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Can I make ice cream with a vintage KitchenAid stand mixer?

I'm looking into buying a stand mixer, and I'm given to understand that the best ones for the price are the vintage models.

- Which of them should I get? Is there a guide to the various models somewhere?

- And, just as importantly, is it impossible to use the modern KitchenAid ice-cream maker attachment with a vintage mixer? Making ice cream is one of my primary requirements for my mixer.


Mar 08, 2010
eater99999 in Cookware

Pickled walnuts in jars

Anybody know where to buy this British specialty in New York? (Or green walnuts, so I can pickle my own if necessary)

Nov 14, 2007
eater99999 in Manhattan

Strictly local cooking

I'm very interested in the 100 Mile Diet, in which you cook and eat only food grown within 100 miles of where you live.

Has anybody tried this? I'd love to hear either your specific experiences or general thoughts about the possiblities of your region. What is it like to follow this diet in various parts of the world? Where do you live, and what ingredients can and can't you get? Sugar? Oil? Fish?

Nov 14, 2006
eater99999 in General Topics

Bad Food, Great Review

Does it strike anyone else as odd to see these words:

"I make my reservations under a fake name, I show up unannounced, I sit in the corner at the bad table they give me, I eat my food, and I write about it"

printed directly under a large frontal photograph of the "anonymous" reviewer??

Sep 06, 2006
eater99999 in Features

Fried Pickles

Uovo, on Avenue B and 11th Street, has wonderful fried pickles.

Jul 24, 2006
eater99999 in Manhattan