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Saxapahaw General Store (between Triangle and Triad NC)

We went there for brunch this morning and I concur that the sausage gravy is decadent. It was so good that I had to take many pauses between bites to savor each spoonful. I ordered mine with a scrambled egg which I put on top. My partner ordered the local steak and eggs, which he reported as being very tender and perfectly cooked.

I had an oatmeal raisin cookie for dessert and it was one of the best I've ever had: crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, not too spiced, good amount of raisins.

On the way back home, we stopped by Benjamin Creek Vineyards for a wine tasting, which is recommended if you're making a trip out to Saxapahaw. They're open from 12-5.

Jan 17, 2010
sarahUNC in Southeast

NYE Special in the Triangle... which do you recommend or interest you the most?

No kidding!! I've been trying to figure out what's going on, but even yesterday's INDY had very little with regards to restaurant goings-on. At this point, I think we'll be making dinner at home.

Dec 31, 2009
sarahUNC in Southeast

Raleigh Thanksgiving Options

If you're interested in a good buffet, you could try Michael Dean's. We went there last year and it was really good (though we were a bit worried about the buffet aspect of it.) Lots of options and a good mix of traditional foods and fancier options. I think it was about $25 pp.

Oct 27, 2009
sarahUNC in Southeast

Butternut Squash Restaurant - Chapel Hill NC?

My google reader showed a response from BNS, but I don't see the post on the thread. What happened to it?

I just wanted to ask if they had local coffee now. Until they do, I'm not going. I think it's pretty lame to be all about local food and not use local coffee when there are such good local coffee options. Seattle's Best? How about some Larry's Beans? Counter Culture? JoeVanGogh??

Sep 24, 2009
sarahUNC in Southeast

Milltown - Carrboro - Lunch - Service Stinks!

We went there for dinner a week ago before a concert at the ArtsCenter. Service was not so good and the food was ho-hum. I had an unidentifiable brown jelly-like thing in my beer, and while it was replaced, there was no genuine "I'm sorry." Service was other wise slow. The menu has now become uninspiring and the specials were just not that good. The beer list (draft) was not as varied as it has been in the past. We headed to Tyler's for another beer and regretted glancing at their menu because it was so much better than what we saw at Milltown.

Champagne mangoes in the Triangle

They've had them recently at Whole Foods in Raleigh and Durham.

Durham, NC-Take out taco meat

My experience is that most Mexican restaurants will fix up up whatever you want. I'd go to a taco place that you like and ask them for the amount you need. I bet they'd fix it up for you. The ladies at Taqueria Rubio on Hillsborough Rd or the folks at Taqueria Lopez/The Best Burrito (also on Hillsborough) would be my first bets. But, I would try to place an order before Christmas Eve just to make sure.

Durham, NC - Seeking decent pizza

Rockwood has not gotten good reviews on this forum.

Broad St. Cafe has good wood-fired pies.

Restaurant Gift Certificate in Triangle Area

What about Watt's Grocery or Piedmont? Those are definitely local favorites!

Pierogi's in the triangle?

I'm not a pierogi expert at all, but I can say that they are on the menu at Dain's in Durham. My friends who have had them say they're good.

Where to find fried turkey near Cary NC

The Bojangles' in Raleigh and Durham do not carry them. You'll have to go to the Triad or out to the Kinston/Goldsboro area.

Restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner.

Charlotte taco trucks - Have you ever?

I must have missed which hyphenated city you are referring to...

What is it you are trying to understand, specifically? Why brick and mortar restaurants are protesting?

Whether or not Charlotte politicians have started a protest does not mean that their influence is not felt. Such anti-immigrant attitudes pervade the community, which is comprised of neighborhood associations and brick and mortar restaurants.

It seems to me that where there is no logical reason as to why one business is being targeted while similarly situated ones are not, the reason probably lies in what is not so logical and obvious. If a community wants immigrants out of town, they will find a way to do it. If the restaurant owners are among those who think illegal immigrants are taking away jobs/revenue, etc., they will find some way to voice their concerns. Taco trucks owned by immigrants are an easy target. I somehow don't think it would be a problem if they were operated by non-hispanics.

Nov 25, 2008
sarahUNC in Southeast

Charlotte taco trucks - Have you ever?

Well, it's no secret that Charlotte is not so immigrant friendly. I don't doubt this is an extension of Sue Myrick's influence.

If the issue were with just one place being loud and leaving trash, their permit should be yanked. I just don't see that everyone taco stand is problematic.

