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Paris Itinerary assistance please

I am also going to Paris this spring and am trying to get through to anyone live at Frenchie's for a reservation. How did you do it, if you don't mind me asking?

Mar 11, 2011
StellaArtois in France

Winter Restaurant Week Extended thru Feb.

Ed's Lobster Bar just announced a recession daily menu. Sounds great!

Ed's Lobster Bar, 222 Lafayette St (at Spring), 212-343-3236

The Daily Menu:
Monday - All-You-Can-Eat Mussels $15 per person
Tuesday - $2 Oysters
Wednesday - "John's Big Night" (we have no idea what this is)
Thursday - Surf & Turf
Friday - Lobster Fra Diavlo
Saturday - Fish & Chips
Sunday - Clam Bake

Feb 02, 2009
StellaArtois in Manhattan

What's the plan for restaurant week?

I have reservations at Park Avenue Winter, Perry St and the Modern. I've been to the Modern before but not to the first two. I can't wait!

Jan 18, 2009
StellaArtois in Manhattan

What do you love best about your neighborhood, food-wise?

We must live fairly close to each other!

My favorites:

Pho Bang
Saigon Bahn Mi So1
Congee Bowery
Pinche Taqueria
La Esquina
a lil farther east, Kampuchea

Sep 30, 2008
StellaArtois in Manhattan

daiwa sushi

oopsies, i did put an extra zero, hehe. from what i remember i had a toro (not sure if it was a chu or otoro), maguro, hamachi, uni, ebi, anago, and one other piece i don't remember. there was also a tamago and a 6 or 8 piece roll, half of which was a ikura roll and the other half a tuna roll. comes also with a fish based miso soup which was absolutely delicious.

May 17, 2008
StellaArtois in Japan

daiwa sushi

Just had it this morning and I don't speak a lick of japanese. The sushi guy in front figured out i only spoke english (i'm asian) and said "sushi set"? and i nodded. as he gave me each piece he said the name of the fish in english although i would have understood if he had said it in japanese. it was awesome. highly recommend! it was 35,500 for the set per person.

May 15, 2008
StellaArtois in Japan

Looking for Best Sliced Tongue / Tongue Sandwich (Deli/Butcher Shop)

I saw andrew zimmerman eat a tongue sandwich on his nyc episode of his show at carnegie deli on 6th ave. it looked pretty tasty. it was sliced very thin and the sandwich itself was very thick.

May 09, 2008
StellaArtois in Manhattan

David rio chai tea in NYC?

Williams-sonoma carries this line. HTH!

Mar 10, 2008
StellaArtois in Manhattan

After work drinks/food in SoHo/NoLita - help!

obivia is a chic and fun spot to have a going away party. they also have food. it's on layfayette/kenmare. they have happy hour till 8!

Jan 29, 2008
StellaArtois in Manhattan

New location for Cambodian Cuisine?

Are there any updates to the restaurant opening? I read the NYT article about his situation and it breaks my heart. Hopefully it's up and running by now?

Nov 15, 2007
StellaArtois in Manhattan

anything NEW in koreatown?

I've been to pretty much every korean restaurant in Ktown and I found a new favorite, Madangsui. It's located on 35th st between 5th and 6th ave. I believe they opened a few months ago. The banchan is pretty large and food very tasty. I've recommended it to a few friends of mine and they've all raved.

Oct 22, 2007
StellaArtois in Manhattan

Jacques Imo's lost their lease =(

I've had a lot of fond memories there with mardi gras celebrations to eating their yummy fried chicken. Apparently, their last night is Oct 20th. I'm so sad they're leaving!

Oct 11, 2007
StellaArtois in Manhattan

B-day party of 12 in chinatown. Any recs? Thanks so much!


Oct 11, 2007
StellaArtois in Manhattan

where to buy mutton?

4 cornerstone farm has great mutton at the green market at union square. their lamb is really top notch as well.

Oct 05, 2007
StellaArtois in Manhattan

Tatami Rooms

Naka Naka has a tatami room u can rent out. Cute japanese restaurant on 17th and 10th ave.

Aug 09, 2007
StellaArtois in Manhattan

Possible to get great sushi after 9 or 10 p.m.?

Sushi Seki on 1st Ave and 61 or 62nd St. The sushi bar is open till 2 am and the quality is high.

May 11, 2007
StellaArtois in Manhattan

private bar space for 60-70 young professionals

I know Tonic does private parties on their third floor that can easily accommodate 60-70 people. lehman brothers and morgan stanley do a lot of their private parties there. it's located on 7th Ave between 48-49th st

Feb 12, 2007
StellaArtois in Manhattan

Any Good Korean Places south of 14th?

there's a korean restaurant that's open till 1 am everyday in the east village called jeollado. never been but will try it out. it's on 4th st between 2nd and 3rd ave i believe.

Jan 24, 2007
StellaArtois in Manhattan

Dad's 60th bday, in search of solid italian with decent/nice ambiance, $40/pp. Any ideas? Thanks!


Sep 22, 2006
StellaArtois in Manhattan


Any dishes/appetizers you guys recommend? I had ethiopian once at Berkeley back in my college days but don't remember what I ordered. Thanks!

Jul 13, 2006
StellaArtois in Manhattan

BIG screen for the BIG game??

Tonic on 7th ave between 48th/49th st has HUGE jumbo sized screens and good food. I advise to get there super early as it gets crowded FAST before the world cup games.

Jul 09, 2006
StellaArtois in Manhattan

really good sushi and experience at Sachiko's on Clinton

I, too, had a very positive experience at Sachiko's last week, so much so that I went there again a few days later for dinner. Both friends I went with loved the place as well. Almost everything we ordered was flawless. The service was very well versed with everything on the menu and specials and gave great recommendations. I'm pretty picky with sushi/japanese food and this has become my new go to restaurant for such cuisine. Like the original poster, I, too, was perplexed by how empty it was, even on a friday evening. I hope that isn't a sign to come.

Jul 03, 2006
StellaArtois in Manhattan