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One Dinner in Nashville

Another restaurant often overlooked and really a granddaddy of the nashville scene is F. Scott's in Green Hills. I have dined here about 5 times in 10 years and every time I say, why don't I eat here more, it's always good and classy. Many of the top restaurants in town have had there chef's working here, including City House and Margo's Cafe.

City House
1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

Chowhounder Flying into Nashville need breakfast on Saturday

Bricktops on West End, a higher end, classy joint

Paris vs London Restaurants

We did this trip a year ago christmas and had good pub / ethnic (mostly indian) in London. Make sure you choose the right pub though, the pubs in London are like McDonalds, exactly the same atmoshphere and food unless you find a special one. We had the best meals in Paris, Cherche Midi, La Alcazar and little hole in the walls along the way, your concirge should be able to help. Enjoy and the train is a blast! Go Mets?

Feb 26, 2011
WestEndRailNJ in U.K./Ireland

HELP - Mr. B's or Emeril's

I would choose Emeril's over Mr. B's and would also say skip Muriels as it is only a solid two base hit. I recently went to Coquettes and would strongly suggest you check that out, I would go there over Emerils 7 out of 10. The problem with Emerils is you can come away from there with some incredible food and also about half the time some pretty pedestrian food, on par with Muriels, just so, so. Thats ok if your ordering NOLA style food in Cleveland, but not in the dirty water capital! Happy Eating

Emeril's Restaurant
800 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130

Feb 25, 2011
WestEndRailNJ in New Orleans

Solo Male Diner , Want to try a New Place

So I ended up going to Coquettes for dinner. Was a bit of a haul from my hotel but the food was amazing. I opted for the 4 couse chef's tasting menue paired with wine. I think the cochon dish I had there may have been one of the best things I ever ate. Today I went to Mr B's for lunch and had the gumbo pasta, veru good as well. I would definately recommend anyone going to Coquettes for diner solo or group. Thanks for the great recomendation

Feb 24, 2011
WestEndRailNJ in New Orleans

Solo Male Diner , Want to try a New Place

Have eaten recently when in town at Emerals, August, Cochon and want to try someplace new with Great food and a good bar scence. Will be there mid week and am staying at the Riverside Hillton. Thanks for your suggestions.

930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

Feb 21, 2011
WestEndRailNJ in New Orleans

Looking for good restaurant in Redbank NJ

For breakfast take a ride down Rumson Road to Sea Bright and have some breakfast at Steve's luncheonette. He has the best heuvos rancheros and awesome fresh home fries

Jan 25, 2011
WestEndRailNJ in New Jersey

Nashville Top 3?

City House - Rustic Italian in Germantown
Watermark - Southern Upscale, Gulch
Samari Sushi - Hole in the wall, great sushi - Elliston Place, near Parthenon
My list for today

City House
1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

Not your typical Nashville Bachelorette Party...

What I like about your selection:
Gulch, fun. lots to do and can wander to a bunch of different bar / restaurants.
Nash Trash Tour, hysterical, great use of time.. fun
Hermitage Hotel, beautiful, great choice, have a drink in the Oak Bar and check out the mens bathroom.
Virago, great choice for dinner, you can walk across the street and also go into Wiskey Kitchen for a drink, fun
Sambuca, not so much, try Watermark upstairs, elegant, upscale southern fare, great dinner option, also consider Fish and Company across from South Street, great seafood and raw bar, with a James Beard Award winning chef.
Burger up, not so much, will fill you up
Suzy Wong / Play.. never been, these are gaycentric establishments in a dicey part of town, make sure you have a ride.

Definately find time for Patterson House, not far from all the options, also consider the Hutton Hotel, nice bar / restaurant

Have fun

The Patterson House
1711 Division Street, Nashville, TN

South Street Restaurant
907 20th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212

Table 3 and Fish & Co. Nashville, anyone been?

I went to Fish & Co this weekend it it was awesome. The raw bar alone makes it a hit, had great, fresh oysters and clams, beautiful, actually reordered more and had them delay the main course. Wife had the fisherman's stew, cioppino like, very good, fresh. I had the signature dish, scallops w a shrimp hash, really fresh and filling. Try the bengiots for dessert

White Rose System - Highland Park

I went there when I worked in Woodbridge over a decade ago, since I moved I have asked a few people, mostly Rutgers kids and not gotten a reply. Love the white rose, completely a jersey thing. We had a mechanic that was a little slow and he went there every day to get breakfast, one day they asked him what his name was and he thought the asked what he wanted so he said "buttered roll". He was and maybe still is known as Buttered Roll...

Jan 10, 2011
WestEndRailNJ in New Jersey

Chicken Savoy? Ever hear of it?

It is a jersey shore classic, first served at the Legendary "Surf Restaurant" on the ocean in Long Branch. It lives on at another great restaurant Giamanos in Bradley Beach NJ with a kitchen alum from the original Surf. My recollection is that it is similar to a murphy sauce w/o the potatoes and includes hot and sweet peppers.

Jan 03, 2011
WestEndRailNJ in Home Cooking

seasoning a dry aged rib eye (no bone)

Agreed that it should be seasoned w Kosher salt & pepper, maybe also chipotle seasoning if you want to spice it up a bit. Most importantly, take it out of the fridge and let it come near room temp before cooking, at least 1 hour. If you call grill this over wood charcoal it will be worth it!

