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Good BBQ in Seattle?

that was short

about 16 hours ago
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

Roux? Matt's Truck

The light of my life and I just returned from Roux, where it was perfection pace by pace. Attentive service appeared the instant it was needed and the kitchen didn't miss a beat. I am now a convert to fried oysters - I never knew... Every dish got that kind of attention and was skillfully seasoned presented and served. Oh the flavors. Little bells on my tongue. Thank you all.

May 17, 2015
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

best decaf coffee?

Back in the day Torrefazzione had a great decaf roasted bean.

Apr 27, 2015
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

"Peeled wheat" -- now what?

I cooked it in my Zojirushi with 1 (english) cup peeled wheat to 2.5 c water on the normal rice setting. Fun finger-food in slabs on ribs. Lovely.

Feb 27, 2015
mrnelso in Home Cooking


Oh yeah. Chicken vindaloo was tender and spicy and reheated excellently, as did and was the creamy scenty corn side.

Feb 06, 2015
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

The (partial) Story of The Green Village in Seattle

It's been several years since I left downtown work but Green Village was a refuge. If you are lucky, it's pouring down rain and 34 degrees outside. Did I mention dark? Dark, too. At Green Village is a steaming bowl of garlic spicy szechuany garlic noodle garlic soup. Thank you for the great warm-ups and your loveliness.

Feb 02, 2015
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

I need a really good, thick wiener

The ladies at George's will grill you up about anything in the store I imagine. They makes a bunch of tasty sausages.
Bavarian Meats, in the Pike Place Market is worth a look.

Jan 30, 2015
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

Ethiopian source for Ethiopian coffee beans?

www.greencoffeebuyingclub.com and a wok and a stove-hood and 7 minutes later you have coffee. Practice, practice, practice.

Jan 09, 2015
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

Ideal internal temp for rack of pork???

Having learned to love ribs in Texas, Alabama, the Carolinas, and Chicago, decent ribs in Seattle have been a thirty year disappointment and suddenly BOOM. Rainin' Ribs, Bourbon and bones - at last. I figured it could not get any better than this and then I roasted Costco's seasoned offering. It's a dead-heat and I am cooking some more right now. No sauce.

Dec 27, 2014
mrnelso in Home Cooking

Measuring practical heat conductivity - Cast iron, aluminum, copper

Yes, I was also surprised at the unevenness of my cast iron frying pan (old Diamond, smooth, well seasoned). As you said, it's still good for searing, baking cornbread, etc, but be aware of that wildly uneven temperature (even on gas burner) business.

Dec 15, 2014
mrnelso in Cookware

Farmer's Market LA (Fairfax & 3rd) - What to eat?

Since our hotel was two blocks away from the spendy, tourist-trappy, inconsistent Farmer's Market, we went there two mornings. We looked for simple and direct. Charlie's eggs on toa$t were fine but the bowl of plain grits with a fruit bowl was a real hit. Next day got the grits again ($3.50 for a smallish bowl), but got a fruit bowl from the stand by the gas station. The latter had somewhat more fruit by weight and some bigger clunky chunks on the bottom of the bowl, but the more consistent chop of Charlie's was easier to deal with in the bowl. Bob's crumb doughnut was a good enough sweet cake doughnut, though not more than that. Bob's coffee was two full notches above Charbuck's and just fine. Shortcake's almond croissant was worth doing.

Dec 15, 2014
mrnelso in Los Angeles Area

Heading back to Original Farmer's Market for first time in years...wtf do I buy?

Both good
thank you

Dec 15, 2014
mrnelso in Los Angeles Area

Bishop update 2014

The Looney Bean changed owners and lost a delightful connection to the conservation of bird migration routes, but the coffee is still thoughtfully selected, prepared, and presented. Black sheep not so much but beats charbuck by a nose.

Village Cafe also changed owners, and now the clear choice is Astorga's, right next door. Chilaquiles for sure, but it's all good and get the very nice whole beans. Get the spicy salsa too and the guacamole.

The Jerky place right up 395 has more sorts of Jerky than we ever saw - a pound of assorted jerkies is great road food.

Dec 12, 2014
mrnelso in California

Heading back to Original Farmer's Market for first time in years...wtf do I buy?

I sure would like a cup of really good black coffee somewhere around the Farmer's Market. Suggestions?

Dec 09, 2014
mrnelso in Los Angeles Area

Good decaf coffee

It's been a few years, but I had quite the thing going on with Torrefazione decaf before I came to my senses and joined the green bean buying club and roasting my own correctly caffeinated coffee. I do see decaf there, too, though I try not to look. eeeew.

Nov 03, 2014
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

In Praise of Dives, or... Another One Bites the Dust

Sully's Snow Goose is about boxed in with all that new midrise mixed development stuff and it feels like nobody will even notice when it overtakes Sully's.

