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Spicy Red Pepper Jelly

Tastefully Simple makes a good Sweet Pepper Jalapeno Jam.

Inn at Crystal Lake, Eaton, NH

I stayed here approx. one year ago while attending a concert at the Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield Maine. Its a cool little place but we were a bit dissappointed that not all parts of the inn were open. The owners who were very nice, were busy with family coming into town and they would not be around during our stay. There was a pub on site (which was closed) and the dining room (also closed). The menu looked fabulous but we did not have a chance to taste anything from it. They do make homemade cookies for the guests that were divine. They have a recipe for their double chocolate chip cookies on their web site. We were given vouchers for breakfast at the Eaton Genreal store (a short walk down the street) and it was great. Very friendly, filled with locals and great food. They have nice sitting rooms on the first floor and if you are an opera buff, they have an enormous catalog of opera music in their entertainment area. I would stay there again, but only if the dining room and/or pub were open. Make sure to buy a calling card as there is no cell phone service there. I have attached some pics of our stay.

Why did my Pesto have so much kick?

i know this is an old thread, but if anyone is lurking, i too screwed up my pesto and its soooo strong. how can i salvage it? aside from using it in very small amounts while cooking with it. should i buy more basil and make a larger batch? or is this futile and a waste. should this be a live and learn experience?

Nov 06, 2008
funkluvah in Home Cooking

Key West dining

ahh, Key West.. my sancutary. we're heading there in 2 weeks for our annual pilgrimage, this will be our 8th year in a row. Some of our favorite places include:

Blue Heaven for breakfast, lunch & dinner.. i have to profess, we don't go there for dinner as often as breakfast,(not anything negative, just creatures of habit and its our breakfast place almost every day we're there).. great juices, awesome banana bread ( you can buy some in the gift shop), great mimosas, awesome staff. There is one female bartender (I forget her name) that makes this awesome iced coffee with banana in it.. They have live music on Sundays during breakfast/brunch but NO MIMOSAS/ALCOHOL TIL NOON!! FYI..

Santiago's Bodgea 207 Petronia, for tapas is great.. I suggest the fresh yellowfin ceviche – marinated in spicy citrus juice and served chilled with fresh avocado, mango, and cilantro and the pinchos morunos spicy marinated skewers of pork tenderloin with apple-mango chutney.. thats my first stop when we arrive!!

Mangoes at 700 Duval.. its been fabulous in years past. I keep hearing things have changed, so we'll have to see this year.. their website is down too, so you can't check out any menus. We had a nice dinner out back under the trees and stars, you wouldn't know the back area existed from passing by on the street.

Antonias on Duval We've never had a bad meal.. i think we've had the same waiter every year too.. white table cloths but not pretentious. the homeade cookies at the end are a cute touch, especially if you have no room for dessert and want a little something sweet. THey double charged me one vacation and I didn't realize until checking my bank statement at home.. they quickly rectified the problem and sent me a gift certificate as an apology.

The Upper Crust for Pizza... what great pies they make!! I'm glad they're from Boston and i can get this at home!!

Square One (in Duval Square) Spectacular staff & service every time we've gone. High end American food. Nice outdoor seating. We went for breakfast once and I wasn't really impressed.. not bad, but will stick with lunch or dinner.

Apr 21, 2008
funkluvah in Florida


last year we went to the Hyatt at Coconut Point for brunch on Mothers Day. It was outstanding!! but it was also a ton of $$ I forget what it actually cost per person, $75? There were 4 of us and the bill was over $350. I don't make a habit of expensive brunches like that. A good friend of mine works there and convinced us to go.

Apr 21, 2008
funkluvah in Florida

Fort Myers, Adios Toro and the return of Bacchus

what great news!! I loved bacchus and was sad to see it go. i'm headed there in two weeks and can't wait!! is it open yet?

Apr 20, 2008
funkluvah in Florida

brunch north of boston

hi all.. need last minute suggestions for easter brunch north of boston. a mix of palates and 2 well behaved kids ( 4 & 7 but really only like pancakes)..

not really interested in a hotel brunch, but not ruling it out.


Mar 20, 2008
funkluvah in Greater Boston Area

Need Birthday Cake - Boston!

i swear by party favors as well.. they always make beautiful tasty cakes!!

Jan 18, 2008
funkluvah in Greater Boston Area

Restaurant recommendations in Salem?

strega is really good.. its beautiful in there.. huge dark bar, beautiful textiles. i lunched at finz solo last spring and my food was just as great as the attention and service. the old spot on essex street also has a great upper scale pub menu (and live music on mondays i believe)

Jan 18, 2008
funkluvah in Greater Boston Area