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Vermont: Pimp my trip....

A note about the Bufala di Vermont...their website suggests that they recently moved operations to Canada. I don't believe you'll be able to visit the farm. I was up in Woodstock this past weekend visiting On The Edge Farm, and she confirmed that the Vermont Water Buffalo Farm is no longer operating in South Woodstock.

Taco Trucks in New England?

One in Keene, NH. Papa's Tacos on Emerald Street. It shares a parking lot with a laundromat and is ironically situated across a side street from the local overpriced health-food store.

Nice owners (unless the tires of the truck have recently been slashed by bored hoodlums - it's happened once), good local clientele, and also the best cheap hamburger and natural casing hot dog in town in addition to their tacos. :-) Yup, they're real nice folk and seem to be there year-round.

Springfield Vt and surrounding area...What to eat?

Sadly, Raspberries and Thyme is no longer...according to my folks. There is another restaurant in its place - I'm not sure what it's called but I'm sure it's nowhere near the niceness of the former occupant.

californian tackles new england

Don't know if I'm too late to comment on this, but for lunch in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts I've always had good luck at Bub's in Sunderland. Southern-style BBQ with a whole fixins bar and everything. Outdoor seating as well if you are so inclined. On route 116 (take the Amherst/Sunderland exit from 91).

californian tackles new england

You're referring to Nick's. It's had its bad days, but you can usually have good luck there. Yes, it is an inflatable crab, and yes, it's tacky. ;-)

Restaurants in VT I-91 off Exit 6

The Heritage Deli & Bakery in Chester (north on 103) has decent and diverse lunch offerings. Grab a whoopie pie for the road!

Margaritas = mediocre

My short answer to why Margarita's in Keene is more popular than La Carreta is that it's on Main Street and more visible, rather than being buried in the Colony Mill's labrynthine parking lot.

The long answer is that anything that goes into that building where La Carreta is usually is doomed to fail - think about what happened to the Rynborn and other restaurants. No, the Rynborn wasn't great food...but location, location, location. Some might argue that former establishments in the Margarita's building (Henry Davids, anyone?) have suffered a similar fate, but the turnover isn't nearly as high.

Margarita's is also more familiar. Having been on Main Street for much longer than La Carreta has been around, it's cultivated a following. Quality doesn't matter much when most of the residents in Keene go with what they know.

Mad Dawgs in Lowell, MA?

If it's anything like the one in Keene, NH (and I'm assuming that all franchise locations use the same hot dogs, menu, toppings, etc), it's not worth the time.

As a frequent visitor of the hot dog joints around here, I consider myself to be somewhat of a "connoiseur" as much as one can be a connoiseur of hot dogs). I was very impressed by the wide assortment of options, and the clever idea of naming them all after different dog breeds. However I found the hot dogs themselves to be very, very bland and run-of-the mill. They are not natural casing, and are very salty. I know that sodium content is usually high in dogs of any kind, but to me, if you are going to toute "gourmet" hot dogs they should at least be natural casing. The toppings far outshine the dogs at this place, and that's not necessarily a good thing.

Oh well, each his own. If you ever get to Bad Dawgs in Lowell when it is open, I hope you have better luck.

Southwest NH Bakeries

Thank you! I will do a little web research. Grandma Miller's is closer for me when I am home, but not during my workday....actually, come to think of it...Hillsborough might even be closer to me when I'm home! Hmmm.

Southwest NH Bakeries

Thanks again. I will be sure to check them out, too!

Southwest NH Bakeries

Will check it out! Good suggestion...I've driven by a few times and have never really thought about stopping...'til now. Thanks!

Southwest NH Bakeries

Why do I always, always, always forget about Burdick's? Thank you for reminding me.

Southwest NH Bakeries

Afternoon, 'Hounds.

Being a Monadnock Region resident of 20+ years, I really should know what's out there in terms of food. But once Jean's Pastry in Keene finally closed up shop a few years ago, I lost interest in baked goods in the area. Now I find myself with an hour-long lunch period Monday-Friday, and occasionally my lunch is not sufficient to suit my appetites.

In short, I'm looking for a really good dessert-type bakery in the area. It doesn't have to be anything SPECIAL, just really GOOD and within 25 minutes of Keene. I tried Kristen's Bakery and Bistro (Washington Street) today and while the multi-layered decadent peanut butter chocolate thing I had was good it wasn't great. And it left me with this odd, unsettling heavy feeling in my stomach that MAY have been the guilt of having eaten that much nougat and peanut butter sauce. Also, the local coffee shops are good (i.e. Brewbakers, Prime Roast) but woefully limited and more breakfast-oriented anyway. I want something that's going to cure my afternoon sweet cravings...without having to resort to those eerily satisfying yet undeniably horrible Betty Crocker Warm Delights.

Is there a solution here? Or am I forever doomed to making weekend trips across the river to Chester and South Londonderry, Vermont to get my pastry fix?

Ceilidh House, Westmoreland, NH


Was wondering if anyone in the SW New Hampshire area had a chance to try out the Ceilidh House. Purportedly they serve "authentic" fare from Scotland, Ireland and beyond. Thoughts, if any? I wanted to go there for lunch some afternoon.