Sep 24, 2010
WestEndRailNJ in Home Cooking

Solo Dining in Buckhead

went to Craft Bar and had a great meal. Was able to order off the upstairs restaurant, good company, I was well cared for NY staff. Had the duck ANC beet salad

Sep 22, 2010
WestEndRailNJ in Atlanta

Solo Dining in Buckhead

Will be in Atl tomorrow staying in Buckhead and was hoping for a great restaurant where I can dine solo and sit at the bar and hopefully be entertained? Price no object and probably not looking for steakhouses. I am tired of going to the Palm, Bones, Chops, etc.

Thanks for your suggestions

Sep 21, 2010
WestEndRailNJ in Atlanta

Great places in the Townsend / Maryville area?

Dancing bear is owned by Blackberry Farms and is very expensive. I went to Eurpoe for a week cheaper than what I payed at Blackberry for a weekend! Outrageous, no other way to put it!

Blackberry Farm
1471 W Millers Cove Rd, Walland, TN

Battle Ground Brewery, Franklin, TN

Tried it out tonight with a friend. The place is an old jail, nicely refinished but it s on 3 levels and is really disjointed a do'thae a gggggggdvibe,everyhn iseperated by llsorleves.

Blind Pig 12th South - Great New Joint

Sorry, this is a Nashville Restaurant, 1st time starting a topic, the format was a little confusing, I thought I put it in the topic line

Blind Pig 12th South - Great New Joint

I just had lunch at the Blind Pig on 12th in the space formally occupied by Mirror. It is an open airy place with tables in the infield and boths along both side walls with a bar along the back wall. A couple (3) of big TV's for sports watching. I had the Memphis shoulder sandwich on texas toast. The sandwich comes with really nicely spiced pickels and awesome fries. They have about 4 barbecue sauces to choose from, the traditional red sweet, a mustard sauce and 2 others more on the vinegar side. My sandwich was awesome, the meat was moist and chunky with some really nice smoke. The toast held up pretty well under the circumstances. The place was about full by 11:30 and I even saw the competition having lunch with her possey from Burger Up / Frothy Monkey. With all the dining options in the 12 south area they are going to need some cops to slow down traffic. On the bright side, maybe the waits at some of the spots will lighten up. Give it a try, I'm sure you"ll enjoy.

Frothy Monkey
2509 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Restaurants near Long Branch

For great Pizza in a casual neighborhood go to Nunzios and right next door is a great casual italian restaurant called Tuzzios, get the chicken murphy w pasta and potato's

These places have been around for probably 40 years each

Jun 10, 2010
WestEndRailNJ in New Jersey

Northeast transplants looking for wine stores near Cedar Hill, TN

Don't know about wine shops near you but I have imported wine into the state, there are some regulations but you can usually get past that by using a 3rd party. 2 problems, very expensive to ship wine and also you can only do it when the weather is ok to ship otherwise you can cook / freeze the wine. Why don't you make a road trip to Nashville about once a month and go to Frugal MacDougals, great selection, best prices in the State.

Need A Nice Fine Dining Spot in Nashville Tonight..............

I would agree with TLF definately not the Stockyard. City House and Miel are great but more casual, not fine dining. Consider the Capital Grill in the Hermitage Hotel, also Watermark and Miro District in the Gulch, very good. Another option would be Margot Cafe in East Nashville.Also the 1808 Restaurant in the Hutton Hotel. Maybe stop by the Patterson house before or after for a drink.

City House
1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

Nashville restaurant that threw out Kermit Lynch?

I don't think they are talking about city house for these reasons. I have dined at City House many times and not found there food to be oversalted. Remember this is an Italian Restaurant so the Italian cheese can be pretty salty on their own. The 2nd reason is he said in his interview that it was a pretty fancy place, City House is many things but fancy it isn't. My guess is it was either Capital Grill, Watermark or Miro District.

City House
1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

Las Vegas solo

Post Report:

Had dinner at the bar at Circo. Perfect, had a 1/2 order of the resotto as an app and then had the lamb chops, delicious. Enjoyed a nice 1/2 bottle of wine and watched the basketball on the big screen. Bartenders very nice and great conversationists. Thanks for the tip:)

3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Mar 21, 2010
WestEndRailNJ in Las Vegas

Las Vegas solo

Thanks, thats sounds perfect. I'll give it a try

Mar 16, 2010
WestEndRailNJ in Las Vegas

Las Vegas solo

I am spendig a night solo in Vegas and was hoping for a recommendation for a great restaurant where I can sit at the bar and eat a full menu. Money is no object, looking for a lively place with great food, steak, seafood, whatever. I am staying at the Mirage.

Thanks in advance

Mar 15, 2010
WestEndRailNJ in Las Vegas

Taste of Russia Franklin, TN (surrounding Nashville area)

This restaurant went the way of the dodo...

bye bye

Blackberry Farm?

We stayed there in the fall and it was very good, I don't think you can eat lunch there however unless you are staying at the resort. You might call ahead to check it out. The lunches change every day as do the dinners, but the dinners are where it's at. The place is very, very, very expensive.

Hash browns in Nashville

Best Hashbrowns in town are at Pancake Pantry in Hillsboro Village, followed by a close 2nd at Athens Family Restaurant on 8th Ave South

Paris Christmas Eve & 3 nights beyond

Dinner recomendations for family w 2 teenage boys, we are staying in St German Du Pres and currently have reservatuions for L’Alcazar. We love good food and the biys are adventurous, any must eats? Thanks

Dec 12, 2009
WestEndRailNJ in France