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Flour Bakery

I work nearby and have to run the temptation gauntlet of Flour and Bee's Knees every day. I prefer Bee's Knees cookies, the toffee chip and double chocolate are big, chewy and delicious. They are also around $3 each which helps with the temptation part. I like the muffins and brioche based pastries at Flour. I do not recommend trying to eat one of their very yummy pop tarts near a keyboard though.

Retirement party for 50 near Government Center

Not sure if this will fit, but my office held a retirement party lunch last summer on a harbor cruise. It was around $50 per person. The food was just ok but everyone had a great time out on the water for a few hours.

East -coast Trader Joe's that sell liquor?

The Memorial Drive TJ's in Cambridge sells wine. Saugus and Danvers don't.

Jul 08, 2011
PrincessBakesALot in Chains

Notable names in cooking show history?

Are you thinking of Marcia Adams? Her show was Cooking from Quilt Country. She would always put on a glove to show an antique quilt at the end of the show. I think I still have one of her books too.

cornflake cookies

Was it Marcel DeSaulniers (I think I'm killing the spelling)? I made a recipe that I think was his, where the melted chocolate was lightly folded into the corn flake cookies to make "tiger stripes". Everyone who got that year's cookie tray loved them.


i just want to jump in to say that those lunch specials always taste like re-fried leftovers from the night before. I have a friend who grew up in Saugus and moved to CA. When he comes home, Kowloon is the first stop. Most of the things we order at dinner (fried scallops, pork fingers, shrimp fried rice, a seafood entree or two etc) are usually freshly cooked and MUCH better than anything they serve at lunch.

Topsfield Area

Alex's on Main Street in Topsfield center is better than you'd expect for a Greek pizza place. I don't love their pizza but their onion rings are really good, thin, crispy and not frozen. I really like their steak tips and salad, the fish and chips is done well too. I haven't tried their other seafood but everything I have had is fresh and tasty. It is an "order from the counter" sub shop, nothing fancy but the food is good.

Charthouse Experiences?

How about Durgin Park?
Definitely "Boston-y"

Durgin Park
1 Faneuil Hall Sq, Boston, MA 02109

Where can I buy Shane's of Maine ice cream?

I've been buying Chilly Cow's amazing frozen custard in pints at Pace's in Saugus. I didn't know it was made by Shain's but they are both really good.

Seating at Sake in Saugus

I haven't been there in awhile but we definitely did not sit on the floor. I'd still be there trying to get back up!

Decent place to eat/drink on Rte. 1 in the Saugus area?

I know others disagree, but we had a very nice dinner at the Mt. Vernon at the Ship last week. My steak and my friend's prime rib were perfectly cooked and very flavorful. There were warm popovers and the creme brulee was perfect. One tiny quibble was the small salad with a 50 cent surcharge for a tiny cup of blue cheese dressing. The salad was fresh and had a nice variety of lettuces though.

"Generics taste just as good as national brands" ... Really?

Yup! We'd always tease my mom. "Is this real or some mongrel brand?"

Just opened -Chelsea Market Basket

The new MB is amazing, but just an FYI, I've been finding Biscoff Cookies at Walgreens for a silly low price. Nowhere near what they cost in that airplane catalog!

Farmers Market near Woodstock, VT

We happened upon the Norwich Farmers Market today on our way to the King Arthur store. It is a lovely market. Lots of fresh vegetables, apples, a few vendors with meats and cheeses. Also a couple of really good bakeries and crafts people with woolens and yarn, pottery, jewelry, blown glass, etc. Nice selection and good prices. I haven't been to Mt Tom so can't compare.

Fairground food - the Big E

The "burger in a donut" was a big draw at some minor league baseball park last year. Must have been a hit with someone!

Weekend eats with props to Kelly's

I had tKelly's onion rings in Danvers today and they use a very thin, light batter and cut them thinner than the Saugus or Medford locations do. They were really good and definitely not frozen.

