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Native corn

the stone fruit this year seems to be aces, fwiw.

Now Eating Rhode Island, July 2015

thank you for this rec., sounds promising!

Favorites from Watertown Markets?

I was gonna chime in on this thread, but now I just can't see the point ;)

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

this reminds me of Schermerhorn's, a place in Amherst and Noho in the 80's where you'd get a fried fish sandwich (great!) with fries and cole slaw (bad!) for $1.25. I was pissed when it went up to $1.40.

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

I had the best restaurant meal of my life at Icarus.

Best place in Boston for lobster roll?

good tip, but I think the thing to do with a Hook lobster roll is to walk over the bridge and eat it past the Moakley courthouse and take in the nice views...

May 2015 Openings and Closings

bah, that's the best Vietnamese place in Chinatown.

What happened to Trattoria Toscana?

heh, you're right--circular reasoning on my part! in any case, none of it sounds very promising.

What happened to Trattoria Toscana?

Info on Market Basket new locations?

i went to so. attleboro last week. this MB does not have a butcher counter per se, but they have signs up saying if you need cuts that are not out in the fairly voluminous meat section there's a phone line to pick up where someone will come and get you what you need. they also do have a small demo area where someone was grilling up samples of aidell's sausage.

the place was pretty promising in general. sure beats stop and shop.

Info on Market Basket new locations?

fwiw, So. Attleboro Market Basket update: store opens this Wed.

Fire at MuLan, Beauty's Pizza

man, that's terrible. I really like MuLan.

Sazerac rye

you might try calling Provo Discount Liquors in Norfolk. I'm not sure if they carry it, but they stock a good variety of stuff and it's where I generally buy Old Overholt for a good price.

Info on Market Basket new locations?

Attleboro Sun reported this week that the So Attleboro store is scheduled to open early 2015

What’s So Bad About ‘Natural’?

basically, natural means it's not made out of plastic

branzino - my dream fish!

I've bought it there a few times too.

Now Eating Vol 1: PVD/RI 8/14

I'm not in RI all that often anymore, but I still occasionally make it to Pho Horn in Pawtucket and y'know I'm always totally satisfied with eating there. It's steady and they're nice and it's better than most of the Vietnamese places I've been to in Boston.

Oh please Arby's...

there'll always be Worcester.

With Hilltop almost gone, what is now the most Iconic Boston Area Restaurant?

I had one of the worst restaurant experiences of my entire life at the Legal's near the aquarium many years ago, swore never to go back and never have.

Chinatown Seafood Markets

this is a great tip. Thank you!

Info on Market Basket new locations?

fwiw, the South Attleboro location is under construction at present, they are actively working the site. (it's right off 95, where the s. attleboro train station is).

Ken's Ramen coming to Providence

Eater is reporting that some sort of incarnation of the former Allston Super 88 spot is coming to downtown Providence. Very exciting.

Great Dim Sum in Foxboro at Mai Pearl

thanks for the tip. looks worth a shot out here in the se mass Asian food wasteland. their website is brutal, though!

Supplementing Peking Duck at China King

Oh! this just reminded me of the other really nice thing they did--we ordered two ducks, and for the second course they gave us one plate of the usual duck w/ veg. and another plate that was the duck with the housemade noodles, which really were good.

Supplementing Peking Duck at China King

fwiw, we went for a duck night at CK last Friday--it was great & they were really nice, even let my friend stash his bike in the basement since he had forgotten his lock. We supplemented with pea pod stems and garlic (solid), mustard greens (a bit on the gingery side, but fine) and the dry fried squid (excellent).

all in all, this place is really good & I'm glad they came back to ctown.

Where's Devra First?

I'm sort of convinced that many audiences DO want them. I have no real food examples, but I remember a few years back when Games for Windows magazine decided to do away with them for videogames because the editors thought they were dumb. Readers freaked out & they were forced to put them back a couple months later...

Dumpling cafe, Chinatown

Dumpling Cafe is very much underrated, imo.

PVD/RI * February'13 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

there was one of these on Newport Ave. in Pawtucket a couple years back, but it closed. It was OK for a franchise joint, but nothing special.

JBF 2013 seminfinals discussion

I think that industry awards of any stripe tend to be just as much (if not more) about PR than anything else, It's just the way the world works. The inclusion of someone like Berkowitz, whose restaurants have been mediocre for a dozen years but who knows how to play the marketing game, is pretty much just par for the course.

PVD/RI 2012 - Your Favorites?

great post Garris, and for the record I've been reading Chowhound for at least ten years + I still find it the best for food recs. I do think that not having a dedicated Prov board has made it somewhat less useful for the Providence area, but that's life. I do always read your posts though, and while I don't eat out as much as I used to and don't post as much as I should these days i do appreciate the threads you get going for Providence.

I don't think I ate widely enough to really answer your main questions, but the area restaurant i find myself going back to more than any other is Pho Horn in Pawtucket.

My greatest chow wish for 'round here would be some better Mexican food. Since the Sonoran place in C. Falls closed when the owner died a few years back, i haven't found a single place i really liked.