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ham/chorizo tasting in barcelona?

Are you sure it will last that long once its sliced? I've bought sliced Iberico (and kept it in the refrigerator) and it tastes much different after 3-4 days.

How much does Iberico cost in Barcelona?

Apr 02, 2010
w3wa2003 in Spain/Portugal

Wine/Cheese Shop Near Quarter

Thank you for the suggestions

Apr 27, 2009
w3wa2003 in New Orleans

Wine/Cheese Shop Near Quarter

Any suggestions for a wine and/or cheese shop near the French Quarter? I know of St. James, but am hoping to find someplace in the Quarter or CBD.

Apr 26, 2009
w3wa2003 in New Orleans

Bachelor Party Dinner - 15-20 people

I am planning a bachelor party dinner for 15-20. Im looking for a restaurant with great food and a relaxed dress code that can accommodate us in a separate room or at one table. We were interested in Cochon but they dont have a table that seats more than 12. I appreciate any recommendations.

Feb 12, 2008
w3wa2003 in New Orleans

Bachelor dinner

Im sorry, but I have to vehemently disagree with Tujagues. I went there for a rehearsal dinner several months ago and did not enjoy the food at all.

Jan 20, 2008
w3wa2003 in New Orleans