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Cuban sandwich

Jimmy's Food Store has a really good Cuban...not perfectly authentic, but still delicious.
Caribbean Cafe has an excellent Cuban. Try those...


Mr. Wok doesn't have ramen on their menu...and it's a Chinese/Taiwanese restaurant.
Chef Tiffany Derry at Private/Social in Uptown is doing Ramen for lunch everyday....48hour simmered Tonkotsu broth.

A good first date place in Addison...

Second on the rec for Lefty's...fantastic casual New England-style chowder house. Order the's half clam chowder and half lobster bisque served in a mug.

Where can I find Nueske's Bacon?

Really? Every packet of Nueske's that I've purchased online has always been much leaner than regular supermarket bacon.

Where to Find Kurobuta or Berkshire Pork in DFW Area?

Freedman Meats, Inc. does wholesale distribution of Berkshire and Kurobata pork in Dallas...I think they're only restaurant and wholesale, but it never hurts to call up and ask.

Where can I find Nueske's Bacon?

Are there stores that carry Nueske's Applewood Smoked Bacon in Dallas? Other boutique bacons? Suggestions? I need the instant gratification of store-bought bacon rather than online-bought.


I think all of the salumi at Lucia is house-made....not sure...comments? thoughts? Hounder?


no dice with VonGeertsem's...

Sushi lovers. What's the consensus on Kenichi at the W?

mixed in a hangiri and hand-fanned to cool....why?


Any luck? I still haven't had any luck here in Dallas....finally broke down and bought some lardo online. But would still love to find a local place...thanks for any help.

Sushi lovers. What's the consensus on Kenichi at the W?

I have to second tony's recommendation of Mr. Sushi....I've been posting about them for years on Chowhound. Owner Ben-san and Mr. Sushi have been around far longer than any of the other top tier places in town and Mr. Sushi still delivers on the highest quality both in food and creativity. One of my favorite anecdotes from the early days is about Ben-san growing shiso plants in his backyard because no one sold them in Dallas. That is the type of dedication to the food that you want in a sushi chef.

For those of you that have never been, it's a horrible name and bad location (in a strip mall in Addison) for one of the best sushi experiences you will ever have. Obviously, omakase with Ben-san at the front of the sushi bar is the preferred experience, but they have a large staff of excellent chefs and even table service will provide wonderful, quality Japanese food.

Definitely a must try for any sushi lover in Dallas.

Sushi lovers. What's the consensus on Kenichi at the W?

Kenichi has an unimaginative menu that caters to the palate of Americanized Japanese food eaters.

Must eats at Fearing's Restaurant?

The buffalo tacos from the bar menu are awesome (grilled buffalo, queso fresco, sriracha sauce)...

Dan Bing recipe?

Just one quick note...the most important part of this recipe is the heat. Always use Medium to Medium-Low heat...This allows the pancake and egg to cook thoroughly without scorching the pancake.

Apr 13, 2010
ShanghaiSam in Home Cooking

Best Pizza in North Dallas?

Second Olivella's..but wanted to add Grimaldi's to the list. It's located in West Village (Uptown area) and has great coal-oven fired's the same restaurant as the one under the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC (though the pizza here is not nearly as good)...but it's pretty good pie.


Anyone know where I can find lardo in Dallas? I haven't seen it at Jimmy's Food Store, but maybe I didn't look hard enough. Any recommendations on any good Salume/Charcuterie places would also be greatly appreciated. I currently get most of my cured meats from either Jimmy's or Kuby's.

Jimmy's Food Store
4901 Bryan St, Dallas, TX

Offal/Extreme Cuisine in DFW Area?

Chicken feet are fantastic steamed (dim sum-style) or pickled...they are definitely an acquired taste and it's all about texture and the skin. Easiest and best way to try it is at Kirin Court or Maxim's for dim sum on the weekends...can't miss it.

In regards to sweetbreads, all of the tapas places in town offer some version of sweetbreads cooked with butter, lemon, capers, etc...fantastic on little bits of crusty bread. Creamy, rich, buttery texture...actually very similar to Uni. I'm very fond of De Tapas in Addison (right next door to Sherlock's)...great sweetbreads, but my favorite dish there is sauteed baby eels (angulas) with garlic and olive oil...absolutely fantastic.

