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Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana

Thanks for the update. At least we know in advance of making any long trips.

Palm Beach county closings 2015

Grommet's Tavern in Juno has closed. The write up in the PB Post was way off mark. All of the reviews I have read are the same. Problem number one was underseasoned bland food. There's no excuse for this other than a chef who doesn't know how to use salt and pepper to taste. Problem number two was a minimal menu. Problem three was extremely slow service. Add all of that in to the 'probably won't make it' strip mall location with summer right around the corner and it was almost a certain failure.

Palm Beach county closings 2015

I've eaten at the Jupiter location too but only when I could get a Local Dines certificate. The buttered lobster roll is really good. My current cert has expired so I need to go get my face value money out of it.

Palm Beach county closings 2015

Chowder Heads in WPB on Okeechobee has closed. The location was not a good fit for their business and it was obvious it would be tough to make it.

Palm Beach County openings 2015

Guacamole with ginger - surprisingly good indeed! The short ribs shells and seared scallops were good but the curried cauliflower had more chickpeas than anything

Palm Beach county closings 2015

Hot off the press....Cantina Laredo in PBG has closed. I kind of liked this large corporate resto for a consistent mex fix that was close to where I live. It was never really crowded like J. Alexanders or III Forks though.

Poutine in Florida

Poutine Dog Cafe in Lake Worth is supposed to be really good but I have never tried anything in the poutine arena. They have been open for quite some time now.

Jun 09, 2015
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Palm Beach county closings 2015

Just south of Harbourside past the Dive Bar on the west side of US-1.

Palm Beach county closings 2015

Cabo Flats in Downtown at the Gardens has closed and they expect the new Jupiter location to open in a few months. The Jupiter location has been one that has failed for every concept that has occupied it.

Shishito peppers

Also at TJ's Palm Beach Gardens store too

Palm Beach County openings 2015

From my other post but belongs here:

Ceviche Arigato, a new Peruvian resto that we just visited last night, is in Lake Park at Northlake and A1A Alt/10th Street. It's in the old Cardello's location. It's very good Peruvian food with Japanese sushi and actually very nice inside, although you definitely can't tell from the outside. It's pricier than most mom & pop ethnic but well within range of under $20. Don't let the plaza location fool you.

Palm Beach Shores - New Seafood? Cuban? BBQ?

There's a few new places on the scene like Avocado Grill in WPB, though I have never been. Tim Lipman from Coolinary recommends it.

Ceviche Arigato, a new Peruvian resto that we just visited last night, is in Lake Park at Northlake and A1A Alt/10th Street. It's in the old Cardello's location. It's very good Peruvian food with Japanese sushi and actually very nice inside, although you definitely can't tell from the outside. It's pricier than most mom & pop ethnic but well within range of under $20. Don't let the plaza location fool you.

Hog Snappers opened up a 2nd location in NPB on US-1 between Northlake and PGA. I don't care for this place too much but others seem to love it.

Rustic Inn crabshack opened on Jupiter inlet next to Jetty's in the old Bubba Gumps.

Harbourside at US-1 and Indiantown is now open if a Tommy Bahama's restaurant or a Brio owned chain called Bravo sounds good. I have no interest in either though. Burger-Fi is really good for a quick heavy lunch of burgers and fries.

Smoke BBQ is worth a visit if in Delray.

I need to redo Copacabana in Abacoa, as I have only been once.

Palm Beach County openings 2014

Blaze is an economical pizza place that has a very slow moving line if it is crowded. You can only order at the counter and build your own pizzas are 7.95 including all the toppings you want. They make the pizza right in front of you and then pop it in the oven. There is nothing chow worthy here when there are so many really good pizzas in PB county.

Best authentic Italian gelato

I love gelato but really have no idea what makes it authentic. Any clues what to look for? I like it better than ice cream because it is denser and has less fat.

Palm Beach County openings 2015

We visited Grommets tonight. Firstly, Loggerhead Plaza is going to kill them. General Tso's cauliflower was really good. Two of us ordered the Porkchop a'Loli. The waiter failed to mention any special. We saw one at another table and had to go ask about it. It was a pork belly flauta that was average at best. The underseasoned porkchop was cooked well but the menu didn't mention of any kind of spicy blueberry sauce. The mac & cheese had no salt or pepper whatsoever and the collard also greens needed salt and pepper. To say the sides were bland is being nice.