Here in Durham, they don't seem to cause enough of a problem to warrant a city council discussion. Durham, however, is not Charlotte when it comes immigrant operated businesses.

Nov 25, 2008
sarahUNC in Southeast

Charlotte taco trucks - Have you ever?

Yes, they are subject to health inspections (as a "food stand"). To check out your favorite establishments health grade (in Mecklenburg county), go to: http://mecklenburg.digitalhealthdepar...

They also have to be permitted, which means that the health department has to check them out for basic amenities such as adequate lighting, proper handwashing equipment, and appropriate plumbing.

Nov 24, 2008
sarahUNC in Southeast

Thanksgiving Dinner in Raleigh

Bojangles Turkey - Where?

Unfortunately, the corporate website does not say which locations are franchised or corporate. I do know for certain that they are not in the Triangle area. The best bet would be to call or write corporate:

Nov 13, 2008
sarahUNC in Southeast

Triangle - Layoff-induced Budget Eating!

The Federal has a lunch special (from their website):

Lunch Special - Soup and Half Sandwich - $5.00
• add a small side of fries or salad $1.00, served 11:30am-3pm.

Their food is wonderful (for a bar ;) !

I confess that I'm a fan of Costco's footlong hot dog and soda deal for $1.50. If I browse around on a day that there are samples, I can usually get dessert for free (a bite of pie, a piece of chocolate).

Nov 13, 2008
sarahUNC in Southeast

Bojangles Turkey - Where?

They are not available in any of the Triangle stores. It is something that corporate Bojangles' does. While some franchised stores may choose to sell the turkeys, the Raleigh-Durham franchise does not. Your closest bet to snag a turkey would be in Mebane (the Hillsborough location is owned by the same franchisee as the Raleigh stores) or possibly out in the Kinston/Goldsboro area.

I haven't had one, but apparently they sell really well. They are deep-fried and I believe that you have to pre-order them.

Nov 13, 2008
sarahUNC in Southeast

Frozen Sashimi?

I'll have to have him chime in on this thread when he gets back today from another fishing trip. I am fairly certain that the trout is ocean trout, most likely gray/sea trout (weakfish).

The bluefish as sashimi did not taste as strong as I thought it would. In fact, it was only a tad bit stronger than the trout. I am not sure what he did once he caught them, but they are definitely put on ice and in this case, cleaned and fileted the next day.

Nov 11, 2008
sarahUNC in General Topics

Frozen Sashimi?

NC coast--near Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington area. Both were surprisingly tender and mild. The trout seemer easier to prepare for sashimi than the bluefish.

Nov 11, 2008
sarahUNC in General Topics

Frozen Sashimi?

Yeah, it really did detract from the experience. The fish had no taste and you could actually crunch on the ice crystals. Not good.

In a way, I am spoiled because my significant other is an avid fisherman...a few weeks ago we had trout and bluefish sashimi from fish he caught the night before. It can't get much fresher than that!

Nov 11, 2008
sarahUNC in General Topics

Triangle: Need A Local Country Ham

I don't know how "artisanal" Nahunta pork is, but it is local.

They're at the Farmer's market (maybe it was the one you got before).

Nov 10, 2008
sarahUNC in Southeast

Frozen Sashimi?

Is this ever acceptable?

I went to a local, reputable place for a sushi dinner with another sashimi/sushi loving friend. We were quite dismayed that the salmon was frozen. Not cold, frozen. Also, another whitefish that looked seared was still frozen (not as bad as the salmon). The other sashimi options were OK, but still on the cold side.

When we commented this to the server, he said that that's the way it's supposed to be. The sushi chef apparently told him the same thing. After a few minutes, the manager came over and offered to bring us more of the pieces we did like. He explained that the salmon was frozen because it was in a cooler that was not used as often and therefore, colder. So, when they put the cold fish on the ice, it must have gotten frozen.

Were they serving frozen fish? Is it commonplace to serve previously frozen fish? I have not had this happen before and wondered if it happens on occasion at even the better places.


Nov 10, 2008
sarahUNC in General Topics

Anyone tried Rockwood Filling Station in Durham?

Went there last night with a foodie friend. We both were underwhelmed. We ordered the White Pie and a build-your-own with eggplant, pancetta, onions, and house sausage. The BYO was better than the White Pie. Once we added more salt to the White Pie, it wasn't so bad though. The crust had more charred spots than Broad St.'s pizza, although it otherwise had a nice consistency (crunchy on the outside). The house sausage was very good!

