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Can't get my Le Creuset interior clean

I put in about an inch of water and a dishwasher tablet and put it on the burner and allow to heat to near the boil. Stir to dissolve the tab and let that soak into the stain. I use a wooden spoon for stirring and give the stain a poke from time to time.

Jan 31, 2014
sagwalla in Cookware

1970s era restaurant in Omaha area

Does this ring a bell with anyone? A restaurant run by an older couple, probably central European. They had one fixed menu each evening. I kind of think the restaurant was either one of their first names or their surname.

These people were my grandparents' neighbors. I have been racking my brain trying to remember more about them.

Oct 29, 2010
sagwalla in Great Plains

Ordering/Buying a turkey for Thanksgiving, and other Thanksgiving foods in London

Partridge's on Gloucester Road has canned pumpkin, for certain (window display). But fresh works pretty well too!

Nov 10, 2009
sagwalla in U.K./Ireland

Sour Dough Starter

I have received a starter from Carl's Friends - free but for the SASE you need to supply.

Sep 25, 2008
sagwalla in Home Cooking


I dropped Michael Ruhlman a copy of my question, to which he graciously replied advising that you oughtn't let it go mouldy. He suggested wiping it down either with brine or vinegar, then moving it to the kitchen for the rest of the hang. I did this, and washed it down again this morning before ending the hanging period - it had gone a bit mouldy again. So in the end it had about 9 days on the cure, 9 days hanging. It is delicious.

Incidentally, if I had Googled the question before I asked it, I would have found a decent source of information right here:

Photos of my efforts attached. About 1.6kg of finished product.

Sep 08, 2008
sagwalla in Home Cooking


I'm making pancetta following the recipe in Rulhman / Polcyn's "Charcuterie". I have done the curing (for 9 days, not 7) and am now hanging the pancetta in my cool damp cellar. I checked it last night after six days (it says to hang it for two weeks) and I am seeing what I imagine to be the white mold that I associate with air-dried salami. It looks and smells wonderful.

I assume this is perfectly normal for hanging moist meat in a humid environment. I'm just wondering if I should continue to hang it for the full two weeks. And then, when I finish - I imagine I would just trim away the moldy bits? "Scrub" them off? I am testing my mettle on this - if it were to be completely covered with mold in two weeks, I am not sure I would be all that happy.

Does anybody have any thoughts / pointers on this? Thanks.

Sep 05, 2008
sagwalla in Home Cooking

Moving to Brazil! Cookbook suggestions?

There's an expat group in Rio called the American Society. They publish their own cookbook that, while the recipes are no great shakes, are a combination of American favourites and Brazilian staples. The book also contains a two-way listing of ingredients, cuts of meat, etc. The recipes are in both Portuguese and English. A key idea for this book is that it can help expats communicate with their kitchen staff to get food they like. It's called something like "What's Cooking in Rio".

The expat group welcomes all nationalities - even Brazilians. Don't be put off by the "American" in the name - they are a very friendly lot.

In English, there's a cookbook called Brazil: A Cook's Tour that covers some of the local recipes, although as I recall it had quite an emphasis on Bahian food.

Once you are up to speed in Portuguese, there's a great cookbook you can get from the Dona Lucinha restaurant in Belo Horizonte that covers the gamut of Minas Gerais food.

Jan 16, 2008
sagwalla in Home Cooking