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Has Thai Noodle in Berkeley closed???

I don't live in Berkeley anymore but an acquaintence said that Thai Noodle on Shattuck Ave might have closed. Any difinitive info? I love that place for late night eating and always go at least once when I visit.

Trader Joes-Asheville

I relocated to Asheville from Berkeley, CA three years ago and I miss TJ's more than I can say. Also Vietnamese food, but perhaps that need will soon be met.

Sep 17, 2010
julieswan in Southeast

Vegan in Berkeley?

I think Cha Ya on Shattuck, near Virginia, has a lot of vegan choices. It is a vegetarian sushi/Japanese restaurant. I think also the vegetarian Chinese place on Vine, just below Shattuck is Vegan, but I could be wrong.

Berkeley Friday Night, recs please

If you are looking for something within walking distance to the Community Theater, then Pomegranate is probably not your best choice. BCT is a block below Shattuck, on which there are a number of good choices. Sushi Ko is a decent Japanese restaurant, about 4 blocks away. About 3 blocks away is Pho Hoa for basic Vietnamese Pho, not the best, but not bad. There are a number of tacquerias in the area as well. Also the Ramen shop on University a few doors below Shattuck or Taiwan (Chinese) across the street from there.

Half Moon Bay??

I love the Half Moon Bay Coffee Company for breakfast or lunch. Their breakfast rice is wonderful and unique to them. Their biscuits and gravy on the weekends are wonderful too. The coffee and desserts are great, and the lunch options are varied.

Herb butters - need your suggestions

Lemon butter--use the zest and some juice
Lemon garlic butter
Lemon garlic parsley butter
Any spice plus butter will work for something, what do you want to cook? or do you just have a lot of butter?

Jul 03, 2006
julieswan in Home Cooking

Perfect Vidallia Onion Sandwich

What are the ingredients for a perfect Vidallia onion sandwich? I know that opinions vary, but I want to hear what people think.

Jul 02, 2006
julieswan in Home Cooking