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Looking for chow worthy in Tucson

Thanks for the reply and yes, we will be attending the shows. We know all the craziness associated with the first week of the gem shows...but what better excuse for artist friends to travel and look at beautiful things and eat great food!

Nov 11, 2013
carolmoonbeam in Southwest

Looking for chow worthy in Tucson

You are making me really happy right now! Can't wait...coming from Asheville, we love amazing unusual places to eat.

Nov 06, 2013
carolmoonbeam in Southwest

Looking for chow worthy in Tucson

Staying at the Westin in Feb and looking for chow worthy restaurants nearby. Any cuisine, not necessarily "fancy" but good food that locals love would be great. Thanks in advance for your suggestions...chowhounds never let us down!

Nov 05, 2013
carolmoonbeam in Southwest

Dog friendly in Asheville area

We eat out all the time with our dog here in Asheville. Pretty much if they have an outdoor patio, then your dog is welcome. There is also the Battery Park wine bar that will allow your dog inside so that is a nice place to go if the weather is bad. Many places also have covered Sunny Point so that is good in rainy weather, which we have a lot of this summer. So search to see if they have outdoor dining and if they do, then your 4 legged family member will probably be welcome.

Aug 12, 2013
carolmoonbeam in Southeast

Wilmington with Man's best friend

Will be staying in Topsail, but would like to take a day trip to Wilmington. Any recommendations for outdoor dining that will allow a well behaved dog along? Also if anyone in the area can speak about the dining in and around Topsail, that would be greatly appreciated. Not much in the past about that area, the restaurant scene is not as active as my town of Asheville.

Apr 06, 2013
carolmoonbeam in Southeast

Asheville, NC ........... Where Did President Dine Last Night and Tonight................

He is eating right now at the Corner Kitchen in Biltmore village. Would not be my first choice, but I am sure security comes before a great meal. They visited the Biltmore and ended up there. At least he made his 12 Bones run while here!

Corner Kitchen
3 Boston Way, Asheville, NC 28803

Apr 24, 2010
carolmoonbeam in Southeast

Asheville on New Year's Eve...?

Just drove by today and there is a "for sale" sign outside. Such a shame...

4 Sweeten Creek Road, Asheville, NC 28803

Jan 11, 2010
carolmoonbeam in Southeast

Asheville, NC dining with our pooch

We live in Asheville and dine out with our Labradoodle all the time. All the restaurants in the Grove arcade welcome dogs at their outside tables. These are good restaurants. Sunny Point Cafe, Laughing seed, Mayfels also welcome dogs. On Thursdays at Mayfels, they will donate part of the money to local animal shelters. There are many posts about this and also some info on the Explore Asheville website. You will find us VERY dog loving and these restaurants normaly go out of their way to make you and your dog welcome.

Asheville wedding sites?

There is a nice spot called the Crest center that has awesome views. They also cater, I think.

help with dinner walking distance from Omni in Atlanta

Going to see Springsteen in Atlanta and staying at the Omni. Would like to walk somewhere preconcert for dinner. Doesn't have to be fancy, just would like it to be good. Any suggestions?

Asheville; best B&B food?

We live in Asheville, but have stayed quite a few times at the Sourwood Inn. The breakfasts were very good . We also have eaten dinner there and have also had a great meal. It is a wonderful B and B with a very nice staff.

Rita's Cantina Asheville?

We ate there last night. The decor was nice and they were crawling with friendly waitstaff. I did not get the fajitas. What I got was a Pollo Blanco and it was average at best. My husband got the enchiladas and he also proclaimed them to be average. We found it to be chain style Mexican food. We actually thought La Paz to be better in the chain Mexican dept. Papa's does a much better job and at half the price. It will do well in the tourist laden Biltmore village, but don't go for anything authentic. We may go back when we want to eat out and not travel far, but I would not stand in line for anything that we tasted last night. I will say the chips were very good, as they make their own tortillas there...but the salsa was very mild and needed a few shakes of hot sauce for it to have any life to it.

