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Pre-pregnancy feast

I'm a 9 week pregnant chowhound living off of pretzels, canned peaches, progresso minestrone, and dr-prescribed anti-nausea pills. This thread makes me happy. The thought of a non-gaggy meal of runny eggs and muffalettas is getting me through this. That and the little baby who will arrive free of listeria and mercury poisoning.

Sep 23, 2010
ShakeNBake in Home Cooking

September Openings and Closings

Ariadne in newtonville has reinvented itself as C Tsar's. I walked by tonight, the prices are more affordable(12-20$) and they feature pizzas and pastas, as well as some of the old mains. Their website explains that Christos is still the chef/owner but wanted a more affordable menu. I'm hoping to try the pizza soon!

Where should a chowhound stay in Boston?

Check out the Charles Hotel (Harvard Square), the Ames Hotel (Government Center, and it's beautiful), or the Westin (Copley). I stayed at the Ames recently and walked all over, to the North End, the South End, Chinatown, and Copley

Best Sandwich Destinations Within 1hr of Boston?

The Good Food Store in Walpole MA
try the Ranchero sandwich

Rushed Breakfast On-the-Go Ideas?

You'll probably need some protein after your workout. I like yogurt with almonds and berries. Or english muffin with peanut butter and banana slices. Sometimes I'll eat toasted frozen waffles with PB&J. Cereal with milk. Oatmeal with anything. Hardboiled egg whites are delicious, with toast and cheese and you can put it in the toaster oven or microwave for a bit to heat it. Good luck with boot camp!!

Aug 21, 2009
ShakeNBake in Home Cooking

What's your favorite neighborhood spot?

Vecchia Roma is at 398 Watertown St in Newton. Fantastic food coming out of that little place.

Scrambled eggs add-ins

I like adding chopped black olives and roasted red pepper and some kind of cheese, yum!

Sep 27, 2008
ShakeNBake in Home Cooking

Rec for a Wedding and Reception

Amazing food at the Mile Away was $40 per person (including tax and gratuity)- add four appetizers for $5 per person- what a bargain in the wedding world! And fantastic food!

What do Romanian People Eat?

Great thing to run a cooking group for seniors! I have spent a little time in Romania, and I ate plenty of polenta with sour cream, chicken, grilled vegetables, meat and vegetable based soups. The dinner table usually had plenty of little things to pick at like veggies and cheeses, and zuica (potent wine) of course! Delicious!

Jul 30, 2008
ShakeNBake in Home Cooking

Rec for a Wedding and Reception

Look up the Mile Away Restaurant in Milford NH (Near Nashua). They have fantastic food and can hold up to 200 in a beautiful tent. Ceremony and reception for very reasonable prices. They don't have rooms though. Amazing gardens and a laid back attitude

Slow cooker problem?

I sometimes have this problem of inconsistent cooktime with my CrockPot. I'm suspicious that the new models are too powerful.

Oct 15, 2007
ShakeNBake in Home Cooking

good breakfast in P-Town?

On Sundays, there is an amazing breakfast buffet, I think the restaurant is called Michael Shays, in N Truro or PTown. 7.95 for a breakfast wonder!

Best greasy egg & cheese sandwich

I hate to give away the secret, but the Mass Ave Restaurant in Central (going towards Harvard) has amazing greasy egg and cheese sandwiches. Not the fanciest place, but it's really good. They also have very good pancakes!

Things to do with cucumbers?

Eastern Standard in Boston serves a non-alcoholic cocktail with cucumber and cranberry juice, so refreshing!

Jun 02, 2007
ShakeNBake in Home Cooking

Arlington Greek Festival

Is there a charge to get in?

PTown, Truro and Wellfleet

May I reccomend Bubala's on The Bay in PTown- great fish (not everything is fried), nice bar with fantastic adult drinks. All 7 of us were quite pleased. Very nice servers, an outdoor patio, and parking!

PTown Hits

Spent 4 days in the PTown area (stayed at the Sandbars in N Truro), and I wanted to share a few hints.

-Lunch at Bubala's: The best fried fish sandwich of my life, moist, fresh, and flavorful. Served with fries, creamy tarter sauce, and a smile. Friends enjoyed salmon burgers, grilled fish, and wasabi tuna sandwiches. Sit inside with a view of the water, or out on the patio for people-watching.

