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Oliveto's: who loves it and why?

What's wrong with hot? You don't go to a restaurant because their chilies are spicy? Do they put them on everything?

Apr 06, 2010
hermex in San Francisco Bay Area

Oliveto's: who loves it and why?

Sierra means "saw". Check out a picture of the Sierra Mackerel and you can guess why it's called that.

Apr 06, 2010
hermex in San Francisco Bay Area

Where can I get Tuscan Pici pasta?

If worse comes to worse...

500 g flour
250 g water

oil to drizzle

add water in a well
mix with fingers from the center
knead until forms smooth ball

divide in two

roll out a strip, 10-12'" wide and 1 cm thick
drizzle with a bit of olive oil and spread to coat lightly
cut into strips, 1 cm wide.

roll strips into worms, on a floured board
lay onto floured paper, careful not to cram them together
cook 6-10 min, not 20, though, you can't overcook it. It's done when it floats and puffs a bit.

Feb 04, 2010
hermex in Los Angeles Area

Taiwanese White Gourd Juice: Perfect Evocation of Cookies

I am drinking white gourd juice from a slightly rusty can, and my god, it tastes like cookies. Specifically oatmeal cookies, and a hint of ameretti. It's also kind of like hazelnut-flavored non-dairy creamer. I want more of this cookie juice!

Jun 28, 2009
hermex in General Topics

How to Make the Ultimate Omelet, Plus 8 Great Omelet Recipes

I'll add milk to an omelette if I feel like it. An omelette should be about the omelette eater.

Apr 17, 2008
hermex in Features

The Trappist - Short Report on Opening Night

The two guys behind the bar were casually talking to each other and puttering around. They never once made eye contact with me and my friend as we stood at attention hoping to order. There was a woman clearing glasses, and since she appeared to be the only person who realized she had a job to do, we asked her if we could order, and she took care of us. Thanks! If I had a new business, I would be working very hard to make everyone who walks in feel welcome. Trappist -- you need to work harder if you want to keep the crowd. Great beer is not enough. If I can't find a seat, and the bartender ignores me, I won't come back. Get your sh** together because I really want you to succeed.

Jan 16, 2008
hermex in San Francisco Bay Area