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Any Philly Cheesesteak's in SEA worth trying?

Philadelphia Fevre was at one time the best place to get a cheesesteak in Seattle. However, that time is now long past - Tat's Deli is my now go-to spot. I am looking forward to checking out Hey Paison.

Hey Paison
641 SW 152ND St, Burien, WA

Aug 12, 2010
happa in Greater Seattle

Anyone tried the Night Kitchen ?

I heard a little bit about it before it opened, but then nothing. That might not be the best sign, but I'm curious.

Mar 31, 2010
happa in Greater Seattle

Best Seattle Fish and Chips?

I really like Emerald City Fish and Chips - had them today as a matter of fact. Breaded kind with a nod towards New Orleans flavors. Not spicy - just well seasoned. They have cod, catfish, halibut, and salmon - what I've had has been really fresh tasting. Nice oysters in the po'boy but I'm not crazy about the bread/roll. They use a stadium roll and not a french bread. Cole slaw could be better, but all in all I like it a lot.

Jan 31, 2010
happa in Greater Seattle

SEA- Belltown Rocker Dinner?

Mama's was definitely a go-to spot back in the day. Of the list, that is certainly the top early 90's rock joint eatery. Two Bells was another - mainly for lunch. The Croc? yeah they probably still serve up food, but breakfast was all I ever knew anyone ate there. El Gaucho is a great steakhouse with nice service, but I don't think of such as a rocker joint. Noodle Ranch is another still operating joint in the hood that was quite popular - although I've heard not as great anymore. Tini Bigs - not a place a early 90's rock guy/girl would be. Avenue One - closed and not a rock spot.
OK - hope this helps a bit. Have a great time!

Jan 10, 2010
happa in Greater Seattle

Lilikoi / Passion Fruit Juice - Seattle

I pretty sure L&L Hawaiian BBQ sells them too.

Dec 12, 2007
happa in Pacific Northwest

<sea> hatch green chile

If you happen to find yourself in Tukwila, the Tukwila Trading Post ( the old Larry's on 99) has a great selection of chiles. Fresh, dried, tinned, they have a great selection of comida Latino. Also - huge bags of meat. I'm not kidding, you should really check it out.

Oct 30, 2007
happa in Greater Seattle

Hawaiian Delight POG?!?

L&L Hawaiian BBQ joints sell them. I know there's one in Federal Way.

Oct 11, 2007
happa in Pacific Northwest

Costco private brand and prepared food quality

Anything with Kirkland Signature is a corporate wide account and is going to be in all of the Costcos. And that is huge. The sheer volume rules out most manufacturers, so if it says Kirkland Signature on it, it will most likely be made by a really large company that markets a similar product.

Dec 09, 2006
happa in Chains

Pupusas in/near Seattle

Hi, the name of the place is Mi Chalateca. I go there often for lunch as I work just around the corner. I work with a bunch of ladies from El Salvador and they said that the place is pretty good, but they can make better pupusas at home. So unless you get an invite to one of there homes Mi Chalateca will have to sufice.

Mi Chalateca
33427 Pacific Hwy S.
Federal Way WA

Nov 28, 2006
happa in Greater Seattle

Mexican in Seattle

Yeah - I know it's not Seattle but Barriga Llena in Federal Way is a great little tortaria. It's around 304th and Pacific Highway S. I know they're doing some remodeling, as a car recently drove through the business next door, but the have a truck outside serving up the goods until they finish.

Nov 04, 2006
happa in Greater Seattle

Oliver's Twist - is it open? Seattle

Last Sun (10/29)the Chef/owner was plunking down a wad of $$ for some great cheeses from Estrella Creamery at the Ballard Farmer's Market and he said they were going to open that Thur. (11/3). I'm don't know if they did though. At the very least they're going to have some great cheeses.

Nov 04, 2006
happa in Pacific Northwest

Best Bahn Mi in Puget Sound

Try Tony's Bakery on MLK. I think they're all $2.00.

Jul 02, 2006
happa in Pacific Northwest