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Best Food Films - any new additions?

"Soul Kitchen", about a struggling chef in Hamburg. Directed by the brilliant Fatih Akin.

Jun 09, 2015
Steve Green in Food Media & News

Famous Recipes

Brown Derby Grapefruit Cake

May 10, 2015
Steve Green in Home Cooking

best mexican food San Diego

Based on DD's post I went to Mayahuel last night, and really had my mouth set for mole. Unfortunately, they only serve it on Tuesday and Friday nights. No website (and no phone, if you can believe it!) so there wasn't any way of knowing this in advance. The guy I spoke with said that it's sort of an "industry place". And boy, is parking ever a pain in that neighborhood!

It was getting late at that point, and I happened upon Blind Lady Alehouse, but the kitchen was closed. I asked the person there for recs in the neighborhood, and he suggested Tam's, a block up the street. Great homestyle Thai food, reasonably priced, so I guess things worked out.

BTW, I agree about a good mole being all about the sauce. That's how they serve it at Guelaguetza in L.A. -- actually, a lot of sauce with a normal portion of meat, but I doubt I'd care if they forgot to serve meat with it. I could live on that mole.

May 03, 2015
Steve Green in San Diego

Is my Kirkland olive oil real?

Can't agree on the Kirkland Spanish Arbequina -- we found it bitter, with very little flavor. We much prefer the California Olive Ranch Arbequina -- no bitterness, and a great fruity flavor. Twice the price, but well worth it in our view (available at Wrong Hole Foods).

Apr 27, 2015
Steve Green in General Topics

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - April 2015 [OLD]

NAY on the Biltong Beef Jerky. Texture is fine, but it tastes sour to me. I never thought of carbs being an issue with jerky. My preferred jerky is a non-TJ item, that has 1 carb per oz and seems plenty sweet.

Apr 21, 2015
Steve Green in Chains

Polk St. [San Francisco]

I always thought Foster's was terrible, and back then the bar wasn't very high. Maybe the Polk St. location was much better than the one I went to while working swing shift upstairs at 1st & Mission. Or maybe they had already gone downhill by the early 70's, which is my frame of reference.

I do miss Blum's. Tortola was good also.

Looking for Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy

Well, soon, anyway:

"...Iconic Candy will have our first full production in the beginning on May. We plan on getting samples of all the products to our sales team throughout the country by mid May. We are hoping the orders start to come in from Distributors, Wholesalers and Large Retail Chains soon after. Reed's & Regal Crown are on its way to the marketplace in a big way!

Please Share, Like and Comment! Try to get the word out so we can have an easier time distributing these Iconic Brands back into the market and back into the hands of our Loyal Fans!!"

Apr 20, 2015
Steve Green in Manhattan

How's Mr. B's these days?

I was craving crabcakes on my last trip, and found Mr. B's version to be excellent -- service was great as well.

Apr 19, 2015
Steve Green in New Orleans

Ruby Slipper

I sure wouldn't go back. I was craving Eggs Benedict, and their version has some sort of cheese (?) sauce. They called it hollandaise, but it was unlike any hollandaise I'd ever had -- lacking all the rich flavor I associate with hollandaise. Also, I asked for the eggs poached medium-well, since no one seems to be able to do a true medium (mostly-set yolks, not all runny) and they said "sorry, medium or well". Their medium, as expected, was underdone. This was the Magazine St. location.

Apr 19, 2015
Steve Green in New Orleans

Looking for Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy

Site last updated January 2013. I'm not holding my breath.

Apr 15, 2015
Steve Green in Manhattan

Searching for deep-pit BBQ

Based on the quoted description from Jake's, I wouldn't bet on that being the real thing. Plenty of places say things like "pit-style beef", but when asked for specifics, it turns out that it's not actual deep-pit beef after all. Please note my "survey" upthread (7/12/2013). I'd give a call first, unless you're a real optimist and want to take your chances.

Apr 12, 2015
Steve Green in California

Mazzetti's Bakery / Pacifica

I've always thought of Mazzetti's as a mediocre bakery -- like CarrieWas said, about Safeway quality.


I remember seeing them as a kid, but we never stopped there. They're still around, but less common:

Mar 29, 2015
Steve Green in Chains

Tehachapi Dinner

We really like Red House BBQ. 426 E Tehachapi Blvd. Really tasty, tender, slow-cooked brisket, and the usual other meats. No website, apparently. Closed Tuesdays.

Mar 17, 2015
Steve Green in California

Old Amsterdam has changed?

Old Amsterdam Gouda is one of our favorite cheeses. Picked up a wedge last week at TJ's, and it's like a completely different cheese than usual. Buttery flavor, and not much else -- more like an unaged Gouda. It wasn't even very good for a grilled cheese, although it was melty-er than usual. I'm hoping this is a one-time thing. Anyone else noticed?

