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Red Bank Redux

Hi Joonjoon...
Thanks! I'll report back as I make my way through your list.

Mar 21, 2014
eatinman in New Jersey

Good corned beef sandwich in Central New Jersey


Mar 17, 2014
eatinman in New Jersey

Red Bank Redux

Care to mention your fav's in Edison?

Mar 17, 2014
eatinman in New Jersey


I'd like to know where to buy them too - somewhere close to New Brunswick - central NJ

Mar 15, 2014
eatinman in New Jersey

Red Bank Redux

Sorry, after living near Red Bank and now living closer to New Brunswick - there is NO Choice of which town I'd rather be close to - for good restaurants.
That would be Red Bank. And of course you can always get great ices at Strollo's - what could be better than that!!

Montclair thou - is an absolute stand out for good-great restaurants!

New Brunswick has one standout - Due Mari - but that's it

Mar 15, 2014
eatinman in New Jersey

Best Restaurants in Somerset County and Surrounding Area

At the beginning of January MGZ had an interesting post for Monmouth County, I think the time is right for a similar one for Somerset County and Surrounding area.

We've now lived here for 3 years, after moving from Monmouth County where we still go back to eat, we have a difficult time in this area. Best close restaurant we've found is
Due Mari in New Brunswick
and of course
Four Seasons in Piscataway

For being one of the 10 wealthiest counties in the U.S., I think that this county is lacking great restaurants. What were your favorites in 2013?

Jan 18, 2014
eatinman in New Jersey

Monmouth County Casual Italian suggestions...??

Have been eating at Tuzzio's for years.

One of the best things on their menu is Tuzzio's Salad - ITALIAN MIXED SALAD W/ SALAMI & PROVOLONE -
now live 55 miles from Tuzzio's and would drive there just for their salad

Jan 18, 2014
eatinman in New Jersey

Need Suggestions for Otalian Deli that delivers In Hisborough area

haven't eatin at either restaurant or had catering done by them...
But can tell you about two places to Stay Away from
CULINARY CLASSICS - IF you choose to get the antipasto platter from here, you get food that should have been thrown away several days ago with some dead flies (as they always have flies in this place) along with a smaller quantity than you ordered and paid for. As Andrew (owner) thinks he can make money by serving days old product in smaller quantities than the client has paid for
CAFE GRAZIELLA - just plain bad and if they can they'll overcharge you. This restaurant overcharged a party of 7 or 8 of us by over a hundred dollars along with dinner just being plain bad

Dec 20, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

Bonefish Grill coming to Manalapan

You should consider yourself lucky!

sarcastic comment

Nov 22, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

corned beef in monmouth county nj

Carnegie Deli
Second Ave Deli

Nov 20, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

How many pizzerias in your town? Do we need that many in NJ?

windmill is better than Char - so shouldn't it rank higher?

Nov 13, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

Coming soon to Freehold Raceway Mall...

Another good reason to Not go to Freehold Mall - other than poor quality stores

Oct 22, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

Anyone ever shop at a Weis supermarket?

not worth walking into...

poor bakery
poor fish department
poor produce quality, selection with pricing difficult to determine - on many products
slim selection in all categories
prices higher than shop rite

Sep 09, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

Wedding Venues

Seen a few venues that might work
anybody have serious foodie opinions of these?

Maplewood Country Club
Shackamaxon Country Club


Jun 14, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

Looking for great lobster roll places down the shore


how bout posting your recipe here?

May 31, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

Wedding Venues

more central n.j.

although any place that looked "contemporary' and served great food would be good.

Natirar - we hear that the food is great (OME Caterers) but the place is being renovated or torn down and rebuilt next year

will check our PNC Reception center & Graycliff

May 31, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

Seafood restaurant near Deal, NJ now closed....

Hopefully Chic's new old place is as good as Mr.C's was in the 90's when Chic and karen were running it

May 26, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

Wedding Venues

Looking for a great wedding venue with excellent food

needs to be indoors or tented
for next august or september
quality of food is paramount
for 140-150 people
any suggestions?


May 26, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

N.J. raids 29 restaurants in liquor scam probe

I feel that the only way to stop the problem - forever

Is to fine them heavily

Take their license away - sell it to the highest bidder and keep the cash for the state or a charity

any establishment that is even remotely thinking that they'll fool around with the liquor after that - WON'T!

May 26, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

That's Amore in Marlboro, NJ

good reason to never go back.......!

May 15, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

Peachtree and Ward.caterer

Can anyone give me their experiences with this facility


May 15, 2013
eatinman in Philadelphia

Yummy places near Somerset, Princeton, New Brunswick?

Ovations would be my absolute last choice
Extremely mediocre food. overcooked - tastes like last nights mashed potatoes - if you get my drift &
Poor service

Elements - great
Due Mari - excellent
Sophia's - good, don't be concerned with the 'hood'

Apr 30, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

How much do you spend on groceries each month?

Funny - my wife and I were discussing this about a month ago. My estimate was way off - her's was closer - and we decided to keep a record
We live in N.J.
We - just my wife and I - spend about $1000. month on groceries, we eat mainly a vegetarian diet with fish once or twice a week and chicken once every two weeks. quite a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit.
Hmmm, I'm so happy that the gov't decided to take food and energy out of the cost of living equation!

Apr 06, 2013
eatinman in General Topics

Catering central new jersey

Seems like nassau street catering out of business... thanks for the rec thou

Apr 02, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

Catering central new jersey

Looking for an upscale caterer for central new jersey (somerset ) for a engagement cocktail party.

One that will not only provide great food - but will also have a staff that can serve and provide a bartender


Apr 02, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

Bobby's Burger Coming to Freehold Raceway Mall

Danny Myer Shake Shack - Yes
Bobby's - you musta be kiddin....

Mar 23, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

What became of NJ Sizzler locations?

Wow ....... a lot of those Sizzler franchise holders lost a lot of dough!

Mar 23, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

Harold's New York Deli Restaurant In Edison

Don't care what anyone says...

Carnegie, 2nd Ave deli's are the king's

Harold's is less than a commoner

huge quantities of very poor quality product

Mar 23, 2013
eatinman in New Jersey

Vegetable cookbook recommendation

Knives over Forks - they have a couple of very good vegan cookbooks
'whole food plant based diet'

Jan 05, 2013
eatinman in Vegetarian & Vegan

It's time to reassess the Red Bank dining scene.

Blue Water =

Bad food

So So Service

Terrible Owner - has no idea of how to treat customers and it comes no surprise to me that he'd be blazen enough to 'cone off' parking spaces. Can the police put a stop to this practice?

Nov 26, 2012
eatinman in New Jersey