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Help! I've moved to metrowest!

Bullfinch's in Sudbury has a pretty decent brunch menu and if you're in the area, definitely try Karma Coffee Roasters. I agree Kugel in Framingham has better breakfasts than Joan & Ed's. And to Eatin in Woostah, EO Noodles isn't as good as it used to be, especially after introducing Chinese American food to their menu but their scallion pancakes still rocks!

Jan 30, 2010
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Local coffee roasters?

If you ever do find yourself with some wheels, you should try Karma Coffee Roasters out in Sudbury.

Jan 21, 2010
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Mexican sopes in Boston area???

It was awhile ago but I remember having them at Tu Y Yo in Somerville. I remember them being quite tasty.

Nov 16, 2008
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Craving Chicken Tortilla Soup

Do you know where I can get some in the Boston area?

Sep 28, 2008
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Inventory @ Allston Super88 + Bahn Mi Tip

A friend told me she had heard that the Super 88 in Allston is planning on closing but the food court will remain open. I'm not sure about the other Super 88s. But there was also a rumor that the family plans to go back to their homeland to open an amusement park.

Sep 22, 2008
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

My first Bahn Mi..

Did you like it?

Sep 09, 2008
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Family friendly in Philly?

Thank you so much for everyone who has responded. We did go to Jones last night and it was great! The service was fast and the eclectic menu was great as they had something for everyone. We're still here in Philly and we may try Beaumonde.

Aug 19, 2008
girlygirl in Pennsylvania

Family friendly in Philly?


We're here with another family in Philly. There are 4 kids between us ranging 5 to a baby. We're looking for family friendly restaurants. We went to Jamaica Jerk Hut for dinner last night. It was great as we sat outside and the kids were able to run around freely. The meals were good but the downside was that it took over an hour for our food to be served. I was looking at Creperie Beaumonde for dinner tonight. Can anyone tell me if it's any good and if so, is it kid friendly? Can anyone recommend any family friendly restaurants? We do not like chain restaurants and have already been to Chinatown. We also like ethnic food as well. Thanks.

Aug 18, 2008
girlygirl in Pennsylvania

Homemade Oreos @ Flour

I took the kids to the Children's Museum. I parked at the lot on Farnsworth and as I was exiting the building, I saw the bakery. I remembered the post about the homemade Oreos and knew I had to get one. Well, I did and they were so good. I don't blame you at all for not sharing.

Jul 09, 2008
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Party Favor cupcakes

Just had my first cupcake yesterday and they were delicious! I would have to say one of the best cupcakes I've had so far in Boston. And the best part? They were only 85 cents! I was going to skip getting the pretty ones with flowers on top because they were 1.75 but my daughter had to get one.

Jun 27, 2008
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Amusing menu gaffes - what's yours? [moved from Boston board]

You can find a ton of gaffes in any of the menus in chinese restaurants. My favorite was the 'chicken paws' I saw on the dim sum menu/flyer I found on my car from the New Shanghai restaurant. I'm Chinese so I can laugh, right?

Apr 23, 2008
girlygirl in Not About Food

Super88 in Allston, or all of them?

I have noticed that they stop stocking my favorite yellow curry paste. It's just as well, that curry paste contained a ginormous amount of saturated fat :) But it was soooo delicious!

Apr 09, 2008
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

afternoon tea

I was wondering if there are places in Quebec City that does afternoon tea other than the Chateau Frontenac. Nice bakeries suggestions would be welcome as well. My girlfriends and I are planning on heading up for a long weekend in May. Thanks so much!

Pho Pasteur in Needham Closed, Tu Y Yo taking it's place

I didn't know that there was a Pho Pasteur in Needham. But I think this is excellent news! I love Tu Y Yo but don't go there much because of the location. I live in the Metrowest area so this is wonderful news.