Oct 30, 2014
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

Drinking and Eating in Ballard-Fremont area

Pop in to Roux for an order of deep fried chicken gizzards and a Sazarac and a few jalapeno hush-puppies. Up the block for Paseo and Uneeda Burger.

Oct 29, 2014
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

Sattle for a week from Australia

Random BBQ point:
Rainin' Ribs (15030 NE Bothell Way > via Lake City Way or 145th) is operated by Skyler, a local who learnt his excellent smoking in Australia.

Oct 19, 2014
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

Coffee shop etiquette: lines and limited tables

Besalu is the worst place in the world to do this. Lingering over French pastries and coffee does not mean watching somebody else's backpack luxuriating in well-seated leisure while I watch the tables turn. And turn they will and you'll get yours.

Sep 25, 2014
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

Legitimate Poutine

Vittles (by Darlene Boline of Zacaggni's) has a poutine.

Sep 16, 2014
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

Sweet Jesus: Whole Foods No Longer Getting Brillat-Savarin Due to FDA?!

You are clearly upset, and deserve the opportunity to explain yourself, but saying 'government food-safety regulation sucks' is about as convincing as 'capitalism sucks'. Can we see some data please? I, for one, am impressed by the public health accomplishments of FDA and its local partners in municipal health departments. Because of their work, we have safer food and fewer food-related fatalities. Like all of us, of course, they will sometimes mis-calculate something, but there is process to insure that all relevant corrections are heard. If you have data they need, please share it with us.

Sep 14, 2014
mrnelso in Cheese

Good BBQ in Seattle?

both - they are just 2 long blocks apart, with Pecos on First and Jones on Occidental.

Sep 14, 2014
mrnelso in Greater Seattle


I later learned the tiny booth above has a much larger space below, where the braising is done for presentation above, on heat.

Sep 06, 2014
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

Seafood recs for an East Coast shellfish fresk

Some 'cooking' is likely more than one even needs for perfect Dungeness, the boil-in-bag meal of crustaceans. While big salted water boils, melt butter for dipping. Done. Dollar-Store pliers work. Cold, it's good with mayo.

Zaccagni's reboot

We went to 2330 2nd last night, and 'Zaccagni's' is now 'Vittles http://seattle.eater.com/archives/201.... When the chef/owner Darlene asked my wife "how's the Poutine" (topped with Darlene's silky braised brisket), my love backhanded "The best we've ever eaten, though every culture makes their own culinary mistakes, and this is Canada's". Melded vegetables over polenta were satisfying and lovely, as were simple sauteed prawns and cocktails. Exploration continues and we look forward to savory surprises from this collaboration with the owner of the excellent Indian Saffron Spice booth across the aisle from Zaccagni's by the Pike Place News stand.


Fare Start: http://www.farestart.org/ is a local non-profit that runs the Fare Start restaurant to raise funds to support food-service training programs administered directly to homeless people contacted through local social-service agencies. Every Thursday, they serve a full restaurant of 200 guests a $30 three-course meal. Chefs line up to contribute their gifts to this excellent cause and the results of these contributions are working all around town all day long, every day. It's a good program and they'd most likely be able to present some local chefs with the opportunity to have a blast working with a really bountiful supply of hazelnuts. I'd definitely go that night and take friends. I can see Brad, of Brad's Swingside Cafe making a lovely hazelnut pesto for 200 with those.

Aug 31, 2014
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

Zaccagni's reboot

Imagine my distress when I passed Zaccagni's counter across from the Pike Place News stand to find them under remodel for a fish taco stand. I hold no grudge against fish taco, and love the one from Fish Basket, but the loss of Zaccagni's left me gasping. When I got home, I googled their phone number and Darlene answered. Wow - dodged a bullet. They've got a Belltown spot now, at 2330 2nd Ave with HH 4-7, 10-close and if I hurry I can get there today...

Best deli for Western European meats / cheeses?

Big John's PFI:1001 6th Ave S - mediterranean/Italian goods and with expertise stashed among the deli cases. Spanish Table:1426 Western Ave. 'Nuff said. Armendino's Salumi:309 3rd Av S cures Italian salumi - the guanciali is the finest fat ever to hit a hot pan. Though mostly Polish and eastern, George's deli 907 Madison is worth a stop for a fresh-grilled Corned beef sandwich and some very mom soups. Then talk meats. Up at the Market, Uli's does sausage every way including hot off the grill with good fresh fries.

Aug 28, 2014
mrnelso in Greater Seattle

Looking for decent Chef knife & Paring knife

Yes, knives are subjective. Find clues to the subject in how your hand, arm, and eye work with the particular handle, blade, and balance of each knife. My arm loves my $30 Forschner/Victorinox and it leaps into my grip perfectly, but I can barely hold my wife's $200 Shun without keeling and yawing out of control. For safety and performance, keep knives clean, dry, sharp, and steeled.

Aug 24, 2014
mrnelso in Cookware


Whole busloads of protesters will dig that

Aug 21, 2014
mrnelso in Greater Seattle