-Sunday brunch at Michael Shay's: An all you can eat buffet, with trays of bacon, eggs, potatoes, pancakes, etc. Be sure to order an omelette from the omelette station, and eat some delish fresh fried dough. We were very pleased with the price of $7.95 pp, but sad that they charged for coffee and juice.

-There's an old Portuguese bakery that has great Portuguese treats. We ordered turnovers, sweet potato pastries, hermits, donuts, croissants, and were all happy. Counter service.

-We cooked the majority of our meals at the hotel, and shopped at pricey Wellfleet Market.

Annual Steak Frites Discussion?

I like the steak frites at West Side Lounge- really good fries and a nice sauce. I also added a side of mashed potatoes- I love potatoes! Ariadne in Newtonville also does a nice steak frites.

Good Place for Sandwiches Near a Picnic Area?

It's kinda funny to read this after shoveling my car out of the snow by moonlight, but...
I like getting a deli sandwich at Russo's (and a couple treats from the bakery), and heading over to the Charles River to watch the rowers go by. I think that's walking distance, although I always drive. After you eat, you can take a walk along the river, and if it's hot outside, run through the sprinkler in the playground! Fun!

Apple Fritters?

The Black Dog in Martha's Vineyard has amazing apple fritters. I'm not familiar with California apple fritters, so I'm not willing to say that if you take a long drive and ferry to The Black Dog you'd be happy, but IMO their fritters are really good. So, if you happen to be on the island... ; )

UBurger= Yumburger

Just stopped into UBurger for a fix, and boy was it good, as always. Their ucheeseburger is an incredibly tasty meal for $4.25!! There's something about their house sauce, pickles, and fresh onions combined that I really like. This has become a biweekly treat.

Ariadne, 344 Walnut Street, Newtonville

I really love Ariadne. A relaxing atmosphere and very good food. I do prefer sitting at the bar or at one of the bar tables. The dining room is too fancy for me. Great, strong drinks, especially on Martini Mondays ($5 Martinis). I like the burger, fries, steak frites, cheese plate, and many of the other small and medium plates.

food before West Newton Cinema

I have to disagree about the food at the Karoun. It's inconsistent at best. There are several better options that are closer to the cinema, like Blue Ribbon, Shogun, Comella's and Cherry St.

Dining and entertainment combined?

The belly dancing and the food are MUCH better at the Middle East in Cambridge. The Karoun staff are not the most welcoming.

Village Cafe on Washington St. in Newton?

Stay away! This place is a horrible excuse for a restaurant. The first time I went, the order (eggs and pancakes) took 30 minutes and came out cold. Considering they had just opened, I gave them a second chance a month later, and it was still very bad. Rude servers, and again, the order took 30 minutes even though there were only a few people in there. You're much better off at Cabot's, Talk of the Town Diner, or The Deluxe Town Diner.

free happy hour hors'de ouvres?

I really love the happy hour at Noir in the Charles Hotel. Nothing is free, but they have $5 sandwiches, $4 flatbreads, $3 salads, $2 skewers, and $1 desserts from 5-7pm Monday-Friday. So, for $8 plus a $10 drink, you can get an amazing salad and sandwich and enjoy it in a beautiful lounge. Yum!

Boca Grande in Kenmore Square

I went to the Kenmore Boca Grande on Thursday. It looked great in there, and the burrito was good, but not as good as I have had at other Boca locations. The cook really rushed through making the burrito, and I thought right then that he wasn't making the food with love. Alas, the burrito hit the spot.

It's Jarring! Good stuff in jars

Jars of olives
TJ's peach halves (glass jar- so good)
TJ's roasted red peppers
Claussen kosher dill pickles

Jan 12, 2007
ShakeNBake in General Topics

Lovely Bartendering

I like Noir for great cocktails in sumptuous surroundings. And, Monday-Friday from 5-7pm they have a 5-4-3-2-1 menu with great flatbreads, salads, skewers, etc for under $5. Yum!

Does anyone remember Cottage Donuts?

My family often went to Cottage Donuts in Newtonville (corner of Washington and Walnut) during the 80s. I still crave their chocolate-covered donuts. I heard a while back that one of the owners was still making donuts for wholesale, but I'm not sure if this is still true.

Does anyone know where I could get a delicious Cottage Donut??!!!!