Apr 02, 2008
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Cakes at Yi Soon Bakery

I was thinking of getting one of those whipped cream sponge cakes at the chinese bakery in Chinatown for my LO's birthday. Instead of going all the way into Chinatown, I thought maybe I might go to Yi Soon Bakery in Allston. I've never been there so is there anyone out there that can vouch for their cakes? Do they have similar cakes as to the bakeries in Chinatown?

Jun 14, 2007
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

What's GOOD at S&S?

Definitely their S&S wings. I have to get it whenever I'm there.

May 04, 2007
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Any ideas for leftover roast chicken?

I'm looking for easy recipes using left over roast chicken for dinner tonight. Any ideas, anyone?

Apr 24, 2007
girlygirl in Home Cooking

Graduating - Recommend a Chinese Restaurant for my family?

If you want to go to Chinatown, I suggest either East Ocean City because it's definitely one of the nicer and cleaner restaurants in the area or Hei La Moon - just for the sheer size of its place. But if you're willing to drive, there's a chinese restaurant at the Days Hotel on Soldiers Field Road on Storrow Drive. For the life of me I can't remember the name of it but their food rivals any of the restaurants in Chinatown and it's very spacious. Definitely big and roomy enough to accomodate 10 people.

Apr 22, 2007
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Cuban Sandwiches @ James Place in Framingham

I drive by it all the time but never took it seriously - maybe because of its location. Thanks for the report. I will definitely give it a try.

Apr 21, 2007
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Pea tendril's meal?

any of the known restaurants in chinatown - peach farm, hei la moon, etc.

Apr 12, 2007
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

In love with bahn mi

My husband had the same reaction when I introduced him to a bahn mi. I do like the sandwiches at Little Saigon. Although, I think they're pretty good at any of the other places that sells them: Mei Mei bakery, Super 88 Food Court, etc.

Mar 15, 2007
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Pea Tendrils

During the summer, you can get them in the Farmer's market on Edgell Road. They're super cheap, too - $3.00 a bag! I was excited when I discovered them last summer because they can be quite expensive at the markets.

Mar 08, 2007
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Favorite Food Network Chef

Tyler, Barefoot and Giada. I also like Nigella and was excited when I heard that she was going to be a part of the Food Network family but I've only caught her show once. Time slot is horrible - Sunday, 1PM, right?

Mar 08, 2007
girlygirl in Food Media & News

bakery in metrowest?

I need to get a birthday cake for a birthday boy turning 1. Are there any bakeries out in the metrowest area?

Feb 26, 2007
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

where can i get crab chips???

You can try Christmas Tree Shop. The one in Natick sells Utz chips and they may have the crab flavored ones. And cheap too! - $1 a bag.

Feb 21, 2007
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Pearl Sugar

If you're planning on making the waffle recipe from today's Food section, the article does say that you can get pearl sugar at Mr. Crepes in Somerville. 2lbs. for $9.

Feb 14, 2007
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Wanting KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)!

Jae's Cafe in Boston and Coolidge Corner has an appetizer called Szechuan Chicken Wings, which are similar to the Korean Fried Chicken. They're easier to eat because they're smaller and not as saucy. My husband loves them and he loves chicken wings.

Feb 10, 2007
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Nestle Chocolatier

Has anyone tried baking with Nestle's new line of premium baking chocolate? Is it any good?

Feb 09, 2007
girlygirl in General Topics

Question about Banh Mi

I believe there are sliced pickled cucumbers, carrots, and daikons in the sandwiches. Even if you hate raw cucumbers, try it anyway - they're only $2.75! And they are soooo delicious! Try the bbq beef.

Feb 01, 2007
girlygirl in Greater Boston Area

Question about Kitchen Aid Mixer

Is it normal for my Kitchen Aid Mixer to have pools of oil spilling out of it? My husband called Kitchen Aid and the person said it was normal, especially if it's not used often. The person said to leave it on for 10 minutes or so before each use. So, I'm just wondering if other people have had this problem or if the person at Kitchen Aid was just giving us some BS.

Jan 26, 2007
girlygirl in Cookware