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Barbeque Exchange - Gordonsville, VA

The Barbeque Exchange wows you the first time you visit and later visits leave you feeling less than wowed...I gave it 3 tries and wrote it off my list..........

Feb 25, 2014
jogger in Mid-Atlantic


Any good American, chinese, oriental restaurants chain restaurants...something the locals would go Kissimmee, FL.?

Dec 23, 2013
jogger in Florida

Burton's Grill - Charlottesville

Burton Grill is nothing more than expensive Pub grub....tried it once and will not be going back....

Mar 14, 2013
jogger in Mid-Atlantic

There is now good barbecue in Central Va

BBQ Exchange has good pork BBQ but the sides in particular the cole slaw is a hit or miss ...the french fries are horrible, burned to a crisp...i still like to go there though...I just ask for a taste of the slaw before getting it.....The beef BBQ needs a little work also...sliced not chopped and a little tough for my taste...but overall this is a good place for a town like gordonsville....

Dec 14, 2011
jogger in Mid-Atlantic

Looking for the best Chilidog

If you are ever in Charlottesville, Virginia, I would recommend the Jack 'N Jill restaurant on east high street....they serve a delicious foot long dog....get it "all the way." Been around since the early 60's. Similar to Jess's Lunch in Harrisonburg, which I always stop at when I am in Harrisonburg..

Mar 14, 2011
jogger in Mid-Atlantic

WV and VA Drive on 64/81

Jess's Quick Lunch is on the square right in downtown Harrisonburg...It is a place that makes you feel like you have discovered where all the locals hang out...try it....Also, in Waynesboro the tailgate grill on the 250 by pass (I think that is what they call it, one street/block over from the HS) makes the best burger in the area. The last time I was in there a couple of weeks ago they had a special..burger/fries and drink for $6.75 I almost got one to go at this price...try this you'll like it....

Feb 11, 2011
jogger in Mid-Atlantic

Richmond Virginia Best Hamburger and French Fries Combo

Where in Richmond is the best place for a burger and fries. No fast food or chains. looking for that special place that every local knows about. Include the street address and web site if they have a web site...

Jan 22, 2011
jogger in Mid-Atlantic

One Dinner in Charlottesville

May I suggest for Italian...try...Fellini' 979-4279...Downtown corrner of Second and Market street just off the mall west end (official address 201 W..Market street) ...Secondly, also on mall crossing at second street across from Regal Cinema, the Downtown Grille..upscale steakhouse....817-7080.. one or the other of these should fit the bill...........

Dec 24, 2010
jogger in Mid-Atlantic

Lake Anna recs for 1st time visitor!

There is a restaurant/motel just before the 208 bridge if you are coming from Fredericksburg, and just past the 208 bridge if you are going to Fredericksburg...The name escapes me...but they serve pretty good grub, blue plates and not to expensive..the other place for a more earthy experience is Hunters Landing....The food at these places is about the same and priced about the same...My first choice would be the restaurant/motel....good eating....Be sure and report back on your experiences....dining around the lake...

Dec 24, 2010
jogger in Mid-Atlantic

Cooking boring dried beans

Caned beans have a lot of salt. One way to get around the salt is to drain the caned beans and then rinse them. Put them in cooking pan add water and you have caned beans with little or no salt. Salt is not that hard to eliminate or reduce in your diet if you try.

Nov 05, 2010
jogger in Home Cooking

Restaurant recommendations - I-64 from Lexington, Ky to Virginia Beach

Littleman, don't stop letting us know about these joints. I also like them. Its just that I don't think the average chowhound would go into this particular joint based on outside appearance and location. The food is blue plate all the way. Nothing to excite a chowhound. Thanks and keep the post coming, if it weren't for you I would never have discovered this place.

Nov 01, 2010
jogger in Mid-Atlantic

Restaurant recommendations - I-64 from Lexington, Ky to Virginia Beach

Littleman, the basic city luncheonette is not what most of the people who read this would want to try. I had second thoughts about going into the place. It's in a run down shady section of waynesboro, right along the railroad tracks. The appearance of the place will probably discourage most. I had a burger and fries ($5.78) to go, o.k. but I wouldn't go back for it. JMHO.

Oct 31, 2010
jogger in Mid-Atlantic

South Boston, Virginia

Littleman you've done it again. I'll try ernie's.

Oct 08, 2010
jogger in Mid-Atlantic

South Boston, Virginia

Will be in South Boston, Virginia for 2 days. October 15 & 16th. Any recommendationjs for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Oct 06, 2010
jogger in Mid-Atlantic

Topsail, NC

Littleman, you are the man.....I've made a list of places to eat from your suggestions and from the topsail dining link. Thanks for your help.

Jul 15, 2010
jogger in Southeast

Topsail, NC

Sorry to be misleading about back roads....By back roads I mean the road from I-95 over to Topsail.

Jul 15, 2010
jogger in Southeast

Topsail, NC

Any good places to stop along the way to Topsail, NC from Virginia. Will be traveling down I-95, then the back roads to Topsail. Also, any good recommendations for Topsail, breakfast, lunch, dinner,. Somewhere the locals might go to.
For the trip down and back just looking for something filling, cafeterias, buffetts, dinners etc. etc. No fast food establishments, and no BBQ restaurants please.
Already have Fullers (buffet) at Fayetteville. Has anyone had any experiences with Fullers? Good or bad.

Jul 15, 2010
jogger in Southeast

topsail, nc

any good suggestions for stops between richmond, va and top sail nc, will be taking I-95.
Nothing fancy, but not fast food.
Cafeteria's, buffets, etc. etc. breakfast, lunch & dinner
also, any good suggestions for top sail, per se? Will be in top sail for 1 week.

Jul 12, 2010
jogger in Mid-Atlantic

Daytona Beach Cheap Eats

O.K. here is the list of places I will try while in Daytona Beach next week:
The Daytona Dinner....just good grub....290-1/2 North Beach Street
Ocean Deck...will try the fish sandwich....127 S. Ocean Ave.
The Brickyard.......747 International Speedway Blvd........burger/fries
Napoli.........301 North Atlantic Ave.....Pizza
Gilley's ......main street.....steak
The Deck Down Under....beneath Dunlawton Bridge....Fried seafood
Betty's....a1a Ormond...Onion rings and burger........
La Gourmandise French Bakery....deserts....
MonDelice French Bakery.....New Smyrna Beach...Deserts....original or downtown location...
Don't know if I will get to all of them but they represent my list...Comments or suggestions....are they all still in business?

Jan 13, 2010
jogger in Florida

Cheap eats Daytona Beach Florida

Where in Daytona Beach is the best place for a good hamburger and fries? Not a chain but an off the beaten path hole in the wall type of place.

Jan 11, 2010
jogger in Florida

Recs? I-81 in VA from Maryland border to TN

The very best food: . I always stop at the K&W whenever I am in Roanoke, Va. Probably the closest one for you coming off I-81 would be the one right off the I-81 exit I-581 then take the I-581 Exit 3E.1609 Hershberger Road at the crossroads mall. Phone: 540-563-4977. They also do a great breakfast.

Jun 10, 2009
jogger in Mid-Atlantic

Melvins, Elizabethtown NC off I-95

Has anyone ever stopped at or eaten at Melvins Dinner in downtown Elizabethtown, NC? If so can you comment. I think they say their hamburgers are so good that people eat them for breakfast.

Feb 02, 2009
jogger in General South Archive

Where is the Calgary Farmers Market located in Calgary

Can anyone tell me where the Calgary Farmers Market is located and when is it open (year round or seasonal) and what are its hours of operation? Is there a web site for the CFM? Thanks.