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Dinner & Dancing in Queens/Brooklyn?

My husband & I are looking for a place to go dancing/dinner - Swing/Latin/Hustle (we are too old for hip-hop & techno), in Queens, western Nassau County or Brooklyn, Piano lounges would be good too. Can you recommend any places? Thanks.

Jan 27, 2008
Strudel in Outer Boroughs

Wedding Catering Recommednations for Couple on a Budget

We just did our wedding. We looked into Flushing Town Hall & the Poppenhusen Institute in College Point (may sure whatever venue you end up with is handi-capped accessible if you will be having seniors and also ask heaven forbid if their space suffers a flood or fire, what is their contingency plan for you to hold your party). Both of these spaces were unique, but when realized how much we would have to be responsible for on our wedding day, i.e.chasing down the catering making sure the kitchen & rooms were set up correctly, where are the flowers, etc. we decided to use a catering hall, which came in less expensive than some resturants. We had a wedding with 100 people at a large name place in Carle Place and only paid $55 a head, which included open bar/cocktail hour/full reception & the works & we did not have to worry about anything-that was what they were getting paid for & they earned it. Part of the reason that we got such a reasonable price was, flexiblity on date - we had a Sunday afternoon and we negotiated. You are the buyer so ask for some reasonable things to be thrown in...they can only say no.

You are celebrating a party for yourselves and having your friends/family join in the celebration....don't put yourself into debt for this. The most important thing to remember is that this is YOUR PARTY/CELEBRATION and have it be what you can afford and will enjoy. As many others have suggested - think out of the box. We just wanted to have a party where everyone enjoyed themselves and they did as we got phone calls the next day telling us so. What we discovered is that the guests only remembered the food & the music. I suggest that is where you put most of your budget.

Have fun in your planning and starting on your road to "Happy Ever After".

Now Mrs. Strudel:)

Jan 27, 2008
Strudel in Outer Boroughs

Best olive selection in Queens?

Titian in Astoria & the Euro market just down the block also under the N train tracks (31th Avenue & 30th Street). They have greek olives and some very spiced & sort of Morrocean ones with preserved lemons.

Carmel on 108th & 64(th) on Forest Hills has middle eastern olives.

Jan 27, 2008
Strudel in Outer Boroughs

Little Neck

We like Aunt Bella's Italian food on Marathon Parkway, (46-19 Marathon-718-225-4700-Litttle Neck) just north of Northern Blvd. It looks like it is the bottom of a house as it is residential around there. It has a few tables and the best red sauce around. You get huge portions (we usually get 2 meals from each order) and we think it tastes just like Mama used to make.

Another place we like is the Inn on Northern Blvd & 201st Street. It is American fare, the portions are also large and the prices are very reasonable. We have always had a good meal there....burgers, pork chops, steak, ribs, their sauerbraten special and great lobster bisque on Friday nights. It is very friendly and new comers can fit right in eating at the bar; there also are plenty of tables too. Their drinks are not bad either.

By the way....welcome to the neighborhood!

Jan 12, 2008
Strudel in Outer Boroughs

farmstands and lunch on Long Island? [Moved from Outer Boroughs Board]

Coincidently, Newsday just had an article listing farmstands.

As Woodside Al said, Jordan's is a good choice. There also are 3 places in Point Lookout (just over the bridge from Jordans), where the Doxsee Clam Company is & they sell their clams). There are many places on the south shore down by the water, near the Fire Island Ferries. Also the Babylon Clamhouse (great stop after a day at Robert Moses). Nost north shore/gold coast resturants are not "clam houses" & are pricey. Just look for any main street off of Montuak Highway, take it south and 9 out of 10 times you will find a "fish joint". Also ask the locals.

Also check out have a lot of listings & maps.

Have is a great ride.


We like to go to food festivals (we are in the NE) and I have yet to find a good website listing non-professional food festivals.

Do you know of any?

I knew of a book back in the 80's, but surely that information is out of date.


Strudel & Biscotti Boy

Jul 26, 2006
Strudel in Food Media & News

Spanish in the Boros

We like Marbella Restaurant, 220-33 Northern Blvd • Bayside, New York • (718) 423-0100 (only a few miles east of Shea Stadium). We like the food and the casual atmosphere...where else can you hear happy birthday played on a harp.

There also is Meson Asturias, 40-12 83rd Street, Jackson Heights (right off of Roosevelt Avenue), 7180-446-9154. It is small. Double check if they still have the Flamenco dancers and live music.

Jul 07, 2006
Strudel in Outer Boroughs

woodruff (waldmeister) syrup in NYC

See if you can post the question on this website, I think that you will have a better chance of someone knowning a place that sell it.

P.S. I saw that there are several places on line that sell it for about $5.50.

Drink Up.

Jul 06, 2006
Strudel in Manhattan

Great eats after a day at Robert Moses???

We go to Robert Moses every weekend. Our favorite - the Babylon Clam House on the water, by the town beach in Babylon. Inexpensive, outdoor dining and very casual.

Robert Moses Causeway North to Montauk Highway West, just past 231, make a left at the first light (you will be hugging the water). Just follow the road/water until it intersects with Fire Island Avenue, make a left and bear left at the is just a bit of the way down on the right.

See you by the lighthouse.

Burnt Popcorn - How to clean the pot?

Thank you. At least my pot will not have any wrinkles. I will let you know how it turns out. Happy 4th.

Jul 02, 2006
Strudel in Cookware

Burnt Popcorn - How to clean the pot?

I love home popped popcorn. Unfortunatley, my mother's ancient Faberware pot does not. I burned popcorn in it and I cannot get it cleaned. I have tried elbow grease, Brillo, Easy Off, Barkeepers Friend, Washing Soda and only some of it comes off (not to mention the baked on grease is a challenge).

Has anyone had success in removing burnt food like this from a pot? If so, do tell or I will have to hang it up to use a target practice to see if my spaghetti is done:)

Jul 02, 2006
Strudel in Cookware

Diet Apple Snapple?

When I cannot find a product, I send an e-mail note to the company website (be sure to include your zip code). I usually get a 24-48 turnaround with a list of stores that sell the product in my neighborhood.


P.S. It does taste good.

Jul 02, 2006
Strudel in Manhattan