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Tov Tofu in Santa Rosa

I've been for lunch on Wed. I had the combination beef and seafood tofu soup. It came with several small helpings of daikon and carrots, spinach,some beans done with a glaze, kim chee, some cabbage salad, maybe something more. The tofu soup was great, I do not believe there was any krab but rather squid, clams, shrimp .The waitress was a delight, the restaurant was clean, ditto on the bathroom. The bill was under $10. I will definitely go back.

green papayas, green mangoes

Because of my error in communication I find myself with a LOT of green papayas and mangoes. I have this nifty little Thai tool which will shred either fruit nicely.
I can't imagine eating all this shredded fruit soon enough. Do you have any ideas?
Thank you.

Jun 06, 2010
Bodegadawg in General Topics


Wpw, thank you. mahalo.

Apr 15, 2010
Bodegadawg in Hawaii


Where can I buy fresh abalone on the big island? Isn't there a place to the south of the airport?

Apr 14, 2010
Bodegadawg in Hawaii

Sonoma Coast Fish Bank

I was just driving through Valley Ford and noticed in the old bank that somebody is doing The Sonoma Coast Fish Bank. The sign says a fish market is coming, and a picnic supply place. Anybody know about it?

Scarpetta Review

We just returned from a dinner at Scarpetta. While there was excellent service and wines, we both felt the food was almost inedible.
First we ordered a Fritto misto, it managed to be both burnt and greasy. I had farfalle with sweetbreads. The farfalle were cooked to death, and the sweetbreads managed to taste muddy and attempted to be crispy, but were only really long on the fire before before being added to the farfalle. Not good.
My partner had the halibut which was actually just a vehicle for way too much ginger (?) and overcooked. I had the capretto. I've eaten goat a lot, but this was too gamy, it was as if they had not bothered to do anything to try to fix the flavor by either salting, or marinating the meat first. I noticed that the table next to me only ate half of their order of capretto before sending it back, I was no more successful than they were in finishing my goat.
So in short, a great place for drinks, a ghastly place to eat. Yuck!

355 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10014

Nov 19, 2009
Bodegadawg in Manhattan

banh hoi

Is there anyplace in SF where I can buy sheets of banh hoi? Thanks

Bangkok Airport

We have to stay at the airport this week, late flight in, early flight out. Anyone know of a great Thai or Chinese place to go? Thanks

Home made Hoshigaki

I have a hachiya persimmon, the kind with the pointed end. It's about to be ready, usually Thanksgiving or later. Does anyone know how to make hoshigaki, dried persimmons? Iunderstand they must be peeled, hung someplace dry, and massaged during their drying time. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Nov 01, 2008
Bodegadawg in Home Cooking


I was considering buying some FARM RAISED Abalone. They are little 2 to 3 inches. So while I of course know the pounding and quick frying that you do with bigger abs, I am clueless about how to prepare the little ones. Any ideas? Thanks.

Oct 29, 2008
Bodegadawg in Home Cooking

Anybody else unhappy with Sonoma County Meat Buying Club?

Because I think that they are good people, and the idea is one that I believe in. Any problems I am experiencing can be worked out.

Anybody else unhappy with Sonoma County Meat Buying Club?

So, we have been members for 3 month, we were unhappy, I of course suggested being members again, big deal.
We have had 4 times either osso buco, short, 1 " in height
alf the length normally, osso buco of beef, again 2 inches thick, nice for marrow bonesbut I"m sorry 'bout any thing else. .
Is anybody else experinncing my unhappiness? Should I just let it go? Or is there a way for smaller consumers to feel that they are being taken care of? Your thoughts, ny boyfreind thinks I'm being stupid, but I think that now's the time to complain.. thanks

19thAve Wo Choy Dinner

Well, but we didn't make it to the sunset, were in a hurry, and ordered Burmese food from Mandalay. Tea salad, coconut chicken noodle, pork with black fungus, some dry fried greenbeans, and some red cooked eggplant. It was all good, and I just nuked the last of the greenbeans and eggplant for our lunch. I'll try them next week.

