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I have to agree 100% with DonnaCar. I have read some terrible reviews here on dining in Malta and as a frequent visitor to the island I have to say that I find them all completely unfounded. Most reviews seem to be by those very far from, "in the know" when it comes to dining in Malta.

The truth is that Maltese wines can compete very favorably with wines from all over the world. I would reccomend Meridiana Wine Estate's 2007 Astarte for a first attempt at discovering quality Maltese wine.

As for restaurants, it is true that there are some terrible places. But there are terrible places to eat in London, Paris and San Francisco. Just because one has yet to find the gems does not mean they are not there.

As an aside - if you go you must try the Maltese olive oil. Hard to find but absoluelty out of this world.

Sep 14, 2008
Blaupunkt in Europe

Lady and Sons (Butcher) = Disappointing

I have had nothing but great service and great cuts of meat from Lady & Son. Service is heartfelt and top notch. She will also be adding fresh produce come spring which will be very welcome do to the dearth of grocers in Leslieville. As far as Rowe Farms goes I don't think its much to get excited about. Its not the same as it used to be when it was just John running things. Does anyone know for sure if Rowe Farms uses local sources of meats only or is their US beef coming in now?

Mmmmm Cheese

The guys at Whole Foods have always been very helpfull. Great selection too.

Indian for Indians

The Host, for sure.

Go for a walk in Yorkville afterwards.

Leslie Jones

Whats up with the dis on Tomi Kro and Edward Levesque's? I'm pretty picky and I found both places to be very good.