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grilling your own korean bbq?

Which Korean BBQ places in Koreatown let you grill the meat yourself? I'm used to eating at yakiniku places, but since Yakiniku Juju closed down, I tried a random place in Koreatown (Hangang) and the waitress seemed as surprised as we all did when we started to cook the meat ourselves rather than having her cook it.

(Or if that's just the way it is, we'll just have to stick to Yakiniku West or try out Gyu-Kaku)

Oct 06, 2008
jpmeyer in Manhattan

restrictive meet-the-parents lunch

Hi everyone,

I've been searching the boards looking for a good place to bring my parents and my fiancee's parents so that they can meet each other for the first time. Normally, this would be pretty easy based on all the topics on this, but I have a bunch of restrictions that have been driving me crazy:

1) It's going to be a lunch of Saturday. I don't know how many places are going to be open at around noon on a Saturday that I'd want to have a special occasion like this at.
2) My fiancee is ridiculously picky when it comes to food and won't eat anything except for Russian, Japanese, or shrimp.
3) It should be south of 86th and north of Houston.


Jan 16, 2008
jpmeyer in Manhattan