There's only two or three items on the menu that I would order. The lack of basic seasoning on the food is a bad sign. A few easy "should have" misses aren't worth going back for. Even an exceptional restaurant in the defunct loggerhead Plaza would be a tough sell. Classico's Italian next door has closed until October, so says the sign on the door. The summer season will be hard on them

Palm Beach County openings 2015

Roy Villacrusis will be opening Nitrogen Bar, Grill, and Sushi on Indiantown in Jupiter soon. It's in the Jupiter West Plaza. His Kubo Asiatic location in N. Palm Beach was a tough sell, hidden way in the back of Crystal Tree Plaza. His sushi menu from there looked very interesting and had several ingredients I had never heard of.

It's being touted as an Asian style gastropub with an innovative sushi bar and speakeasy lounge. I hope Jupiter will support something like this

Palm Beach county closings 2015

Hamburger Heaven closed it's relocation on Clematis from the island.

Any casual restaurant in Boca Raton area for a largish group?

Nick's didn't have a clam pizza and a fight broke out in the restaurant? Very strange but may be related....

Best Burger Miami-Ft. Lauderdale

Finally tried Burger Fi in Jupiter at Harbourside. I wouldn't say it's the best burger by any means but I like it better than 5 Guys for sure. I didn't know the burgers are double patty. I guess I didn't read them menu very well. A larger fry is too much for even 2 people to eat. Sadly enough there aren't any healthy side options. Yeah, I know....

1. Grease Bar in West Palm is still my reigning champion
2. ROK Burger
3. Burger N Beer Joint
4. Brass Ring

At MEAT, I only had the pork BBQ to date. I have never been to Le Tub, Shake Shack, or Charm City but maybe one day.

Lunch on the water between West Palm and Boca

Two George's and Banana Boat - most posts here claim these are waterfront dives with overpriced average food that is best for drinking only. Key Lime is sort of in the same boat. A price point from the OP would be helpful and if all they want is to be on the water regardless of good food.

Pride & Joy - - PART II

First visit last night before a concert. The place was crowded from the outdoor seating but not so much inside. The ribs are definitely the best I have had since Austin's BBQ in Hobe Sound shut down many years ago. All pink meat, perfectly smoked, and couldn't be any better actually. The mac n cheese was good but the 3 BBQ sauces are very good. Vinegar was my favorite, hickory house was next, and mustard was last. It was a very mustardy sauce unlike most others that are usually sweet. The sloppy joe is just OK, as it is brisket finely chopped and sauced. The onion rings are actually quite good.

The whole rack baby backs are $25.95 and sides are $3.95 each. Ribs come with no sides, so add 2 sides and a drink and you are well over $35 without tax or tip. It seems people are willing to pay well for his Q but the parking problem is not a good one, even at 6pm. Service was very friendly and helpful indeed. I only got a half rack from the full rack that I ordered and when I pointed it out to him, he corrected it and apologized.

Any food blogs covering Ft. Lauderdale to Boynton Beach?

Jeff Eats just doesn't give enough details about the food for my liking and then there's the third person thing going on. Bill Citara has been here at Boca Mag for quite some time

Rok:Brgr Las Olas

I finally made it to Rok Burger after many years of wanting to go. I rarely make it down to FTL but the Rok burger (Vermont cheddar, bacon, bourbon BBQ sauce) was excellent. The fries and beer batter onion rings were good but the ketchup was not "house" unless that is what they call Heinz.

Check Please South Florida

This week's Check Please South Florida features Palm Beach county's Rebel House in Boca, Papa's Tapa's in Delray, and Coolinary Cafe in Palm Beach Gardens/Jupiter. Catch it again on Thursday if you can.

Bamboo Fire Discount

Best conch ceviche (salad) I have ever tasted without a doubt!

Is there really no Cajun food in Palm Beach County?

Emeril's was awesome on our only visit a year and a half ago. Andouille crusted Redfish was really good and the butterscotch cheesecake equally good.

I am looking for a good Cajun joint if one is nearby. I make my own gumbo now thanks to America's Test Kitchen 2001 - 2011 monster cookbook.

Palm Beach county closings 2015

Garage VV in Northwood has closed

Delray Beach and area restaurants

Scuola Vecchia is well worth the extra cost.

Palm Beach county closings 2015

Ra Sushi has closed at Downtown at the Gardens after a pretty good run from 2007


Smoke is the one you want but report back on TP or BF please. The BF sauce is very plain jane tomato sauce and mustard blend. Smoke is pretty good and I doubt you will find anything comparable on that level except for Porky and Beth's BBQ trailer at Bedner's.

If you are up in Jupiter/Abacoa, try Mrs. Smokey's 2nd location across Donald Ross from Coolinary. For some reason, the BBQ pork sandwich there is way better than their Northlake location. It has a nice smokey flavor and bark.