Lobsters at Market Basket 8-1-09

I paid $3.99 a pound at the Danvers Market Basket on Wednesday. I got them steamed and almost tucked right into them right there in the store!

Inside Fenway Park

I got a really good pastrami sandwich on rye last night in the concourse under the grandstand They served it with potato salad for $8.25. It was a nice big sandwich with fresh, tasty Boar's Head pastrami. They also had corned beef, turkey with stuffing and one other choice. I thought it was a good deal compared to a lot of the other choices inside.

Great deal on Bulk chocolate at Ocean State!

They are silver foil bags with fairly small plain white labels, easy to miss. They are five pound bags though, so they're pretty tall. The Danvers store was restocked when I went in yesterday and they'd added the unsweetened.

Salt in Restaurant Food

I'm sure that there is some truth to this, but I haven't trusted CSPI since they did their take out food scare. Their methodology was to call an Italian restaurant, ask how many pieces of garlic bread were in a "serving" and base all their calculations on a serving being 8 pieces. That's how many were in the take-out order, not what a normal human would eat at one time. They did the same thing with Chinese take-out and calculating a serving of Kung Pao chicken based on a quart container. I think it was misleading and done to get the most bang for their buck publicity wise. I don't think there are any tax dollars involved here though.

Great deal on Bulk chocolate at Ocean State!

I got mine in Danvers. Found the vanilla too. Yesterday they had smaller bags of the Scharfenberger milk chocolate in the repackaged "angel treats" bags too.

Where is my King Arthur flour??

KA announced on their website that TJ's was dropping them. They do list alternative sources on their site. I'm on the east coast so there are lots of stores that carry it here.

Lunch in Salem?

I went to Gulu-Gulu cafe for the first time and had an amazing blue cheese, apple, red onion and walnut crepe the other day. I can't wait to go back. The space is comfortable, the cappuccino quite good, and the menu is really interesting and different. I followed it with a delicious cupcake at A&J King. I bought a fougasse and hot cross buns to take home. The quality is so good and the prices are reasonable. The fougasse was under $3.

Zeppole and Sfinge... ANYWHERE TO GET THEM TODAY?????

I didn't get any this year, but I was a little taken aback when you posted above about having them sitting in your fridge. That would dry them out pretty fast. Some things are best eaten as soon as possible, or at least left at room temperature. I don't think the cream filling would have killed you that fast!

My TJ's Tapioca Pudding turned watery, why?

I've stopped buying the larger containers of pudding because that was happening all the time and I ended up throwing so much out. It was fine when I opened it, but more than a day in the fridge and it was nasty wet soup! I buy the single serve cups now. Not very environmentally friendly but I'm not wasting it either (and it is portion controlled, which I need!)

Mar 18, 2009
PrincessBakesALot in Chains

What's the furthest North you have ever found grits?

Or me! I had them recently at a bakery/cafe on Main St in Hyannis. Cape Cod may be south of Boston but that's still pretty far north.

Modern Pastry

Another baker on the news tonight said people were returning cakes, complaining that they'd been sold old product, when it was just the new trans-fat free recipes.

I wonder if the Modern in Medford will change their ingredients too. I'm all for healthy and avoid trans fats when I can, but not if the product tastes stale and "off".

Any thoughts on the Anchor Bar in Beverly?

Yup, it's a dive bar with decent cheap food. The owner has a lobster boat, so the lobster is as fresh as you're going to find. The sides are generally of the canned green beans variety, kind of "old people food", but the fish is fresh and good.

North Conway Dinner

I do take-out in N. Conway when I have my dogs with me too. I really like Maestro's. I think they may have recently moved, but are in the Main St. area. Their food is good, prices are great, and they'll pack anything to go. I love their kielbasa and sauerkraut sandwich, and they have some really good salads and Italian entrees.
I also like the bakery in Jackson Center (there is only one, sorry i don't remember the name) They do great sandwiches on fresh baked bread, have nice baked goods and good coffee.

Inauguration Party: Need Blue State recipes

Boston baked beans and brown bread!