Dog friendly in Asheville?

I would also like to add that we had a nice lunch at Chorizo yesterday and the kind waiter brought my dog a nice bowl of water and treats from Three Dog Bakery. He was happy and so were we.

Dog friendly in Asheville?

Jon, the restaurants that require that your dog is outside the rail mean that you are at a table directly on the other side of your dog. They are not out of your sight and are pretty much next to you, just on the other side of the rail. I have found that the majority of people that dine with their dogs are taking dogs that are well behaved, or it would be a downer for them as well. I found a website that might be helpful.
It lists many of the restaurants that welcome you and your dog.

Dog friendly in Asheville?

You will find Asheville one of the most dog friendly places you can be in the South. Most restaurants that have outdoor seating will welcome your four legged friend. Some outdoor seating that is "gated" in will require that your dog be outside of the rail. Most restaurants around the Grove Arcade are friendly to dogs. There is also a good dog bakery down the street. You can even take your dog to the Biltmore estate, just not in any of the buildings. You and your pooch will eat well in Asheville.

What's NEW in Asheville?

Have been to Pomodoro's South on 2 occasions. I really want to like this place, but the food does not live up to it. The first time I was there, I got the Swordfish special of the evening. It was fair at best. The second time, thinking that maybe pasta was their strongpoint, I got one of their pasta dishes. It was very disappointing, almost tasteless. I do not think that they will get a third try. Anyone else have the same experience?

Isle of Palms

Thanks for the suggestions. I was wondering if anyone can address a place where we can get a great meal and still have a well behaved dog at our side?

Isle of Palms

Going to Isle of Palms for a long weekend. Any suggestions about what is nearby, but not all the way to Charleston. Also would like to know if there are any dog friendly places that are at least decent when it comes to food. Any suggestions from fine dining to dives, as long as the food is "chow-worthy". Thanks.

Hungry in Union City Ga

I will be accompanying my husband for a bike race this weekend around Union City Ga. I have searched the site without much luck on chowing advice in this area. Any ideas? Do not want to drive too far, as we are not fond of Atlanta traffic. Please help.

Is Cookeville Tn a chowhound wasteland?

Hi, I posted an inquiry about Cookeville Tn that got NO responses from any Chowhounds. Now I am truly worried. Are we doomed to Applebees or are there any redeeming restaurants that will make us happy? Please help.


Will be around Cookeville next weekend and was wondering if there are any recommendations for dining while there. Forget the chain restaurants, we would like something that is not your average meat and potatoes. We will be coming from Asheville, so something also along I-40 on the way back home would be nice too.

southside cafe, Asheville

We ate at this restaurant not too long ago for my birthday. I will not go into the details, however, there was a problem with my entree and the owner was so RUDE to us that I swore that I would never spend my money there again. I do not see how they can treat patrons as such and stay in business. I guess that we were not "regulars" from Crowfields, so he did think that he needed or wanted our business.

Corner Kitchen ASheville - Lunch - a pricey tourist spot?

I wish that we had had the same experiences at Corner Kitchen as andlulu has had. We will always give a restaurant more than one chance if we were disappointed the first time. I would suggest going for lunch. I think that might be their strong suit. Hopefully if you go you will get the service that you are paying for. Bad service, no matter how nice the staff is, is not fun for the diner.

Corner Kitchen ASheville - Lunch - a pricey tourist spot?

I have had a few lunches at Corner Kitchen and cannot say that they were consistently good. I can say that we have tried dinner there on 2 occasions and had very spotty to bad service. The waitress even brought my friend's meal out 20 min before mine and when we could finally get her attention, she said that she thought it was weird that only one of us was eating when she brought the 1 meal out earlier. Space case. We have not been back since, too many wonderful restaurants to waste time at this one. If in the village we will eat at Rezaz or his place next door.