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McFeeter's Honey Butter

I got curious about this product after my first post over five years ago. I looked into it. While I can't remember the specifics any more, I do recall that I was certain that the product is not being made any longer.

I've been buying honey butter at farmer's markets.

St Louis's in the Beach, what was i thinking

I've been to the Beach(es) location twice -- once shortly after it opened and once very recently -- and both the food and the service were dreadful on both occasions. Never, ever again.

But if I had to eat at a chain in the Atrium, I would choose St. Louis over its competitors. I've always had good service and at least passable food at that location.

Beach Rib-Fest

For those who were thinking of going but hate crowds and long lineups, GO NOW! The weather (and maybe lack of promotion) has kept the crowds away. It took us a grand total of 10 minutes to place our order, get our food, and grab a table in the beer tent.

Today we tried Camp 31. I had the ribs and my friend had the pulled pork sandwich, with baked beans and coleslaw. We both loved the tangy baked beans and I loved the ribs (and will continue to enjoy them throughout the week -- my portion was huge.) My friend was impressed by the generous portion of pulled pork, but she found it not vinegary enough for her taste. She allows that it may be that she's not fond of this regional variation. I didn't try the pulled pork myself, as I was already full from the ribs. There was nothing memorable about the very ordinary creamy-style coleslaw. I wish that I had skipped it and left room to try the pulled pork.

I'll be back tomorrow to try out Buster Rhino's or Uncle Sam's.

Location: Woodbine Park, Toronto

Hotdog vendors

I can't comment specifically on Orfus Road, but there aren't very many hot dog vendors around at this time of year. It's too cold for many of the patrons, and it's hard to keep the condiments from freezing.

Anywhere to buy New Mexico green/red chile around Toronto?

I'm constantly on the hunt, and I still haven't found anything in Toronto. The Latin American/Californian/etc. products aren't the same.

I'm still relying on mercy shipments from friends in NM....

Single White Vegan Seeks Same

If CBP ends up in a long term relationship with this "chick," CBP will almost certainly have to conform to her diet for practical reasons: are they going to make separate meals each and every day for the rest of their lives?

I was in a relationship with a very fussy eater, and it just became easier for me to give up the foods that the fussy eater wouldn't touch. I found it annoying, but not a dealbreaker. However, CBP seems so dietarily (is that a word?) incompatible with the "chick" that he should just move on now.

Feb 24, 2009
The Berserker in Features

Clark beans

The Giant Tiger chain always has all the varieties of Clark beans.

Fresh Fish from the Great Lakes?

I don't agree with what you've heard about Lake Erie fish. Try Minor Fisheries in Port Colborne -- about a two hour drive from Toronto -- for fresh perch, pickerel, etc. The Lake Erie shore in Niagara seems to be more on the radar for Buffalonians than Torontonians.

Looking for Best TRADITIONAL Pumpkin Pie in GTA

My favourite traditional pie is the one sold frozen at M&Ms.

Murphy's Law on Queen for dinner

I've never had the steak special, but I've had the Sunday roast beef dinner more than once. It's always been good when I've had it.

Fave Ontario Beer

The Amsterdam Brewing Co. sells some interesting beers. My favourite is the Frambroise. (For what it's worth, I like it much better than the KLB Raspberry Wheat.) The selection at The Beer Store is very limited, so I'd recommend going to the brewery's retail shop at Bathurst and Lakeshore.

Tex Mex in the Beaches?

It has my vote as the worst restaurant in the Beaches. The first time I ate there, I had the chicken quesadilla. The tortilla was burned, but the fillings were cold. The second time I ate there, I couldn't even finish my meal, due to the liberal use of something that tasted to me like liquid smoke. If you must eat tex mex in the Beaches, go to the Lion across the street.

Fill Station?

We ate there last summer. I had beef ribs. I love ribs, but I didn't love these: they were so tough that I didn't finish them. My companion can't remember what she ate, but says she does remember that she thought at the time that her mystery meal was typical for a Beaches pub. (Not that this was a pub when we were there -- it was very much a sports bar.) I'm not inclined to go back, but if I do, I'll post an update.

Dim Sum @ Bay and Dundas (name this place...)

Has to be New Treasure.

Betty's in Niagara Falls

I haven't been to Betty's for a few years now, but I used to be a regular. They had the best fish and chips that I've ever had. I always had the fish and chips or the seafood platter, so I can't comment on other menu items from personal experience, but my non-fish loving friends and relatives always raved about their meals, and saved room for the pie.

Now I want to go back again....

I am at a loss...

The Devil's Advocate went out of business about a month ago. I won't miss it.

Restaurant Beaches Question

Nevada is currently closed for renovations. I've eaten there several times over the years, and I've never had a meal that was any better than mediocre. I would go to Green Eggplant or perhaps Whitlocks if I had to eat in a restaurant on that block of Queen St. E.

Anywhere to buy New Mexico green/red chile around Toronto?

I love the individual packets from 505 -- they really keep well. I just finished the last packet about ten months after I got it, and it was still fresh.

Buffalo is indeed about a 2 hour drive from Toronto (excluding border wait times.)

Anywhere to buy New Mexico green/red chile around Toronto?

505 handed out free samples in Dundas Square when NM had a travel promotion a couple of years ago. That's the only NM chile product I've ever seen in Toronto -- and I've been looking for years. I have to rely on friends in NM to send me the stuff.

Maybe you'll have better luck if you try to find a source in Buffalo for your friend.

Restaurant Makeover

I used to go to Stoney's regularly when it first opened, but hadn't been for awhile before the Makeover aired. I went shortly after the Makeover, and was disappointed to find that they'd reverted to the old menu -- which was the main reason that I'd stopped going in the first place.

Yes, that lobster looked good on the show....

What foods, available in the U.S. and not in Toronto, do you covet? [moved from Ontario board]

Green chile from New Mexico....

Oct 06, 2007
The Berserker in General Topics

Looking for deep-fried macaroni and cheese (balls?) in Toronto

They have deep-fried macaroni and cheese on the menu at Zelda's on Church St.

How's the Tulip for Sunday brunch?

I think The Tulip probably qualifies as a brunch spot on the weekends -- the menu has items not offered on weekdays (like Eggs Benedict,) and the lunch menu is available at the same time as the breakfast menu. But it's not a place for a leisurely meal, and I like to take my time when having brunch.

SoupMan is back at Eaton Centre !

Loblaws was carrying the frozen soups, but I don't know if they still are.

Takeout Thai Soup?

No. The take out section (I think it was called "Thai Sensations") disappeared after the renovation. I miss that soup as well....

Toronto: Quality lunch spot bargains near Dundas and Jarvis? [Moved from Canada board]

The Indian restaurant in the Atrium has closed.

Driving from Toronto to Ottawa.

I'm bumping this thread as I'm driving this route next week. Does anyone have any updated information? Thanks in advance.

Bangkok Garden re-opening...finally!

Yes, it was $25+ for an entree like pad thai. There were too many other options in the 'hood for that price point to be viable. Supposedly the prices will be lower when it reopens.

Save me from another pizza hut debacle - best delivery pizza?

We recently tried Bona for the first time. (We had been ordering Mamma's, but wanted to try something different.) Best pizza I've had since I moved to the Beach. I'll be sticking with Bona.

Bangkok Garden re-opening...finally!

Update, circa 4:30 pm, Friday. Still not open, and entrance still plastered with building permits. No opening date posted at the entrance.

I think it's safe to say that the more casual dine-in/take-out spot is gone, much to my dismay.

I look forward to the reviews, once it's open.