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Roasted Shrimp with Romesco Sauce

I don't get why you roast the tomato, garlic, bread and almonds but you buy a jar of roasted peppers? why not roast the peppers too? would it take that much longer? I don't like the weird taste of jarred roasted peppers!

Sep 03, 2010
jeanheek in Recipes

Vegetarian-friendly in New Orleans?

any ideas? We all eat seafood, but several don't eat meat, or poultry, and i suspect pork flavors almost everything...

Apr 26, 2010
jeanheek in New Orleans

Miso-Ginger Vinaigrette

Hi, I am wondering why the oil has to be untoasted sesame oil? The one time I made a mistake and bought the untoasted one, it had no taste or a slightly unappealing seedy taste. What would happen if you used the much more assertive toasted sesame oil? or alternatively, sounds like using sunflower, safflower or any mild light oil would do.

Jan 28, 2009
jeanheek in Recipes

Indian rec for 2 couples with 2 2-yr-olds

Hi all,
appreciate the help! I have friends coming in from New Orleans (where you know they know about good food!). They lived in NY for 10 years though, and they are requesting an Indian restaurant for tomorrow night. But now that we both have 2 year olds, I'm not sure where to take them (I really would love to bring them to Devi but with toddlers? I'm sure the rest of the patrons would kill me!).

These are 2 well-behaved girls, to be honest, and not loud or fussy. So we may be able to manage better than a Baluchys.

So, have a rec? Send it on!

We are going to be starting from the lower Chelsea/Union Square neighborhood so either the Curry Hill or Little India neighborhoods would be fine. I haven't eaten at either of those in years so I don't know what's worth trying right now.

Thank you, Chowhounds!!!

Jan 15, 2008
jeanheek in Manhattan