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Fresh locally roasted coffee beans near the Village or Chelsea?

if they grind it for you then its not gonig to be fresh when you use it

Jan 17, 2012
twobrain in Manhattan

BBQ Meats/Butcher

where did you end up buying the brisket, im looking for an untrimmed brisket as well... i didnt see it on fresh direct

Sep 09, 2008
twobrain in Manhattan

Good, authentic Mexican in Manhattan?

didnt rosa mexicano close? a few months ago

Sep 16, 2007
twobrain in Manhattan

Midtown dinner for one

yakitori toto 55th between 8th and broadway i believe... upstairs

opens at 5:30pm

Feb 05, 2007
twobrain in Manhattan

Doujiang and youtiao?

this stuff is pretty simple to make and the premade youtiao at the chinese supermarkets arent bad

just get unsweeten soy milk at your local asian market, scallions, dried shrimp (i like the super thin ones, maybe shrimp shells?), dried shredded pork (comes in a plastic tubs), preserved pickles ( comes in like foiled pouches usually)

apple cider vinegar (any vinegar but i like acv), soy sauce, sesame oil, chili oil...

heat the soy milk, then pour it over the dry ingredients, then add the wet ingredients wait for the soy milk to curdle from the vinegar

toast the youtiao

if i had soy milk at home, it takes less than 5 minutes to make...

just keep the yaotao in the freezer and get fresh soy milk and scallions... all the other ingredients last forever

and its so gooooooood

Jan 29, 2007
twobrain in Manhattan

goat meat in Manhattan??

yvonne food truck sells it everyday, jamaican food 72nd and york or was it 71st and york...

curried goat... you can ask her where she gets her goat

Jan 29, 2007
twobrain in Manhattan

Yakitori Totto -- recommendations please

i liked the liver at yakitori toto

ive gone at 5:30 right when it opens and never had to wait =)

i heard they opened another restaurant on teh east side, same management

Jan 29, 2007
twobrain in Manhattan

NYU Food Studies program

"the girl who ate everything" is in that program... google it

i have another friend thats in the program as well...

Jan 23, 2007
twobrain in General Topics

What to do with LOTS of left over Bean Sprouts?

eating soy sprouts raw is suppose to be bad

google it

its the only sprout that needs to be cooked to remove phytic acid and other antinutrients

but then again... if youre just gonna do it once or twice... i guess it doesnt really matter

just dont go eating soy bean sprout salad everyday...

are tehy yellow soy sprouts or green? if it has that stringy tail you should remove it...

you can stir fry with ginger and scallions...

Jul 03, 2006
twobrain in Home Cooking