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Any blogs for restauranters to talk to each other???

I own a restaurant and would like to share with others in the business what's happening....I believe a place devoted to us would be helpful and we could contribute to many of the bloggers concers...but mainly it would be about our operations.

Any other blogs, besides this one, the you would recommend?


Jan 23, 2008
higgins721 in Food Media & News

sous vide....lots of buzz...pros and cons

Vacuum packing has been around for some time, i.e. frozen foods, freeze-dried foods, everything from soup to nuts. Many restaurants have been using this method in order to provide consistent recipes and availability of featured entrees at a moments notice.

But..... How many chefs are using the Sous Vie cooking method on a consistent basis??? Is it just catching on with many or is the "real thing," if you want to control your cost while maintaining consistency?

Also what about using the one portion of the process of "Cryovacking" guest’s left-overs? Might it be a way to maintain the quality of what they take home, while eliminating those ugly plastic boxes [which are not cheap, nor green]?

Who's doing both with much success/volume and what equipment appears to achieve the best results?

Jan 21, 2008
higgins721 in General Topics