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Anything Good in Ft Myers OR Sanibel

Heading up to FMB this weekend with my girl and wondered if there may be a link or listing of this year's winners?

Also thanks to all for comments!

Jun 26, 2009
y2ksrvivr in Florida

How/Why did you pick your screen name?

Having "played" around with home/desktop computers since, ok I am going to date myself here, using the Atari game console to run the "first" spreadsheet program for home, VisiCalc, I was very amused with the media's and government's hyperbole regarding the impending "computer doom" associated with the year 2000 or Y2K as it became known.

Quite honestly, I have learned to expect this type of sensationalist reporting from the press but didn't really think our own government would also be guilty as well. In any case, I always knew that the hype would never match the reality, and that January 1, 2000 would not be the "Day the Earth Quit Spinning Because Computers Stopped Working".

So around the middle of December I was thoroughly enjoying the increased gibberish that was mounting on the upcoming "crisis". Looking back around this time, I think most of us probably did not go through a day, let alone an hour, where the Y2K subject was not spoken or written about.

Everywhere you looked (and by now the rest of the world had seemingly bought into the hype too) Y2K talk dominated. Politicians, scientists, priests, lawyers, doctors, barbers (and yes, chefs too), etc. were going back and forth about what type of Armageddon might be upon us. I chuckle even now recallling the food hoarding and building of "safe" bunkers, etc. that was going on!

So here I was, kind of "grinning like a Cheshire cat", watching the events unfolding when I went in for my annual cardio check-up (foie gras and pork fat may rule, but you got to check them pipes you know :-). Everything went well, or at least I thought, cause I didn't pass out from the stress test or anything. However, my doctor called me a few days later to say that the nuclear stress test results showed I had some clogged arteries and needed an angioplasty procedure ASAP!

So it was around December 20th now, and you could have literally knocked me over with a feather. I realized how ironic it was that as I was enjoying the unfounded speculation about the "impending doom" of the world, I might actually be the one that did not live to see the year 2000!

The procedure was scheduled for the 22nd and I distinctly remember my last words to the cardio surgeon was to do his best because I needed to see Y2K! As it turned out, the nuclear test results had yielded a "false positive" (talk about double speak!) and the angiplasty was "downgraded" into a "mere" angiogram! Lucky me! If I could have sued those "nuclear knuckleheads", believe me, I would have! It still burns me up today (and I'm not talking about the memory of the thallium sensation either)!

Anyways, as I was making the traditional midnight toast to the New Year, Y2K, I knew that not only was the world not "doomed" and that the caviar to follow would be delicious, but even more importantly, I was a Y2K Survivor! Hence my screen name: y2ksrvivr.

Feb 23, 2008
y2ksrvivr in Site Talk

Best Sandwich you ever had?

In the day before continuous I-95 travel between NY and FL (I know I know, I'm old :-) we used to drive down every year to visit relatives.

My grandmother would always make two "for the trip" sandwiches, scrambled egg and chicken, both on untoasted white bread.

They usually got us six (Dad&Mom, Granddad&Mom, Bro and me) through the first day of travel. The trip took about two days of pretty much straight through driving if I remember correctly. After the sandwiches, we basically drove through the next day or so with maybe a stop here and there for some fried chicken or simple breakfast food. No chains around to choose from, thankfully, I now realize.

But honestly, after the sandwiches, I really do not recall anything standing out. In retrospect, it is too bad Chowhound wasn't around back then! But how could it be? Al Gore hadn't invented the Internet yet!

Now back to those sandwiches. We would have the egg ones for lunch and they where as fluffy and moist (in a good way if you know what I mean) as any I have had. Their only drawback being the need to roll down all windows about half hour or so after consuming cause of the "exhaust" (we kids loved the fresh air LOL, and who the heck cares about hairdos in a time of crisis anyways?).

The chicken ones where equally delicious and would be eaten for an early dinner, before the sun went down (we called it supper back in the day). The chicken was simply baked with s&p and torn into pieces. Perhaps it was because of my gramdmom's love in making them, but they also tasted "sweet" and were perfectly juicy with the whitebread soaking some of the goodness up (no mayo needed and I am guessing it would have spoiled in any case).

We would have these same sandwiches every trip for 5 or so straight years and never tired of them. Then my grandparents moved to FL and we started to fly to visit them and the relatives. Looking back, this was probably a good idea since I do not think Mom could have duplicated Grandmom's sandwiches.

Anyways, perhaps it was the "thrill of the road" or more likely the sharing and closeness of our family (6 in a Chevy Impala on a 48 hour drive through trip breeds a lot of that :-), but those simple sandwiches will always standout as the "best" I will ever have.

Then again, I am also partial to a pastrami on rye from Carnegie or Katz too!

Feb 23, 2008
y2ksrvivr in General Topics

What happened to the good ol' NYC street pretzel? [moved from Manhattan board]

TY so much NYD!!

I love pretzels and your step-by-step description is easy enough for even a bad cook like myself to give it a go. Wonderful job!

Feb 23, 2008
y2ksrvivr in General Topics

Miami January 11 - 14

Thank you so much for all the recs. This is the reason I joined this site and I most cetainly appreciate your aid. I will try to go there soon and report back. The paella intrigues me as do most of the others to be perfectly honest :-). Thanks again!

Jan 15, 2008
y2ksrvivr in Florida

Miami Wine Shops

Isn't that illegal?

Jan 15, 2008
y2ksrvivr in Florida

Miami January 11 - 14

I like veal milanese too. Is there any other dish you would rec that is more indicative of the restaurant in your opinion? I am new to the site and after reading some posts have figured that most local people seem to like this place and I would like to experience too.

Thank you in advance for any recs.

Jan 15, 2008
y2ksrvivr in Florida

Miami Fish Tacos

Do any of the Peruvian places do them? Or is it only a Mexican thing?

Jan 15, 2008
y2ksrvivr in Florida