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Fu Lam Mum/Moon resurfacing in Mountain View

Regarding the Golden Wok. Don't expect much change. It appears as if the owner of the restaurant and owner of the building are in a contract dispute. Word is that the owner of the building is too cheap to make necessary repairs. The owner taped up notices in November/December about not being responsible for repairs that are being made. And a standard alcohol license transfer poster was up a few weeks ago that made it appear that it had been transferred to a new owner.


Thanks for the tip. I emailed Neto and will call or even go in there later in the week if they don't respond. I'll let everyone know what Neto says.


Do you know of a Bay Area bakery, church, or community group that is selling paczki.

Paczki (pronounced: poonch-key) are Polish-style doughnuts filled with jelly. The most popular day to eat paczki is Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. I grew up in the Detroit area where Fat Tuesday is more commonly referred to as paczki day.

Any help tracking these treats down will be most appreciated. I miss including them in any pre-Lenten festivities.