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Coming to Miami for a couple days need some recommendations for food

this is where we're staying: Motel Blu (7700 Biscayne Blvd). We're looking for recommendations for good, authentic cuban food within a reasonable distance at a reasonable price. Any other local tasty, authentic places to eat would be great. Thanks in advance!

Anything New in Durham???

Probably. I feel like ive been everywhere in the area and havent found anything new in awhile. Today i did have a lovely Pho at 9N9 and some pretty good banh mi sandwichs there.

Anything New in Durham???

Just seeing if there is anything that is must try in Durham. Ive been to all the taquerias, had Korean Tofu soup. Been to all the BBQ places. Hamburgers at Wimpys. Baby Goat stew at Choson OK. Had dinner at Nanas, Four Square, Tonali, and Magnolia Grill. I just havent seen to found anything new lately. So any suggestions?

Good Food near Raleigh's RBC Center

Neomonde Is about 3 miles away.

RTP Donuts Durham, NC

Does anyone remember or even know what happened to RTP Donuts. They were located at the intersection of 55/54 in Durham. I think the Space that they occupied ended up becoming Chosun OK. This was probably about 10 years ago. They had the best Devils Food Cake donuts i had ever had. I remember them being busy all the time, so i wonder what happened?