fish and chips

hounds looking for the real deal in Dallas

If you don't mind, please share the bad experience as it's just as important to know the places to avoid in the Chowhound community.

Breakfast in Dallas

The Mecca on Harry Hines.

The Porch in Dallas

Love their Cobb Salad and the "House Margaritas" (blood orange juice).

hounds looking for the real deal in Dallas

Based on where you are from, I would definitely go Tex-Mex and Margarita's (suggest on the rocks instead of frozen) since you have access to some of the very best in all other cuisines. Mia's on Lemmon for brisket tacos will not disappoint.

Save room for dessert and head over to La Duni on McKinney for Quatros Leches Cake which will knock your socks off.

Bass Hall Area

I've had several good experiences at Ferre (and you can valet your car there and pick it up after the show). It's directly across the street and one night I came out and they had my car ready to go at the front door of the restaurant (no wait and no parking garage to navigate).

[HOU] Our experience at Capital Grille

They should make sure to live up to the company name. Consumer Reports just named Capital Grille #1 steakhouse (chain). I have never had a bad experience at the Dallas location (average once or twice a year).

Jun 01, 2009
BluffViewChound in Houston

Ft Worth for Sunday lunch

I would suggest Reata. The Brunch menu is at the end of the Lunch menu.

Weekend in Downtown Dallas

Main Street is bustling with people at night (especially on the weekends). I would feel very comfortable walking in that area at anytime.

Lunch in Dallas

Salum on Cole Avenue

Eden Cafe (DFW)

I've already panned the mashed potatoes earlier in this thread, but I'm positive they are not instant. I've gotten to know the chef very well and she would never use instant anything, much less a packaged gravy mix. She only uses fresh ingredients. I would suggest you give the place another try and at least try one of her burgers or sandwhiches.

And as far as "no dimmers!", the place does indeed have them. I've not only asked them to use them (which they obliged), but I've adjusted them myself a time or two. It's also hard to label white paint "drab" in my opinion. To each his/her own, but some of your critique does not add up to someone who has been there numerous times over the past several years. I've also taken tons of people there with unanimous positive feedback and return visits.

No, this place is not Neighborhood Services and it's not supposed to be.

Eden Cafe (DFW)

Scagnetti, you would be comfortable dining alone especially if the regular waitress is there. Quite often, people at nearby tables will strike up a conversation too because it is pretty intimate & cozy. Or on any given night, you just might have the place to yourself (I tend to go late). I would be interested in your experience if you dine there alone.

There's no background music and it is very quiet....I do ask them to soften the lights a tad as they tend to keep it bright and it's already a light & airy type place. I've never eaten on the patio surprisingly.

Eden Cafe (DFW)

I can't possibly say enough good things about this place as I love it, Chef Karen and her waitress, Cheryl. I frequent this place more than any other in town because it's so good and in my neighborhood. It feels like home. And it's BYOB ($5 corkage)!

I go there every Thanksgiving for her buffett. It's amazing how time sort of slows way down the minute you walk in the door for a relaxing meal whether it's lunch, dinner or brunch. It's a great place to enjoy a meal with friends and loved ones where you can hear the conversation and you are not rushed AT ALL.

You must try the Sage Burger at least once (with a bottle of your favorite red wine), it's devine and not overwhelming (fresh sage) and is served with feta and swiss cheese on it. Sounds decadent. It Is. You will forever crave another one.

The composed salad including heirloom tomatos and watermelon radish with the housemade artichoke dressing is as tasty as the beautiful presentation. Chocolate covered strawberries are brought to you at the end of every meal. Chef Karen will make fresh cookies while you dine....baked to order. I too, love the baked brie en croute with lavendar honey as my favorite appetizer.

The meatloaf is killer, but I will say, I'm not fond of her mashed potatoes (probably the only thing in the house I'm not crazy about). She also serves both hot and cold versions of a meatloaf sandwhich. I like the French Dip, but if you want cheese, you'll need to add it when you order (maybe the French didn't use swiss cheese, but that's how I like 'em.)

She has a huge variety of desserts just depending on what's in season and she felt like making that day. Blueberry pie or cobbler is one of my favorites....especially the individual sized blueberry pies that she sometimes has. Her pastry crusts are always perfect and she makes great cakes. I've also had an excellent banana cream pie there.

This place is laid back, but the Chef is a perfectionist in the kitchen. A great combo in my opinion.

one night in dallas

This place is fairly close, in your price range and definitely unique. Rise No.1 in Inwood Village (Lovers Lane and Inwood).

Good Pizza Place???

Might be a tough order. Have you looked at Gordo's?

Maybe Sal's Pizza on Wycliff.