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Need Suggestions for Evanston Area

Mmmm, Va Pensiero is very good. I would second (or I guess at this point, third and fourth) the suggestions of Quince and the Stained Glass.

May 01, 2008
las375 in Chicago Area

Best small restaurant with mind-blowing food

I'm looking for that sort of out-of-the way place with amazing food. Basically I'm thinking a little New York-style restaurant– cute but relatively small place with a great atmosphere but most importantly utterly amazing food. Italian would be great– homemade pasta, simple but quality ingredients, that sort of thing. Any suggestions?

Mar 28, 2008
las375 in Chicago Area

Best Korean in Chicago?

Anyone have a favorite Korean spot to suggest? It needn't be any chi-chi. In fact, the more mom-and-pop, authentic little store front the better. I just want some good bi bim bop.


Jan 17, 2008
las375 in Chicago Area