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Best "old" school S.F. restaurant

No, there isn't, Justin. Read xoxohh's last, above: "I am find (sic) dropping the old school for upscale." Crenn and S&D both qualify as upscale.

Best "old" school S.F. restaurant

Atelier Crenn, or Sons and Daughters. The latter is new, but feels old school, if old-school restaurants did exquisite tasting menus.

Best "old" school S.F. restaurant

Old school: Alfred's, Tadich, House of Prime Rib, Original Joe's.

Upscale: Sons & Daughters, Saison, Atelier Crenn.

New and very hot (as in James Beard award): State Bird, Provisions, if you can get a table.

Columbus Cutlery [San Francisco]

They do a great job, and for a very reasonable price!

Where to buy Palm Wine (from Cambodia) in the States?

You could buy palm juice in an Asian grocery store and make your own if you could find out how. Raw materials would be expensive, though.

May 28, 2012
pspiegel in Wine

"Only in San Francisco" Restaurants

Long-term residents of San Francisco should give the Cliff House another look. It's decor and food have greatly improved in recent years. Not cheap, though.

best pickles EVER

Oh, and for the Bubbie's story, see:

You have to read between the lines to see that it was originally a San Francisco company. But it was, indeed.

best pickles EVER

Be reasonable about the "imported" Bubbie's pickles. Originally, the company was called Bubbies of San Francisco, and was local. When they became successful, due to their 1st class pickles, they moved elsewhere in the Bay Area, where production space could be had at a cheaper price. Finally, they began to produce in Canada, which, at the time, was even cheaper. Perhaps now that the Loonie is rising fast, they'll come home again. Either way, "imported" is a cheap shot, IMHO. They really DO make the best commercial pickles. The only better ones are made by my mother, and I'm not sharing!

Fresh uni locally?

Sounds like you just got some bad shellfish. Try Swan Oyster Depot on Polk Street. If it isn't fresh, they won't sell it.

Duck Eggs

New May Wah Market on Clement Street has fresh duck eggs for $.39 each, less for a flat. They also have balut, which is a little less "egg" and a little more "duck". So to speak.