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Roadtrip NYC to Seattle

Moving from NYC to Seattle and will be driving a 22' moving van shortly after Labor Day. Looking at stopping in/near the following places.

1) Mill Run, PA (near Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters House)
2) Ann Arbor, MI
3) Madison, WI
4) Fargo, ND
5) Billings, MT
6) Yellowstone National Park, WY
7) Coeur D'Alene, ID

Would love restaurant recommendations for places that should not be missed en route for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner! Willing to travel up to an hour out of the way out of the way for at least one good meal a day...

Jul 27, 2009
movedforthefood in Great Lakes

Best Wine Bar

I second Casa Mono-- great food and great ambience.

Feb 29, 2008
movedforthefood in Manhattan

Tacos in NYC

I still miss my favorite taqueria in SF (they had an amazing salsa with a secret recipe and fresh tamarindo juice all the time) but I highly recommend exploring east Harlem-- a growing mexican population in the neighborhood has started opening a number of really good options. Here are some of my favorites: 1) El Paso Taqueria (sit down) on 104th and Lexington, 2) new taco truck on 110th just east of Lexington-- soooo good, cheap, and brand new (also has good homemade horchata), 3) if you don't mind hunting a little there is a great, tiny place on 116th between 3rd and 1st Aves on the south side of the street... little awning, great tacos and I can never remember the name this one has a small seating area.

In Williamsburg there is a new taco truck that is kind of So-Cal surfer (they have a seitan meat substitute veggie taco avail) but the ingredients are good and better than I have found in the area.

Also, late night on 14th street and 8th ave there is a great taco truck-- usually most of the patrons are latino which is likely a good recommendation. I can't claim to ever have eaten there when completely sober but it is great after being out. We have definitely gone out of our way on the way home to stop by for a few tacos!

Vegetarian Tasting Menu

I've had the veggie version (and the pescetarian version) of the tasting menus at Tabla's Bread Bar-- both incarnations were fantastic. I have also had adapted veggie tasting menus at Eleven Madison Park and Babbo (both restaurants were very accomodating) and they were also excellent... especially with wine pairings!

Tabla is my favorite for going regularly, Babbo and Eleven Madison Park were great culinary experiences but difficult to pull off on a regular basis!

Feb 29, 2008
movedforthefood in Manhattan

Taste Restaurant

I've never been to Penelope's but just had brunch at Taste and wouldn't recommend it as a destination. We had egg's benedict and cheese blintz' respectively both of which were fine but on the mediocre side (the applesauce with the blintz's was homemade and good). The salad buffet was uninspiring and the service was nice but slow. It took me 10 minutes of trying to make eye contact to get my water refilled. The flower arrangements were fresh and beautiful.

Jan 19, 2008
movedforthefood in Manhattan

A New Sri Lankan Contender in Gramercy

I've eaten at Nirvana twice and was thrilled to discover good hoppers (appa's) and stringhoppers (indiappa's) in NYC. The malloum was also pretty good and the kiri (curd) is sooo satisfying. I used to live in Sri Lanka and Nirvana is more to my taste than Sigiri.

Jan 19, 2008
movedforthefood in Features