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Food freak must haves in BA

Thanks everyone. Im very excited and cant wait to try it all. No idea how Im not going to end up gaining about 10 pounds :) Pls keep any additional suggestions coming. No food fears here.

Food freak must haves in BA

I'll be there in a month with a friend. Very excited to try some unique things -- I know meat. I know wine. But what is a CANNOT miss?

Wine in Mendoza's Lujan de Cuyo region?

A friend and I are visiting next month -- have a driver and are already planning to hit Achaval Ferrer and Ruca Malen. Any other "dont miss" wineries in this region?

Also, any fun places for 2 single ladies to go hit in Mendoza on the weekend? Travel tips are very welcome as this is a new region for both of us.

romantic dinner in DC - friday - reasonable

I have a VTD-week dinner at Proof. Good, soft lighting. And if you dont go nuts on the pours, you can get in under $200 and SHARE a lot of fun things (emphasis on the intimacy of sharing food). Cheese plate is excellent, as are the organ meats.

Specialties to look for this time of year ....

Have reservations at Zuni (lunch), Aqua and Coi (dinner) next week. Im coming from DC -- any local ingredients I should be seeking to try on the menus (or general, recent menu suggestions for these spots).

Also, looking for a place for lunch on Thursday. Dim Sum. Any suggestions beyond Yank Sing? I may be near Powell St. BART so I was looking at Tian Sing.

Maine Classics

These are great suggestions. I think getting a balance of places from across the state is key. Is anyone familiar with the The Village Inn in Belgrade Lakes? Or the Chickadee restaurants in Lewiston and Turner (the latter being an old family fave)?

Maine Classics

Looking to start a discussion about traditional Maine eateries -- places that have been around for more than 25 years and just say "Maine." Substance isn't as important as stamina and local draw. My short list includes: Moodys, Dysarts, Cole Farms, Red's, Dimillos and Estes. What am I missing?