19thAve Wo Choy Dinner

Pretty close, thanks. I s'pose I can just try to substitute something for the deep fried flounder.

19thAve Wo Choy Dinner

I'm driving through tonight. Who has a really good wo choy dinner for 4. Fish probably won't work as it's got to stay fresh till Sebastopol 1 hour north of San Francisco. Thank you.

Cantonese in the Richmond

Does anyone have a reccomendation for a Cantonese Resto in the Richmond (SF)? I'm aware of the usual suspects, will probably go to Ton Kiang, but wanted to hear from you. So who's cooking well, and what? Thanks
PS We're a small party, only 2 of us.

Tea & Dim Sum place in SR

So I hear that Hang Ah is open in Santa Rosa. Anybody been?

Thai Grocery in Santa Rosa area?

Just an aside, I am growing 2 kaffir limes, and a spot of lemongrass. It's really easy here in the Bay Area, and I always have them.

Puako for the week

So do you, or anybody know about the Island Gourmet Marketplace?

May 01, 2008
Bodegadawg in Hawaii

Puako for the week

I'm going to Puako on Saturday for a week. Where do you go to buy, fresh fish, and kalbi or teriyaki meats? And then of course the fruits and veggies. Thank you.

Apr 30, 2008
Bodegadawg in Hawaii

19th Avenue Chinese Takeout

He stopped at Go Go Cafe, wow, it was great. Duck with soup noodles, eggplant and chicken, and sauteed spinach with garlic. The food made it all the way to Sebastopol and was really good. Thanks for the help.

19th Avenue Chinese Takeout

Does anyone know about a good Chinese(doesn't matter what kind) along the 19th Ave corridor? My bf is going through there tonight. Anything good to order. Thanks

Local Wineries (bottle refill)

I'd rather doubt that anybody is allowing you to fill your own bottles. I work in the wine industry, and the thought of allowing a bottle to be filled without a really good sterilization seems remote at best. Thank America and the possibility, however dim, of getting sued for that.

Calvo Nero

Calvo nero, in Italian, means bald black guy. It's cavolo nero.

Original San Francisco Dishes/Recipes

Has anybody else had their families so devoted to Malfatti as us?
The story about Malfatti is that Mrs Armanino of The Depot Hotel, in Napa was in a hurry, having a bad day,had a storm blow over the tray of ravioli that she was making i, it's not really important. what is is that she couldn't make pasta that day. Seizing initiative, she mixed the ravioli stuffing, beef parmigiano, parsley, chard, bread crumbs, with the eggs and flour, mixed it well, and made little finger sized Malfatti. Malfatti in English is badly made. She boiled them , like ravioli, and then dresed them with her famous sugo, gave a bit of parmigiano, hence Malfatti.
I'm making Malfatti for a family gathering next week.
Thanks for listening.

Which wok to buy, and where?

I too would agree that The Wokshop is where you should go. I've had for 25 years a great carbon steel round bottomed wok. I have a Viking stove which does produce the btus needed. Bought it from the Wokshop, and I've loved it.

Ramen along 101

What has your experience been with ramen along the 101 corridor from Sausalito to Healdsburg? Thanks

Salmon in Bodega Bay

Thank you for telling me, back to the drawing board.

Salmon in Bodega Bay

I want to buy 2 whole salmon and have them cut into a a total of four sides, and give me the frames and heads.
Where is good in Bodega Bay? I've been unimpressed by Tides and Lucas Wharf, I thought that it wasn't any cheaper or better than in Sebastopol. Do you know anything?

Aga Four Oven

Does anyone have any experience with the new, at least to me, AGA four oven cooker? They used to heat the kitchen these have what? I always liked the look of these stoves, and wondered what they were like to actually cook on. Remember this is the 58 5/8 AGA4
Oven Cooker. Thanks much!

Dec 18, 2007
Bodegadawg in Cookware