Speaking of which, Mr. Sushi in Addison always has fresh uni on the menu, though they always seem to run out before the end of the night...especially on weekends. I like to call it the "butter of the sea"...when it's fresh, it has a very sweet, briny, fresh taste of the ocean along with the creamiest of textures. Gotta try it!

Dallas - All you can eat Korean BBQ or buffet

Omi is very good! The H-mart right next door has canned shikhye drink for sale...just got a case last week. Also Chosun BBQ on Royal and Harry Hines is really good!

Where can I buy Chicken Livers in Dallas?

All asian groceries have chicken livers, unfrozen. I just bought some at the Mei Hua
Supermarket on Coit and Park in Plano. Tian Tian Supermarket on Greenville and Beltline has them too.

Sodium Alginate and Calcium Chloride

You should try to find a store that carries supplies for making cheese at home. Calcium Chloride is used in cheese-making to bump up the calcium content of pasteurized milk.

Nov 06, 2009
ShanghaiSam in Houston

Empanadas (Dallas)


Thanks Jacquilynne!

Jun 07, 2009
ShanghaiSam in Site Talk

DFW - Peruvian Guinea Pig - Cuy help then...snarky comments aside...any real advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dragon Fruit-Dallas

I've gotten dragon fruit before at all of the asian supermarkets in the Dallas area.

1. Asia World Market - Legacy Rd. just west of 75
2. Mei Hua Supermarket - Northeast corner of Coit Rd. and W Park Blvd.
3. Tian Tian 88 Supermarket - Greenville Rd. north of Beltline Rd.

Asia World is the largest of the three. I'm surprised you didn't find it at Super H Mart...their produce section is awesome! I've also seen them at some of the Mexican supermarkets.

DFW - Peruvian Guinea Pig - Cuy

Yeah..I know they're cute, but these were bred as food. I had it grilled with spices and it tasted like a meatier dark-meat chicken/pork cross. Haven't really tasted anything like it before or after (and I've tried some really weird stuff in China)...


How do I get an e-mail notification when someone replies to one of my posts?

Jun 03, 2009
ShanghaiSam in Site Talk

DFW - Peruvian Guinea Pig - Cuy

Does anyone know where, or if, I can find this dish in the DFW area? I tried it last year on a trip to Peru and loved it. I've heard that you can buy it frozen in Houston. I'd be willing to grill it at home if I can find a market that sells it. I know this is a little bit out there, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Rudy's BBQ - The best!

I've always found a nice smoke ring and char on the brisket. Have you tried ordering the "Extra Moist" off-menu brisket...I agree that it may be a little freakishly tender but I'm okay with that. The Extra Moist is nice and greasy with a great pink smoke ring and it always has good bits of char. Their St. Louis-style ribs are fantastic and the dry rub gives it just the right kick. What we've found to be really good is bringing our own bottles of Salt Lick sauce (Original and Spicy) and using it with Rudy's brisket....favorite location is definitely the one on 360 in Austin. Frisco location is the only one close by in Dallas, so it holds me over till I can get to Austin.

Apr 21, 2009
ShanghaiSam in Texas

Authentic sichuan chengdu style hotpot (hua guo) in Dallas?

Sichuanese has hotpot. I've had it there twice and it's been good both times. Was just there on Sunday and two other tables were having hotpot. They also have the half-half pot (ying-yang) with half regular broth and half spicy broth. Limited selection of accompaniment items (fish balls, various dumplings, etc.) but the basics are there.

Also, Mr. Shabu Shabu right across the street has a pretty good individual spicy broth hotpot. (each place-setting has it's own built-in burner)'s Chinese-owned even though it's called Shabu Shabu. I have yet to find a good Taiwanese hotpot place with pig's/duck's blood cake in the spicy broth, but I'll keep looking.

Two nights in Dallas - sushi

Nobu, while it can sometimes be original and does have a large menu, is absurdly over-priced for what you get. As great as Nobu Mastuhisa is, he's not in the kitchen so you're essentially eating in a chain. Kenichi is americanized sushi with nothing you won't find in a plastic box at an upscale supermarket. Teppo and Tei Tei are both more Robata-centric with generic sushi offerings. Tei An is an amazing soba house with a few original sushi offerings.