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north carolina foodie towns?

I loved the section of the Parkway north of Asheville to Boone for fall including Moses Cohn Park and Grandfather. We recently spent a night in Blowing Rock and really enjoyed our evening at Storie Street Grill. The owner was at the door, her charming and well-versed husband was manning the bar and recommended some delicious wines.

Oct 03, 2011
moralesmom in Southeast

Best of downtown Asheville

We spent 3 nights in Asheville and really loved Admiral; thought Table was a bit over-rated. After dinner at Table, we thought we'd walk over and have dessert at the Chocolate Fetish based on some previous posts, but they are only open during the day. We'll have to try it on our next trip to Asheville.

Oct 03, 2011
moralesmom in Southeast


I'm from Miami, which is a pretty "foodie" town. My husband and I recently spent 3 nights in Asheville enroute to Maine and Manhattan. Without a doubt, Admiral was one of our favorite restaurants in three weeks of very good eating. We liked it so well (especially the mussels) that we went a second time even though there were plenty of places that came highly recommended both on this site and by other "tourists" we spoke to, who, without exception, thought that Asheville had an extraordinary number of good restaurants for a town of its size. We also tried Table, which was pleasant but I found the food seemed to have ingredients chosen for their trendiness rather than for what they added to the dish, 12 Bones for lunch which needs no further commentary, and Sunny Point (a very 70s vibe health food restaurant) for breakfast where my husband had their 'OK' take on huevos rancheros and i enjoyed an excellent biscuit.

Oct 03, 2011
moralesmom in Southeast

Underrated in Miami

WHat about Hollywood Boulevard and the area around Young's circle? We were driving there today and it seemed like there were a dozen small restaurants on one block. Has anyone got a recommendation in that area besides Chinatopia, which we love?

1824 Harrison St, Hollywood, FL 33020

New or Coming to Miami / Dade - 2010 Edition

Has anyone tried any of the restaurants in Gulfstream? I noticed several of them say they are opening in March. Any news?

Graduation dinner

Thanks so much to all of you, I'll check into those suggestions. Babson Graduates May 15th and my son has to leave the dorms the same day, so no house parties are possible. We'll leave the Craigies and other places getting love from the hounds for another time.

Graduation dinner

I don't know when others graduate, but I'm planning for mid-May now precisely to avoid such a problem. We are eight people and some of the other families have mentioned getting together for dinner. In Miami, we have previously arranged for 4 tables in separate area of a large restaurant with a limited (think restaurant week) menu and each family taking care of it's own bill. Another time we took a private room and just hosted it ourselves. We will probably stay in Copley plaza area, but we can eat anywhere we can drive and park. A late lunch is a good possibility since I understand the graduation is in the morning. Price range and cuisine are flexible.

Graduation dinner

Dear Hounds; I have read with interest your 10 best & other posts. Please help me out. Where can we take a celebrating group for good food? We are talking more than 12 people and possibly more than one table. In my experience, only certain restaurants can handle (or would want) such a crowd. I'm not looking for a 10 course tasting menu, just good food in a comfortable atmosphere that will allow us to visit with each other.

New or coming soon '09 edition (Miami)

Has anyone actually tried Prelude by Barton G yet?

Barton G Restaurant
1427 West Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Nervous about Miami options during Mem Weekend

South Beach will be a zoo on Memorial weekend. If you want to do Joe's, why not go for lunch instead of dinner? Same food, less hassle. You should also try some Cuban food if you want the real Miami experience. I like Red Light very much, but it is New Orleans style food which you can enjoy overlooking the river. At Michael's I only sit outside as I find the rooms too noisy, although some love the scene. If you are only down for the weekend and driving back and forth to Key West, you won't have much time anyway.

Gotham Steak @ the Fountainebleau Hotel (Miami)

Has anyone tried the other restaurants in the Fountainebleau? How about 1 Bleu? I'd love to know how things are going with Mark Militello there.