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North American Style Pizza - Yonge & Lawrence

Someone please help me find a good North American style pizza joint. Here at Yonge and Lawrence I‘m surrounded by authentic Italian style pizza places. I am sick of them I can’t stand them I don’t want my pizza from an Italian restaurant. Then my other choices are the chains which are just plain gross. Where is the real pizza joints? None of this “authentic” pizza crap I want real Americana style pizza

Younge and Sheppard - Looking for Pizza and Breakfast

Wow thanks for all the suggestions on the Pizza. I guess there really is no good breakfast places near by. Who ever does finally open one in the area will make a killing.

Younge and Sheppard - Looking for Pizza and Breakfast

Hey All,

I live in Younge and Sheppard area and was looking for suggestion for the best pizza place that delivers. Also is there anywhere walking distance that has a real killer breakfast. I'm amazed that the area has no breakfast places that I can find.