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Berlin Child-Friendly?

We are also spending a month in Berlin this summer with a much younger child; a one year old.

The jokes about Prenzlauer Berg and the 30-somethings with designer strollers (us included) are all true, but this has the upside of all the restaurant staff and patrons, in our experience, being totally comfortable with kids.

On one patio two nights ago there were no less than 5 children under 2. So while you may feel like a clone, it's a clone that can relax and let your child do their thing.


Te Aro in Leslieville - another coffee shop

Completely agree.

I've been going to Mercury almost daily since it opened. I quite like the owners and get treated well (save by a new hire, once, who was quickly scolded by the manager). I used to work from Jet Fuel 3 days a week and the Mercury guys are customer service experts by comparison.

I enjoy Te Aro, as well, but only go there when (i) I'm with someone that I think will want a more staid atmosphere than Mercury or (ii) I have my daughter in her stroller. They are very accommodating to children and it's helping their business.

That said, the coffee doesn't compare.

Good on a Monday in Montreal?

I should have searched. ;)

Good on a Monday in Montreal?

My colleague and I are headed to supper and looking for options. We wanted to try Au Pied de Cochon based upon the recommendations in the forums, but they are closed.

Anyone have any suggestions of what might be an equivalent experience and open tonight?



L'Academie on St. Denis

This is a /massive/ pet peeve of my wife's and mine, too. I realize it's silly, but I made my way through university as a fine dining waiter and it's such a simple thing to do.

We put on a lot of formal supper parties where I trot out my old skills and serve our guests and you can be sure that I clear and wash the cutlery between each course. :)

Lolabar in Leslieville

I live in the building. I believe it's been remade as a cocktail bar to more success than the previous restaurants. Gets good reviews for its drinks. The owner has recently done a lot of work to the patio to make it more appealing.

Best Pizza with Tonnes of Toppings

Yours in solidarity.


Best Pizza with Tonnes of Toppings

I'm not after the best pizza; that's well covered. There was a pizza joint in Saskatoon, where I grew up, called Vern's that served a pizza that had about 1/2 inch of solid toppings on it. I'm wondering if Toronto had a similar offering.

I realize that most people would consider this sacrilege when it comes to pizza, but nostalgia's nostalgia.



Restaurants for birthday dinners in Toronto?

A group of us use our birthdays as an excuse to try out the high-end restaurants in Toronto. We're starting to run out of places we know we want to try and are looking for suggestions.

Places we've already been for birthday meals:

- North 44
- Canoe
- Amuse Bouche
- Thuet
- Joso's
- Barberian's Steak House
- Mildred Pierce

We were planning on C5 but it's booked. We're thinking of Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner. Any other suggestions?