I had the Duck Rabbit Porter and my friend ordered a glass of wine. I don't mind paying $5.50 for a DR Porter because it's a very good beer and it's from NC. $5.50 for some of the other options would be a bit too much.

Where the big disappointment came was with dessert. I played it safe and ordered the hazelnut nutella swirl ice cream. Overall, not bad if you like those flavors. I do wonder if a smaller portion for a dollar less would be a better option---2 scoops of rich ice cream after eating a whole pizza put me over the edge!

My friend ordered the Turtle Crostata which the server described as a brownie-like sundae. Not quite....the base (the crostata) was off somehow and I think it was because it had been frozen. It tasted like a semi-sweet yeast roll but the outside was chewy, much like what happens when you microwave a previously frozen bready item. It also seemed to have an off flavor which was perhaps the result of being in a freezer. The pralines and cream ice cream on top was tasty, but we left the crostata on the plate.

Service was excellent, if not a tad over eager. Not sure how I feel about the 2 TVs in the small restaurant, though last night it was welcome as I enjoyed watching the pre-World Series coverage. The TVs would fit in more with a pizzeria that didn't otherwise seem to be going for an elegant feel.

I will likely go back as I love pizza and homemade ice cream. I just won't order the crostata.

Pie (Orange, Alamance, or Durham NC)

I usually do care enough to bake from scratch, but every once in awhile, an impromptu pot-luck calls for an impromptu pie. ;)

Oct 15, 2008
sarahUNC in Southeast

Eating in Polanco, staying at the W

I second the recommendation for El Farolito for tacos. Also, the last time I was in el DF, there was a new gelateria next door and it was very good! Also, there are quite a lot of good fondas on the side streets closer to el Bosque de Chapultepec. I can hardly remember any of their names, but there was often good food (comidas completas) to be had for less than $5.

Oct 13, 2008
sarahUNC in Mexico

Mad Hatters in Durham

I am not surprised. Are they under new management/ownership yet? They have definitely gone downhill over the past 2-3 years, so I stopped going there. Personally, I got tired of no decaf coffee brewed up at night, dirty tables and trashy trash areas, and a "no computer" policy that made no sense to me. I liked to study on the weekends but marked them off of my list of places to spend my money when they told me I couldn't be there at 3 p.m. on Saturday when it was dead.

I would like to hear if anyone knows if the change of ownership had happened and if not, when?

Pie (Orange, Alamance, or Durham NC)

Francesca's Cafe on Ninth St. in Durham usually has a few good pies in their regular rotation of housemade desserts. They do have good coffee and housemade ice cream/gelato, so it's my favorite place in Durham to get a piece of pecan or apple pie a la mode.

Elmo's usually has a few pies for dessert

FWIW, if I want to bring a pie for a pot-luck, I often pick one up at Costco. A pumpkin pie is $7-8 and is pretty good. They have other whole pies for sale there, too (apple, blueberry, key lime).

Oct 12, 2008
sarahUNC in Southeast

In search of the best fried chicken in Durham-Chapel Hill

FWIW, Bojangles' is a NC-based company (the Triangle restaurants are owned by a local franchise, corporate headquarters are in Charlotte) and the chicken is fresher (comes in fresh, not frozen and is breaded in the restaurant right before cooking) than some smaller (though non-chain) establishments that bring in the chicken either frozen or frozen and pre-breaded.

Many small and/or "non-chain" places use the same vendors as the big chains (Sysco or Monarch, for example). I've worked in a few mom & pop establishments that got their chicken in frozen and fried it up, along with frozen mozzarella sticks and onion rings. The fact that it was a non-chain restaurant did not insure that I was getting a better quality product. Therefore, if supporting a NC-based business is an option and will provide a better quality product, I would choose that option instead of automatically writing them off because they are a chain.

If the objection is to chains (as I completely understand), then I would hope that a preference for more local, better quality food is the guiding factor. Personally, I prefer to eat in establishments that use as much local food as possible. I try to avoid the McDonald's, Chili's, Taco Bell's as much as the next foodie. However, the fact that a restaurant is not a chain does not guarantee to me personally that the food is automatically of a higher quality or better tasting. I've learned to ask if certain products are made "in house" because if they aren't, I'll pick something else that is (still on the lookout for house made stuffed jalapenos).

Sorry for the thread hijack---it's a pet peeve of mine (automatically writing off some chains) and I'm always curious to know why people automatically say no to a certain restaurant's food when asking a question here.

Just my 2 cents ;)