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good happy hours in boca

Sometimes my husband and I just feel like some drinks and appetizers. Any suggestions in Boca?

Aug 08, 2008
joanm in Miami - Fort Lauderdale

reasonable Hollywood dinner

Thank you all. We are considering Rivals as the prices don't look too bad and they have outside seating which may be nice, heat providing. We only have two hours, so I think that we must eliminate any cabs

Jun 04, 2008
joanm in Florida

reasonable Hollywood dinner

Relatives are staying at the Hollywood Diplomat next week. Is there anything within walking distance that is moderate? The restaurant hotels all have entrees in the $40 range. We are looking for someplace quiet so we can talk as we only have a few hours to spend with them

Jun 03, 2008
joanm in Florida

saturday lunch in media

Looking for a place to meet sister for saturday lunch in august. Any ideas?

Jul 26, 2007
joanm in Pennsylvania

chinese bakery

Thanks for your responses. I definately will give these a try. Having lived in San Francisco, I was used to several every block on my walk home.

Nov 08, 2006
joanm in Florida

chinese bakery

Are there any Chinese bakeries in Palm Beach or Broward counties where it ids possible to buy dim sum?

Nov 03, 2006
joanm in Florida

Dim Sum in Boca

Does anyone know a good restaurant serving a large selection of dim sum by cart?

Jul 02, 2006
joanm in Florida