Mar 16, 2015
Steve Green in Cheese

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - March 2015 [Old]

I love the English cheddar with caramelized onions, so I thought I would also like the Isle of Man w/scallions & roasted onions. Nope, didn't like it at all, even though I like alliums in almost every form.

Mar 15, 2015
Steve Green in Chains

Your most cherished food memories...

mamachef started a great thread a while back -- "What's Your Earliest Conscious Food Memory?". My "most cherished" food memories are within my response to that thread, so I'll just post the link here:

Mar 13, 2015
Steve Green in General Topics

When Pigs Fly BBQ in Vista

I've been to Bludso's in Hollywood (which is said to be not even as good as the Compton location), and it blows Phil's out of the water. Phil's is not good BBQ by any stretch of the imagination. By most peoples' definition, it's not even real BBQ, just grilled meat with sauce. YMMV.

Mar 11, 2015
Steve Green in San Diego

I'd like half a pound....or not...

If I see a new package being opened, I usually up the order as well -- fresher is better. Conversely, if they pull out the tail-end of a package, I ask for a taste, because sometimes it's just been around too long -- if so, I say "never mind". Depends on the turnover at a particular deli.

Mar 11, 2015
Steve Green in General Topics

Pann's New Hours

Speaking of Pann's, I used to read great raves on CH about the corned beef hash, served only intermittently. I called ahead last summer to see if they were serving it that day, and the person who answered said they don't make it any more, period. Is that true, or did I just get someone who didn't know what they were talking about?

Mar 08, 2015
Steve Green in Los Angeles Area

Jewish meal

Forbidden fruit.

Mar 06, 2015
Steve Green in General Topics

10 ways to 'fix' McDonald's (if it needs fixing, that is)

In n Out was always better than McD was, even before McD started the par-fry/store-in-cabinet/assemble/nuke routine (back around 1995, IIRC). The only time McD was comparable was if you ordered a "grill", such as "ketchup and onions only", and your burger was made to order and delivered to you on the spot. Otherwise, they were made ahead, and sat in their little holding bins until someone purchased one. With McD's current system, the aforementioned "grill" order doesn't get you a freshly grilled burger, ever -- just a freshly-assembled one. In n Out burgers are all made to order.

Mar 06, 2015
Steve Green in Food Media & News

10 ways to 'fix' McDonald's (if it needs fixing, that is)

I want that hot apple pie, so I can burn the roof of my mouth. And like others have said, burgers cooked on the flat top, then assembled and served shortly thereafter. Not par-cooked, steamed, assembled, and nuked. My first nuked double-cheese (Gila Bend, AZ) was a sad day indeed.

Not too salty beef jerky ??

This product is pretty low in sodium, compared to most others: I love the BBQ Mesquite flavor.
Probably the best jerky I've ever had.

How many stores do you try before you give up and Amazon?

Like others here, I often purchase at Amazon, and do pay attention to the reviews. Peripherally, I've recently noticed that Amazon (when using free shipping) deliberately delays shipments so that they take a full week to arrive. Based on discussions I see on other forums, it appears this is a regular practice, and they're doing this to try to get us to fork over the $100 per year for Prime. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I'm starting to look elsewhere for many things -- food items included.

Feb 02, 2015
Steve Green in General Topics

Lunch @ The Joint, 12/27

zin1953 said: "there are a couple of places here in California I like better, I think"

Sounds great! Could you name them please, just as a standard for comparison?

Jan 14, 2015
Steve Green in New Orleans

what do you put on your cottage cheese?

Those cubes bothered me when I first noticed them as well, since I grew up on Knudsen's small curd, which looked more "natural". But (at least where we live) compared to all the others, Daisy has the best ingredients: milk, cream, salt, and Vitamin A. The other brands have all kinds of additives -- including the ones at Whole Foods.

For me, pepper and onion powder if I want savory -- for sweet, fresh pineapple if I have it, otherwise canned pears or pineapple. I'll have to try the BBQ chips though -- sounds right up my alley.

Jan 12, 2015
Steve Green in General Topics

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - January 2015 [Old]

Really salty and sweet, but damn good.

Jan 09, 2015
Steve Green in Chains

Anybody like meatloaf?

"I thought everyone knew that fresh meatloaf is merely the larval stage of the meatloaf sandwich"
-- Will Owen, on CH, back in 2007.

Where to eat in Tampa?

Big second on the Columbia Restaurant -- I especially like the black bean soup, Chorizo Espanola (chorizo in onions), gazpacho, and their Snapper Alicante. Don't forget the key lime pie -- their version is excellent! I like the Columbia so much I rarely go anywhere else when I'm in Tampa.

Also, if you're staying in the Riverwalk/Convention Center area, they have a small cafe outpost right on the Riverwalk -- easy walking distance from the CC hotels. No substitute for the real deal at Ybor City, but a great place for a lunch of gazpacho and a Cuban sandwich.

There's a vintage streetcar that runs between the CC area and Ybor City.

Dec 28, 2014
Steve Green in Florida